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(This podcast was originally posted at Paddy Rock last November 27, 2016. Enjoy!)

"Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family in the USA,

It’s this time of the year where we often welcome in the Holidays and open out home to friends and family to come and celebrate with us. Though too often we find opodcasturselves disgruntled with our families inlaws, outlaws and extended alike.. Hiding in the bathroom checking out Facebook or Twitter stealing just a few minutes alone to ourselves. I am not going to say you are wrong, or judge you. I do it too..  Just remember they are your family and when they are gone, that’s it Bucko !  So suck it up enjoy it while you can, however you can.  We got one shot on this ride, so we better make the best of it. Also with the Holidays coming please be smart, no drinking and driving. It’s easy to say we are fine and laugh it off. Please don’t, I want all of you here in the New Year and beyond – Call a friend, Call and Uber, Sleep on a sofa just be safe. So enough love out of me, time to kick it up a notch, bring on the debauchery and the booze !  I got a kick ass show for you this month to help you motor through and over the final weeks leading up to Christmas so plug this bad boy in and gret ready to mow down the mall walkers..  This my friends is Episode #28 – The Curse of Tryptophan

As always thanks for listening ~ Phil (aka The Grinning Beggar)



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The Playlist:

Montco Penn - The Punkabillys
Green Shamrock Shore - Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards
Come Back Home - Auld Corn Brigade
Take Your Life - Paddy Murphy
I Won’t Stand in Your Way - Bangers and Mash
Drunk Again - The Barley Boys
Whiskey Ginger - Bastard Bearded Irishmen
Doc Chickenstein - The Rijsel Irish Boy’Z
Last Wednesday Night - The Sandcarvers
All Around The Town - The Rattling Kind
Arthur McBride - Poitín
Copperhead Road - Jasper Coal
Too Old to Die Young - The Pourmen
Molly - The Muckers
Bj Lee - A Million Pardons
Jørgen Jørgenson - The Dead Maggies
Mamá - Bastard Bearded Irishmen
Same Old Shenanigans - The Bay Street Bastards
Dole Days - Three Sheets T’Wind
Gorilla Boyfriend - Scotch
The Banner County - The Narrowbacks
Shane     The Rogues from County Hell
Rock This City - Paddy And The Rats
The Crew - Pirate Copy
Barrels Of Whiskey - The O’Reillys And The Paddyhats
Cold Black Sea - O’Leary
There’s A Ghost In Our House - Merry Hell
Dear Mum - Michael and The Wolfhounds
Devil on the Wind - The Men They Couldn’t Hang
Dirty Freddy Johnson - The Low and Sweet Orchestra
Mis Amigos - LQR
The Bastard in Our Soil - The Rolling Kings
Poor Ned - Handsome Young Strangers
Dry Dead Bones - The Ramshackle Army

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2016-11-29 EP REVIEW - ACROSS THE BORDER "Calling 999" (2016)

Across the Border "Calling 999 EP"
Release date: November 24, 2016
Running time: 9:37, 3 tracks

Across the Border hail from Remchingen, Baden-Würtemberg (South West of Germany). The band was founded in 1991 and therefore they belong to the first wave of German Celtic/folk punk bands. They were the “black sheep” of the pack, since their music was not so Pogues inspired like that of In Search of a Rose, Lady Godiva or Waxie’s. Even if they weren’t a massive band like Fiddler’s Green or Paddy Goes to Holyhead, they shared the stage with the Oysterband, the Levellers, The Whisky Priests, Pressgang, Bleeding Hearts, Why? and Tofu Love Frogs. Between 1993 and 2002, they released 3 albums before calling its quits (“Hag Songs”, "Crusty Folk Music for Smelly People” and “If I Can’t Dance, it’s not my Revolution”) and 4 EPs (“Dance Around the Fire”, “… But Life is Boring Sir, Without Committing a Crime”, “This Guardian Angel” and “Short Songs, Long Faces”). A Best of and a live album followed in 2002 and 2005 and the band reformed in 2007. Then, a couple of albums were released: “Loyalty” in 2009 and “Folkpunk Air-Raid” in 2011.

Apparently, Across the Border disbanded in 2012, but they have just released a 3 track EP that folk-punk fans will enjoy: “Calling 999”.

The EP kicks off with the title track “Calling 999”. The song features the classic sound of the band based on accordion and fiddle and frontman Jochen’s (a.k.a. Jake) vocals.

The next track is called “Rob, the Man”. Once again, the sound is recognizable: uptempo folk-punk with a German folk twist. “The Musical Priest” tune has been added to the song. Anyway, it’s not old fashioned folk-punk, as it’s as enjoyable as their previous offerings.

To finish up, Across the Border deliver a song based mainly on piano and accordion. Maybe they are older, but they are wiser too. And they have not mellowed. Amazing number to close the EP.
The digital version of the EP is available at Bandcamp, but a 12" 45 rpm vinyl will be released before Christmas

Calling 999” is the proof that after 25 years Across the Border are alive and kicking. Anybody wants a full album? Me too.

Track list:

1. Calling 999 02:33   
2. Rob, the man 04:50
3. Sometimes 02:14


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Review by Kinksmarkham


Monday, November 28, 2016

2016-11-28 VIDEO - GROLSCHBUSTERS "Tear it All Down"

(This video was recently shared on Facebook by Andrew Watts aka Spider Mahone. Thank you Andrew!)

Dutch punkrock band The Grolschbusters was founded in 1989 in the Dutch village of Hengelo and is the oldest surviving punk band from the east of the country. Initially, the repertoire consisted mainly of work of The Ramones. Within a short period of time the band managed to build a considerable reputation. Today the band has 6 members, complete with accordionist!

Over the years the band survived a fair deal of line-up changes and developed their own 'Premium Punk' sound: an infectious mix of punk and brute rock'n'roll with a dash of folk. The Grolschbusters are rude, raw, tight and melodic. Rawk punk rock straight from the heart!



The Greatest (s)Hits (1998)
Strange Blowjob (2000)
Moloko (2002)
Rock ‘n’ Roll, Asshole! (2004)
Make my Day (2011)

Grolschbusters - Tear it all Down

Sunday, November 27, 2016

2016-11-27 ALBUM REVIEW - SHAMROCKS "Captain's Log"

ShamRocks "Captain's Log"
Release date: November 17, 2016
Running time: 37:29, 10 tracks + 1 bonus track

ShamRocks are Anatoliy Khomenko (mandolin, fiddle), Sergiy Khudoliy (accordion, vocals), Alexey Sletkov (drums, vocals) , Serge Vdovychenko (bass, vocals) and  Andrew Yakovenko (guitar). They are not a new band: some of their videos were featured on Celtic Folk Punk and More in September 2012    and their rendition of The PoguesWildcats of Kilkenny” was included on the recent "Tribute to The Pogues" album. In fact, ShamRocks were founded in 2009 and they would predate other well-known Ukrainians bands such as O’Hamsters and Pint of Stout.

Captain’s Log” is their debut album. ShamRocks have put together the best songs from their first demo to the latest studio recordings and they have been mixed and re-mastered through analog tape. The result is what they call Stout Rock. Not really a new definition, as Texan band Blaggards are already using the Stout Rock label from their very beginning.

All of the songs on “Captain’s Log” are covers, some of them traditional standards. Anyway, the ShamRocks approach is really interesting, as the songs have been given an unusual treatment. The most enjoyable tracks, IMHO would be the following ones:

The Blood of Cuchulainn” (from the "Boondock Saints OST"). ShamRocks have taken an Irish folk gem and have arranged it in a Celtic Rock way. Lots of hey , hey shouts and fantastic performances by accordionist, tin whistler, guitar player and rhythm section.

Kaalifornipolkka”. The tune kicks-off with an acoustic feel, the drums come in peacefully and the accordion gets in too. Then a metal sounding electric guitar sets the pace for the accordion. Taking into account the title, I thought that this number could be inspired on Californian band Tempest polkas. However, taking into account that the "Mission Impossible theme" can be heard, maybe it’s linked to Californian biggest industry too.

Lord of the Dance”. The approach is more electric than folk. Cutthroat vocals remind me of O’Hamsters singer. It’s the first song on the album featuring trumpet. Badass cover à la Beastie Boys.

The Rising of the Moon”. ShamRocks have merged this Irish rebel song with the Sex Pistols anthem “Anarchy in the UK” and the final result is bloody brilliant.

Wild Unicorns of Kilkenny”. This song can be originally found on the "Tribute to The Pogues" album and it’s an amazing rendition. Slightly different from the original, but recognizable.

Other songs on “Captain’s Log" are also worth hearing:

Leaving of Liverpool” starts with acoustic guitar and some drums. It evolves into a rockabilly number that burst into a ska song.

The Wild Rover” differs from the usual covers. ShamRocks have followed an Icewagon Flu approach in order to deliver an enjoyable rendition.

Bully in the Alley” is another ska cover version where trumpet can be heard.

Molly Malone”. Electric guitar plays a big role , but this time it’s not a metal sound. Awesome track featuring accordion too.

I’ve been asked not to reveal the bonus track. I’ll only say that it’s a song written by Jimmy McCarthy that was recorded by Christy Moore. It gets a jazzy treatment.

There is a Dropkick Murphys cover too, “I’m Shipping Up to Boston”. This is the song that new bands play, together with Flogging MollyDrunken Lullabies”, when they don’t have enough self-penned songs at their earlier stages. The ShamRocks cover is too respectful to the original. IMHO, it’s the least innovative number on the album, since the other songs have been re-arranged with gusto and this one is too close to the original.

ShamRocks have shown with “Captain’s Log” that they are able to offer something fresh and different on the Celtic punk territory. Their next step should be a sophomore album based on self-penned songs.

Track list:

01. The Blood Of Cuchulainn 02:16
02. Leaving Of Liverpool 03:40
03. I’m Shipping Up To Boston 03:11
04. Kaalifornipolkka 03:59
05. The Wild Rover 04:56
06. Lord Of The Dance 03:11
07. Bully In The Alley 03:09   
08. Molly Malone 02:31   
09. The Rising Of The Moon 04:24   
10. Wild Unicorns Of Kilkenny 02:27 
11. Bonus track 3:40


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Review by Kinksmarkham

Saturday, November 26, 2016

2016-11-26 VIDEO - CELTIC HANGOVER "Drunken Sailor"

Celtic Hangover (Chambéry, France) official video for "Drunken Sailor", off their brand new album "Don't Fool Yourself".

Some tracks are already being played at Celtic Folk Punk radio  and an album review will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

Celtic Hangover - Drunken Sailor

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

2016-11-23 EP REVIEW - HANDSOME YOUNG STRANGERS "Battle of Broken Hill" (2016)

Handsome Young Strangers "The Battle of Broken Hill" Folk Til Ya Punk FTYP0004
Release date: November 4th, 2016
Running time: 28:57, 6 tracks

Handsome Young Strangers are back with a bunch of bush songs. HYS are said to be more a collective than a proper band. Anyway, the core of the band (the “official” members) is Dion “Drizabone” Dickinson (lead vocals, mandola, guitars), Mark “Na-na” Hyland (lead vocals, guitars, dulcimer), Adam Young (vocals, guitars), Adam Kenny (bouzouki, vocals, The Rumjacks member too), Jim Mongrel (Bass, vocals, ex-Sydney City Trash) and Mark “Looch” Lewis (drums, percussion, vocals). Apart from them, several friends have gathered to guest on this mini-album.

Their brand new offering is titled “Battle of Broken Hill” and it’s a well-balanced blend of self-penned songs and covers. Exactly half of the album is original material and the other half covers. My fave songs are the opening tracks “Battle of Broken Hill”, “Poor Ned”, “Fisherman’s Blues” and “I, Argonaut”.

Battle of Broken Hill” is a brilliant original song written by Drizabone about a strange” incident  that took place in Australia in 1915. Lachlan McSwain (The GO Set) guests on bagpipes on this number, probably the most genuine Aussie song on the EP together with “Poor Ned”.

“Poor Ned” is a song that was recorded by Australian bush music heroes Redgum. In fact, the song was written by Trevor Lucas (Fotheringay), who brought it to Fairport Convention. Redgum sped it up and change its name from “The Ballad of Ned Kelly” to “Poor Ned”. HYS rendition is spotless: kick-ass version featuring Steph Miller (Roaring Jack) on mandolin.

The Waterboys classic song “Fisherman’s Blues” is simply perfect. It would be a sin to record a poor cover. But HYS have taken the right approach: respect for the original and some small arrangements to give the song a new lease of life. Excellent rendition on which HYS are joined by Steph Miller on mandolin, Marcus Peter Holden on fiddle and Michael Carpenter on Hammond organ.

I, Argonaut” is another song written by Driza. Steph Miller guests on accordion and Marcus Peter Holden on fiddle. Great track.

The other two songs are musically different, less folk and more rock. “Mrs. Jones” was written by former band member Andrew “Fredo” Donkin who also guests on lead vocals. The song was inspired by The Sons of Lee Marvin and features Michael Carpenter on Hammond organ (BTW, Michael mastered the whole EP too). “Maxine” is a cover of Sharon O’Neill, a kiwi singer who topped the Australasian charts in 1983 with this song about a prostitute from Sydney.

Battle of Broken Hill” has been released by Folk Til Ya Punk, the label which is focusing on the main Australian folk rock/punk acts. The EP can be purchased from their webstore and is also available on iTunes.


1 - Battle Of Broken Hill 04:23   
2 - Mrs Jones 04:39   
3 - Poor Ned 04:02   
4 - I' Argonaut 06:16   
5 - Maxine 04:10   
6 - Fisherman's Blues 05:21


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Monday, November 21, 2016

2016-11-21 VIDEO - TENHOLES "Mesin Factory"

Tenholes official video for "Mesin Factory".

Tenholes - Mesin Factory

Sunday, November 20, 2016

2016-11-20 VIDEO - LUGH "Garrafas do oficio"

Official video for "Garrafas do oficio", off Lugh's second album "Histórias do mar".

Saturday, November 12, 2016

2016-11-12 ALBUM REVIEW - THE NARROWBACKS "Arrogance & Ignorance" (2016)

The Narrowbacks "Arrogance & Ignorance"
Release date: October 17, 2016
Running time: 43:12, 12 tracks

The Narrowbacks have been following the footsteps of Black 47, The Prodigals and The Ruffians and right now they are at the top of the Irish scene in New York. The lads have just released their sophomore album, “Arrogance & Ignorance”, whose title comes from a phrase from a Malarchy’s McCourt’s book titled “A Monk Swimming”. The album comes in a digipack and was recorded over 16 months with Rob Freeman (who also plays piano on a couple of tracks) and Dave Dones at Rob’s studio in Boonton, NJ.

Arrogance & Ignorance” is a big evolution for the band, since this time there are no covers of Irish standards. Yes, there are some traditional sounds, but it can’t be said that they are proper covers, since they are self-penned songs. The well-known football chant “Ole” has been re-arranged and Seamus has written some lyrics about the history of the Irish that emigrate to the USA. On the other hand, “Whiskey River” and “Out on the Avenue” are musically based on a couple of Celtic tunes, the former on “Hector the Hero” and the latter on “Out on the Ocean”. Rob guests on piano on “Out on the avenue” and amazing electric guitar parts are featured on both tracks.

Apart from Celtic punk/rock, The Narrowbacks visit other musical territories on the CD. For instance, they play classic R’n’R on “Rosie”; they deliver their own Christmas song, “Prodigal Son”; they have recorded a track sung by a boy and a girl (Emily McShane), the kind of song that every Celtic punk fan love; and, to close the album, the band have gone back to basics on “Bastards of the Borough”, acoustic folk-punk at its best.

Obviously, there are a lot of straightforward Celtic punk rock tracks: the single “Shannon” (video HERE), the amazing opening number “Banner County Soldier”, a song featuring guest Andrew McCarrick on flute about Seamus Grand uncle Matt; the excellent “Loisiada”, featuring Andrew on tin whistle and the song that BibleCode Sundays would have written if they were from NYC; the amazing “Home” with Andrew on tin whistle too; and, finally the top-notch number “4th of July”, one of my personal faves, with its banjo line and epic vocal harmonies.

The Narrowbacks have been able to put meet all the fans expectations on their second album “Arrogance & Ignorance”. When fans think about Irish Londoner bands, BibleCode Sundays and Neck come to mind straight away. Now, when fans think about Irish bands in NYC, The Narrowbacks are immediately mentioned. Congrats guys!


01 - Banner County Soldier 3:11
02 - Shannon 3:33
03 - Loisaida 3:43
04 - Home 2:53
05 - Whiskey River 3:58
06 - Fourth of July 4:44
07 - Rosie 2:54
08 - Prodigal Son 4:23
09 - Ole 1:57
10 - Want You Back 3:46
11 - Out on the Avenue 4:10
12 - Bastards of the Boroughs 3:46


Click to buy


Review by Kinksmarkham

Friday, November 11, 2016

2016-11-11 FREE DOWNLOAD: TAIL LIGHT REBELLION "Broken" (2016)

Tail Light Rebellion have just released a new album on Bancamp (Name Your Price) "Broken".
"All Songs written by Jonathan 'Swagger' Natale
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Jonathan 'Swagger' Natale
All Music by Jonathan Natale except Second guitar on The Reason and Mandolin on Carry On by Rob Black

(c) 2011-2016 Outlaw Waltz Publishing
ASCAP. All Rights Reserved

Album Cover by Jane Lurch

This album is dedicated to the angels and devils of this life, past and present:

- to the ones who burn brightly for all to see, lighting the way for us all; My gratitude and thanks.

- to the dearly departed; May your light ever onward through our cherished memories.

- to leeches, traitors, and anyone else who steals the light; Your time will come.

None shall be forgotten.

In particular, there are a few cherished souls that I wish to name for doing more for me or this album than I can ever put into words

Buck Boswell
Denise Vertucci
Erik Petersen
Griffin Sullivan
Isaac Onigman
Lamaine Lewis
Meaghan Casey
Nathan Maynard
Rob Black
Scotty Theunissen
Tiffany Beyer
Tim P McCarthy
Timothy Scrimmy Bouchard
Wee and Mighty Dawn Williams
Wyatt Peterson

Thank you."

Thursday, November 10, 2016

2016-11-10 VIDEO - KILT THE MESSENGER " I Will Not Say Goodbye"

Here's Kilt the Messenger's latest video from their soon to be released 2nd album "Hellfire and Rescue".

Sunday, November 6, 2016

2016-11-06 FREE DOWNLOAD - LORETTA PROBLEM "Welcome to the Circus" 2016 single

Finnish female fronted band Loretta Problem released their single "Welcome to the Circus" last September 18. It's available for free!!! Loretta Problem play their own fiddle punk where influences by the Levellers and the Sex Pistols can be noticed.

"After 20 years of silence Finish punk-hippies Loretta Problem has released new single “Welcome To The Circus”.

Celtic tone still remains, as well as big hearted punk attitude with fistfull of middlefingers if needed…Loretta, what a bitch.

Band sounds better than ever so you are more than welcome to download free mp3 of “Welcome to the Circus"

Some songs from the band are played regularly at Celtic Folk Punk radio. They are also on streaming on the band's Sopundcloud and Reverbnation sites (see links below). This is the band's full discography:

"Loretta Problem single" (3 tracks, 1994)
"Celebrate Now!" (11 tracks, 1995)
"Justice or Crime" (2 tracks, 1996)
"Welcome to the Circus" (1 track, 2016)

Loretta Problem on the web:


Loretta Problem are:

Hantta - guitar, vocals
Tarja - vocals, violin
Jakke - guitar, vocals
Jappe - bass
Pasi - drums

Their discography can be purchased from iTunes.



Saturday, November 5, 2016

2016-11-05 ALBUM REVIEW - THE RUMJACKS "Sleepin' Rough" (2016)

The Rumjacks "Sleepin' Rough" (2016) Four-Four (Australian Broadcasting Corporation Records)
Release date: August 5, 2016
Running time: 46:33, 12 tracks

À la recherche du temps perdu. No, I’m not talking about French writer Marcel Proust’s master piece. However these French words describe perfectly what The Rumjacks are doing: catch up. The Sydney based band was forced to go on hiatus for a while and once Frankie was on board again, they have developed a couple of albums in a row.

Sleepin’ Rough” follows the path of their previous album “Sober & Godless”. Their powerful sound based on tin whistle and/or mandolin can be found on a bunch of crowd favourite numbers:  the opening track “Patron Saints o’ Thieves”; the single “A fistful o’ Roses” where The Pogues influence can be noticed; the fast-paced anthem “Zielona Gora”; and “Fact’ry Jack”,a rocking number with a The Clash twist.

After that number, the album flows on a different direction, as several ballads/slower number are delivered. “Eight Beers’ McGee” has a catchy tin whistle part and a kick-ass vocal performance by Frankie; “Murder Shanty” is a darker number showcasing a traditional sounding tin whistle tune; and “Les Darcy” is probably more “simple” than the previous songs, but it features an interesting banjo part towards the end.

The last part of the album differs from the first one (classic Rumjacks sound) and the second one (ballads). The beginning of this third part is very energetic: a 59 seconds mandolin driven hardcore number titled “Dead to Me”. The following song is the usual Caribbean number on a Rumjacks album: “Kathleen”. The level goes higher with “WKND (Flash New Breeks)”, featuring accordion, and “The Pot & The Kettle”, where the band showcase again their distinctive sound that fans around the globe love. Between them, another slower number called “Them Fallen”, featuring small pipes, that reminds me of Happy Ol’ McWeasel “Heard Ya Say!” album.

Sleepin’ Rough” has been released by Four Four Music, a label from Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It comes on a 4 panel digipack with a 28 page booklet. A lot of pics can be found on the booklet together with the lyrics to all of the songs, studio credits, songs credits, line-up and thank you section. IMHO, there are a couple of minor “flaws”. First of all, there is no mention to who plays pipes and accordion (In fact, Frankie plays those instruments apart from guitars, tin whistle and bodhrán). Secondly, the booklet is black and the lyrics are printed in grey, so it’s a little bit difficult to read them.

After a “never ending” European tour and a new album, it’s clear that The Rumjacks are one of the Top4 Celtic punk bands in the world together with Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly and The Real McKenzies.

Track Listing:

1. Patron Saint o’ thieves
2. Zielona Gora
3. A Fistful O’ Roses
4. Fact’ry Jack
5. ‘Eight Beers’ McGee
6. Murder Shanty
7. Les Darcy
8. Dead To Me
9. WKND (flash new breeks)
10. Kathleen
11. Them Fallen
12. The Pot & Kettle


Click to buy

Amazon com
Amazon de
Amazon es
Amazon fr

Review by Kinksmarkham

Thursday, November 3, 2016

2016-11-03 VIDEO - THE ROUGHNECK RIOT "Resistance"

The Roughneck Riot video for "Resistance", off their 204 release "Out of Anger".

The Roughneck Riot - Resistance

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2016-11-02 ALBUM REVIEW - GHOSTS OF BANNOCKBURN "Songs of the Warrior Poet" (2016)

Ghosts of Bannockburn "Songs of the Warrior Poet"
Release date: March 12, 2016
Running time: 32:43, 10 tracks

Nowadays almost every Celtic punk band wears kilts. But, how many bands talk about Scottish things apart from The Real McKenzies and Black Tartan Clan? Fortunately a new band from Charlotte, North Carolina, have come to join their ranks: Ghosts of Bannockburn. They are Simon (acoustic guitar, vocals), Gen (drums, vocals), Bryan aka “Night Train” (bass, vocals), Chris “PK” (fiddle, acoustic guitar, vocals) and Will (electric guitar, lead vocals).

Ghosts of Bannockburn’s debut album is the perfect blend of Scottish Jacobite songs and Irish Rebel songs. Although “Songs of the Warrior Poet” consists mainly of covers, the lads have chosen a different bunch of songs. In other words, this is not the usual “St.Patrick’s Day” CD.

As far as the Irish rebel and Irish themed songs are concerned only 3 out of 10 songs are Irish standards. “Boys of the Old Brigade” gets a brand new treatment and it’s one of my fave songs on the album. “Come Out and Fight”, that is, “Come Out Ye Black and Tans”, is played with gusto and features mandolin. Finally “Leaving of Liverpool” is given a twist that reminds me of The Dolomites rendition.

But the real highlights on the album are the Scottish songs. “Will Ye Nae Come Back Again” is not a copy of The Real McKenzies' version, and it’s brilliant; ”Wha’ll Be King But Charlie” and “The Wallace” showcase kick-ass fiddle and electric guitar; “Ne’er Be Peace ‘til Jamie Comes Home” has a Steeleye Span feel. And “Scottish Soldier” is an enjoyable fast-paced Celtic punk number.

There are two songs that are not traditional. “Battle of Bannockburn” is a cover of “The Battle of New Orleans” based on The Corries’ rendition: Scottish cow punk at its best. The other non-traditional number is a fantastic cover of Alestorm’s “Keelhauled”.

Ye Celtic punks by name lend an ear, lend an ear … grab a copy of this top-notch debut album by Ghosts of Bannockburn. You won't regret it!!!


01. Will Ye Nae Come Back Again 3:55
02. Wha'll Be King but Charlie 3:44
03. The Wallace 4:00
04. Boys of the Old Brigade 2:24
05. Ne'er Be Peace 'til Jamie Comes Home 3:44
06. Scottish Soldier 2:40
07. Come out and Fight 2:46
08. Battle of Bannockburn 2:05
09. Keelhauled 3:23
10. Leaving of Liverpool 3:58


Click to buy:

Amazon. ES
Amazon. UK

Review by Kinksmarkham

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


The Ramshackle Army official video for "Foreign Soil". At the bottom you'll find the link to download the song for free.

The Ramshackle Army - Foreign Soil


Triple J Unearthed


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