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REVIEW - SONS OF O'FLAHERTY - 5 track demo

Sons of O’Flaherty is a six-piece outfit from Vannes (French Brittany). The band was born at the pub John R. O’Flaherty and the original line-up was Gros Tibo (guitar, vocals), Mael (mandolin) and Mak (fiddle). The current line-up includes Théo (bass), Patrick (percussions) and P.E. (flute).

The 5 track demo CD the band has recently released is a good collection of rebel songs clearly influenced by The Dubliners, The Wolfe Tones and the early Christy Moore albums. Two of the tracks are well-known songs such as “Star of the County Down” and “Sam Hall”. However, IMHO, their self-penned songs are more interesting, particularly “Bobby (Sands)” and “Da Viken”.

As the band says that their influences are Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, The Tossers, Social Distortion or Bad Religion, I guess that they could soon evolve into a real Celtic Punk band and move from the pubs circuit to the rock venues circuit. They are young, they write their own material and a strong competitor to The Booze would help to establish a Celtic punk scene in France.


1 – Bobby
2 – Star of the County Down
3 – Da Viken
4 - Sam Hall
5 – Sons (+ hidden track: “Molly Malone” drunken version)


Review by Kinksmarkham


Monday, November 29, 2010


The great accordionist DutchIrishBastard spent recently some days in Spain. Unfortunately I couldn't meet him. However I contacted him via MySpace for an interview and these are his answers. The photos are taken from his MySpace site and were shot in Madrid when Bastards on Parade opened for Pipes and Pints.


First of all, Dutch Irish Bastard or Andries?

In personal conversation it's Andries, but as soon as I pick up the box it is the DutchIrishBastard. I had the privilege to pump the box for six months with German band Mr Irish Bastard in 2008. Me being Dutch, that's where I got the nickname. It was great fun, they gave me the fully unexpected opportunity to make my debut in a band and on stage in the 50th year of my life, it was a great surprise and a great eye-opener, which changed my life quiet a bit.

When I read your blog at your MySpace site,you are always writing “Yer man” instead of “I”. Why?

In songs I do write "I" at times, but somehow on the myspace it seemed fun to write about myself as "yer man", which, if I am not mistaken, is not uncommon in Ireland.

You picked up the box when you were at home because of an illness. Why did you choose the accordion? Why not a fiddle or a tin whistle?

The box was there. I had bought an old one at a flea market a few years before, after a holiday in Ireland. I never touched an instrument before, but the locals playing at their sessions in Irish pubs had so much fun, I wanted to be part of that fun too. And the box, to me, gives a nice touch to songs. But in fact, the box had largely been gathering dust until I was forced to be at home for a few months, after suffering blood cloths in lungs and brains. Potentially that is very dangerous, so I was well aware to be lucky to be still alive and kicking. Listening to PaddyPunk helped me through that period quiet bit (thanx to one and all, at the time especially Mahones, Greenland Whalefishers and Flogging Molly). Having had the shit scared out of me, there was some reshifting of priorities in life, and with a lot of time on my hands, picking up the box just seemed kind of the logical thing to do ...

At your website you mention that your main influences are Shane and The Pogues, Flogging Molly and Mr. Irish Bastard. But I guess that you also have some traditional folk influences. Which are your favourite Scottish and Irish folk bands?

No, I have no folk influences 'proper', am not even too fond of it. Neither do I have any punk heroes or am I very fond of punk. But the combination of the two, the energy of punk and the melody of folk, just seems to fit perfectly, to my ears at least.

And which are your “accordion heroes”?

Have none, really. Admire especially James Fearnley from the Pogues. And I like the story how he got to play the box. Basically, Shane MacGowan forced him to, since he could play the piano

Now everybody knows how the Dutch Irish Bastard was born. You got a mail from Mr. Irish Bastard asking you if you were interested in joining them for their next tour. I feel that a previous explanation would be needed to understand the whole thing. Apparently, you had met them before. How did it happen? And why did they know that you played the accordion?

"Yer man and his lassie" were (and still are) going to a great deal of PaddyPunk gigs after the aforementioned period. She having health issues too, on a good day for us there is nothing that comes close to attending a PaddyPunk gig. She especially likes the shouts some singers have, to her Finny McConnell (Mahones) and Arvid Grov (Greenland Whalefishers) have the best shout. But back to the question: having somehow learned about them, we were probably among the first to order their first EP, and probably also among the first to travel all the way to Germany to see them gig. I think they thought that was pretty weird. Anyhow we talked a bit after show, the accordion must have been mentioned at some occasion. And then shortly before the Shamrock Clash tour in spring 2008, when they suddenly were without accordion player, they send me this mail "Do you want to join us for this tour". Still can't believe it. In fact, I first wrote a lengthy mail telling them I wouldn't, but luckily I never sent that one. So instead, I just said I would, and asked which songs would be played (this was shortly after "Bastard Brotherhood" was released). They send a list of 13 songs, so I had one day for each song to practice playing, at home, their CD blasting through the sound system. We had one rehearsal (I had never seen a rehearsal room before !!) and then we were on the road with Blood or Whiskey and with Fiddler's Green, touring Germany on a night liner bus. My debut.

Did they offer you to be the accordion player on a permanent basis or was the deal only for that tour? Do you still play some gigs with MIB?

The initial invitation was for the Shamrock Clash tour, but it was such good fun that I continued playing with them throughout the summer and autumn of 2008. With pain in my heart, however, it became obvious that I really lived too far away from them (three hours one way) to keep going like that. So I played a goodbye-gig in the night I turned 50, seemed like a nice moment for goodbye and a nice way of turning 50 !! Altogether I played some 30 gigs with them in those months, great fun with great people !! But that's in the past now, a nice memory.

The next step was to join The Mahones on their Euro Tour 2008. When did you meet them before and how did Finny know that you played the accordion?

Mahones were without accordion player for their European tour in 2008 (they now have the prettiest in the scene !!), so Finny McConnell sent me a mail. Couldn't believe it. Especially not as he gave me about 5 days for learning 30 songs. I admit, there have been songs I hadn't rehearsed at all and that learned to play only on stage. It was in the same crazy summer I was playing with Mr Irish Bastard, so there were a few days when I had to chose whether that evening I would play with Mr Irish Bastard or with Mahones. One day in Dortmund, Mr Irish Bastard opened for Mahones, and I played with both bands, that was pretty tiring !!

I had talked to Finny a bit after a Mahones show about a year before that. I commented that he never played one of my favourite songs "You're the one". He said he was afraid he didn't recall how to play it. My answer was that I could play it with him to refresh his memory. So there we were, backstage, I playing the accordion of the Mahones player at the time, Finny playing the guitar and singing. He must have remembered. A great guy, by the way.

Which are your best recollections of gigging with Mr. Irish Bastard and the Mahones?

All of time was weird and wonderful, hard to pick out a best memory. There I was, never having played in a band, in the 50th summer in my life, playing Holland, Germany, UK and Switzerland with two of my favourite bands. Travelling to London with the Mahones, to be joined on stage by some of the guys from The Popes is among the highlights, as is flying to Milan with Mr Irish Bastard to headline a very drunken night in Chiazzo (Switzerland). And once the network was there, meeting the guys from Flogging Molly back stage a couple of times. But maybe best of all was playing an open air gig in Münster, hometown of Mr Irish Bastard, in front of 4000 people.

A Dutch accordion player touring with foreign bands. But then you joined a Dutch band, Circle J. You toured with them and even wrote some material that you recorded with them on their last album “Weekend Warriors”. Normally you should have stayed with them. What did happen? Was their touring schedule too much for you? (You say in your MySpace that they kicked you out, but I guess that this is a joke, isn’t it?)

It was impossible to keep playing with Mr Irish Bastard because of the distance, regrettably, and the Mahones appearances were for that tour only. But I was hooked on gigging solidly by then, so started thinking of alternatives. I saw only one in Holland and that was Circle J, a band I'd seen playing a number of times, and that once opened for 'me' (-: when I played with Mahones. They'd seen me play with the two other bands, so I kinda suggested that maybe they could do with some accordion. I joined some rehearsals and after a few try out gigs, I joined the band. Was a great time, at times we played with Mr Irish Bastard and Mahones, so I would meet old friends, and we had a wonderful tour of Germany and Holland with Dreadnoughts. Within a few months with the band, I had suggested lyrics for four songs and melody for two, all to be heard on Weekend Warriors. After recording, which of course also was all new to me, but which went above expectation, something must have made some of the guys think twice. I honestly do not know what exactly, apart from one gig having been very tired and next gig having played with numb fingers as the door of the van had been closed with my fingers in between shortly before showtime. Word was that there was doubt in the band and among some fans whether I was good enough, and that was the end of the story. Not nice, I guess breaking up is never easy, but this was especially clumsy. CD was being mixed at the time, there is much less accordion on it than there was on the demo's, not too sure myself whether that is an improvement, but by that time I was no longer part of the process. So no: the being kicked out is not a joke. Anyhow, within one-and-a-half years, I sure accumulated a lot of new experiences: gigging with bands, writing songs, recording a CD, being kicked out of a band. There was some catching up to do, and I did :-).

And after two years being a guest or a part-time member of different bands, you started a project with different bands (The Ceili Family, IXRN, Bastards on Parade …) that finally has evolved into a new band, The Bastard in the Barley. I guess that this was the normal evolution, you are writing your own songs and tunes …

At first I was kinda fed up with the band thing, but songs kept coming, so I had this crazy idea of asking other bands whether they be interested in my stuff. And to my surprise, some where: Ceili Family, IXRN, Bastards on Parade, Greenland Whalefishers and Go Set. But as songs kept going and the stage kept itching, I set my mind on starting something myself. Bastard in the Barley is not a band yet, and it is not even sure that it will be a band under that name, but the first steps are there: there is a first line up and there is songwriting and even some rehearsing going.

But, at the same time, you keep on sharing the stage with great bands such as Greenland Whalefishers or SIR REG. The gig with the Norwegian band took place in London. Which songs did you play with them? Any special recollection about that night?

Me lassie and me are great fans of Greenland Whalefishers, we saw them gig once in Norway and were treated to a great welcome at that time. When I saw their short tour of UK announced, it so happened that they played London on my lassies birthday. She didn't know, but she knows me a bit longer, so when I asked "Do you wanna be in London for your birthday?", her question in response was "what band is playing?". I had always stayed in touch with GWF. To add to the fun of my lassies birthday, they too liked the idea of me joining them for some songs. I played some six songs with them, among which my lassies favourite "No More Crucified Days". Was great night. In meantime, Arvid has put some lyrics of mine to music, is a Tom Waits style, really beautiful. We agreed we can both use the song, time will tell which recording will be nicest, his or mine ...

And the gig with SIR REG was in The Netherlands. How many songs did you play with them? What do you think about this new band, one of the best newcomers of the year?

Sir Reg are indeed an awful newcomer !! They had some line-up changes prior to their tour, including a call on myspace for players. I said I couldn't join them for the tour, but would be pleased to join them at least on their Dutch gig. So that's what happened. Played a handful of songs that I had played along with at home to demos that had been sent. Was a bit strange, as we never met and as they were already on stage for soundcheck when I arrived at venue, so we were playing some songs for soundcheck before even having had some conversation. We made up for that after showtime, was great, nice bunch of nutters, and a nice gig, warming up a 500 crowd for a Misfits gig. I liked playing along to the song Far Away the best, a beautiful ballad, where the accordion could really make a contribution.

It seems that you also have a special friendship with Bastards on Parade. They played at the Circle J last CD launch party in The Netherlands and they cooperated with you in your project. You have recently been in Spain, where you have gigged with them and have recorded some material for their debut album. Besides, at your first show with them you shared the backstage with Pipes and Pints. We would like to know everything about that night in Madrid.

Not without mixed feelings, I went to the Circle J CD launch. There was two highlights. The first were the friendly words by Circle J singer Tomba addresses to me and my contribution, the second was meeting the guys from Bastards on Parade. It was a pleasure for me, and to my surprise also to them. Talked quiet a bit with especially their singer/guitarist/songwriter David. I kept saying I was going home, but kept not doing so, and then there was a joke between us: "it's hard to leave the bar". I promised David to write him lyrics for a song with that title, which I did. He wrote some really music to those words, it's become a hell of a song actually.

Then I got the invitation to come over for some recording, which we wisely combined with a weekend of gigging, mid November. I joined them on stage in Madrid, opening for Pipes and Pints, and in Coruna and in some place near Vigo, where Bastards were coupled with Asturian band Skontra.

Had met Pipes and Pints on the road before, one nice evening when the line up was Circle J - Pipes and Pints - Mr Irish Bastard. Was nice seeing them again, but most special of course was playing first time with Bastards on Parade. They had changed the intro to 'our' song "Hard to Leave the Bar", but had forgotten to tell me, so at the outset I was lost and playing all the wrong notes. Well, that's punk ??

What can you tell us about the two gigs that took place in Galicia?

The gig in Coruna was in a wild place in front of a wild crowd, it was a really special evening. The third gig regrettably was a bit quiet in terms of audience, but the trip was very nice, as on the way back to Coruna we had a good look around at Cabo Finistere. That place and the coast at Coruna inspired me to write the following words for David and his crew.

"I am born from Galicia, they say it's part of Spain"
"but fuck it feels like Ireland, judging by the rain"
"the roaring of the waves, is my hometown's sweet refrain"
"when I drink my pint and hear them pipes, I feel Gaelic once again",

I hope they will expand it into some song one day

Did you enjoy the after-gig night? What did you drink there? It seems that Circle J loved to drink pacharán and licor café…

There was no lack of drink before, during and after the shows, mostly cerveza, (beer) though also coffee liquor. Apart from the cervezas, I enjoyed the tapas a lot, especially rabo the toro, pulpo, callos, morcilla and the likes. "A Yer man le gustan mucho las tapas" . And I had of course brought a few litres of tax free Jameson's Irish whiskey

Regarding the Bastards On Parade new album, I was wondering in how many tracks we will hear your accordion.

We had only little time, but recorded accordion tracks for two songs ("Leave the Bar" & "Fucking Town"), and some lines that may become an intro for a third. The rest of the recording will I believe be done in December. Am pretty curious about the result myself

So, the track Bastards on Parade worked with you for your previous project will be included ...

Yes, that's "Leave the Bar".

Can we expect your come back for their CD launch party?

I would take a possible invitation to that effect very seriously, hell yeah.

Any future cooperation with Pipes and Pints? I guess that you talked about that in Madrid.

No, and no, we didn't talk about that. Without any offence being meant, they are not among my personal favourite bands. I appreciate the energy of their show, but for me it is a bit too much on the punky side of things

And with Skontra? This Asturian band shared the bill with Bastards On Parade in Galicia and they are going to play some gigs with Circle J in The Netherlands soon.

Didn't discuss it with Skontra either, but then: I've more or less given up on that "For the Hell of It" project, as I am now concentrating on getting Bastard in the Barley going. But who knows, if more bands are interested, I could re-open the project. UncleOwen records from Japan showed interest in releasing it, so I guess with another handful of bands, there could be a 10-song 10-band compilation CD with songs (co)written by DutchIrishBastard.

Do you know any other Spanish Celtic punk band? What do you think about the Spanish scene?

I am afraid I am not too familiar with the Spanish scene, it is not around the corner, so to speak. But I do appreciate Bastards on Parade a lot, especially since their Galician = Gaelic roots adds a good deal of authenticity to what they are doing. After all, they play a Galician gaita, not Irish or Scottish pipes !! So I wish them all the best, would sure love to hit the road, the stage and the bottle with that lot again one fine day !!

To finish up, which are the bands you are willing to share the stage with, but you have not had the opportunity?

I hardly have more wishes left on that account, really. Life has been treating me generously these past years, especially since, in a way, I live in extra time. I am a great fan of Flogging Molly, Killigans, Dreadnoughts, Pogues, Roughneck Riot and Gogol Bordello, but they all have brilliant accordian players, so they do not need me at all.

Ah, now I think of it: if ever The Go Set play the old world again, I'd love to play some tunes with them. In fact, I got invited last time round by their frontman Justin, but I didn't have my box with me that night, neither had I practiced any of their songs, for that matter. But if Australia is listening, ...

Thank you DutchIrishBastard for your answers and hope to meet you soon!


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9 Castle Close is a Celtic rock band from Dayton, Ohio (USA).

"9 Castle Close delivers your favorite celtic rock tunes, electrifying instrumental sets, and innovative originals with a high level of musicianship as well as a joie de musique and harmonious camaraderie. Come enjoy a musical experience unparalleled, crafted with much love, many years’ dedication, and presented anew.

Since 2008, they've met with far more success than they had expected. Instead of focusing on recording, they played shows.They are currently in the process of recording, and have put some of those tunes online.

Unlike many Celtic rock bands that 'feature' bagpipes but simply play standard rock and roll with the bagpipes thrown in as an afterthought, 9 Castle Close integrates the bagpipes and all the instruments in its arsenal to produce a sound true to its Celtic music roots but with a modern Celtic rock sound that appeals to an ever-growing following.

The 9CC sound is true to legacy of those Irish and Scots that carried the heart of Celtic music to the shores of America--and the music that has evolved into modern Celtic rock. The 9CC sound celebrates the good times and like a modern day ceilidh 9 Castle Close's jigs, reels, and rock and roll makes you hold your glasses high then get up on your feet and dance! There's no other sound like it!"

Kevin Maloney - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Bouzouki
Patrick Disney - Guitars, Keyboard, Vocals,
Mike Thomas - Bass, Vocals
Ryan Gross - Drums, Vocals
Beth Hicks - Flute, Irish Whistles
Stuart Brand - Fiddle


A free track ("Monaghans") can be downloaded free from their website, but you have to register previously.




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Remember that you can mail your Top 10 list to the following e-mail:


You can win a CD!



01 - PENN DU - An Emsav (from their 2005 five track recording) 4.31
02 - SONS OF O'FLAHERTY - Da viken (from their Demo CD) 3:24
03 - CELTIC HANGOVER - Get Your Head Together (from "Drink Up") 6:08
04 - CELTIC HANGOVER - O'Neill's March/Toss the Feathers (From "Drink Up") 2:41
05 - BELFAST - Follow Me Up to Carlow (from "Beer on Asphalt") 3:03
06 - BELFAST - Beer on Asphalt (from "Beer on Asphalt") 2:36
07 - BELFAST - Merikay(from "Beer on Asphalt") 2:52
08 - BELFAST - Nashville (from their 2008 album) 2:54
09 - THE CLOSET SQUATTERS - Ding Dong Ditchin (from "Music on My Side") 1:45
10 - THE CLOSET SQUATTERS - Working Class Girl (from "Music on My Side") 1:25
11 - THE CLOSET SQUATTERS - Tony's Theme (from "Here We Go Again!") 2:36
12 - THE CLOSET SQUATTERS - Here We go Again! (from "Here We Go Again!") 2:14
13 - BARBAR PUNK - Raketova zakladna (from "Juch! Demo") 2:06
14 - BARBAR PUNK - Zas potahnem do boje (from "Juch! Demo") 2:42
15 - BARBAR PUNK - Pan azrik (from "Juch! Demo") 2:18
16 - BARBAR PUNK - Sudlicnik (from "Juch! Demo") 1:57

Track 1 Lyrics: Cédric,Music: Penn Du
Track 2 Gros Tibo
Track 3 Paul "Puck"O'Toole
Track 4 traditional arr.Celtic Hangover
Tracks 5 traditional, arr. Belfast
Tracks 6-8 Belfast
Tracks 9-12 Lopatka
Tracks 13-16 Barbar Punk

1 - PENN DU (Brittany/Île de France, France)

Celtic rock from Brittany.



Anthony - Bass, vocals
Arnaud - Drums
Cédric - Bagpipes, bombardes
Eric - Vocals, guitar
Sébastien - Guitar
Xavier - Keyboards


5 tracks (2005)

2 - SONS OF O'FLAHERTY (Vannes, Brittany, France)

A new rebel band from Brittany. Stay tuned, the review of their Demo CD will be posted in the following days



Mak - Fiddle, background vocals
Mael - Mandolin , basss , background vocals
Gros Tibo - Guitar , vocals
Théo - Bass , chant background vocals
P-E - Flute , bagpipes,
Yanou - Guitar
Patrick - Percussion , spoons


Demos (5 tracks, 2010)


Tarditional tunes/songs and self penned songs by a French band fronted byan Irishman.



Paul "puck" O'Toole - Accoustic guitar, vocals
Christy Dempsey - Flutes, whistle
Natty Brown - Accordion, vocals
Oddie Mc Quire - Fiddle
Nico (las) Dream - Drums, percussions,bodhran
Alphonse Mac Donald - Banjo,mandolin,vocals


"Get Your Head Together" (14 tracks, 1997)
"Debout sous la table" (5 track EP, 1999)
"Thank You Good Night" (10 tracks, live, 2000)
"Run Away" (10 tracks, 2002)
"Drink Up" (13 tracks, live, 2005)
"En Concert" (11 tracks, DVD, live, 2006)
"The Hair of the Dog" (16 tracks, 2007)
"... Whispers from the Attic" (14 tracks, 2010)

4 - BELFAST (Moscow, Russia)

Paddybilly from Russia



Sean - Vocals, guitar
Julia (Alhana) - Bass, background vocals
Papa John - Lead guitar, background vocals
Houston Kid - Drums


"Belfast" (6 tracks, 2002)
"???"(9 tracks, 2003)
"Pivo na asphalte" (2006)
"???" (2009)

5 - CLOSET SQUATTERS (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

This US band released a couple of albums. Now the band has changed the name to Sunday for Regret.


www.lastfm.es/music/The Closet Squatters


Danny - Bass, vocals
Corsh - Drums
Rocio - fiddle)
Inga - Guitar, vocals
Buddy - Mandolin


"Music on My Side" (12 tracks, 2004)
"Here We Go Again" (13 tracks, 2006)

Click on the title to buy the album.

6 - BARBAR PUNK (Brno, Czech Republic)

Folk punk from the Czech Republic.



Mamut - Electric guitar
Dan Vertigo
Dejv Bartejzek - Bass


"Juch!" (4 track demo, 2009)




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This info comes from the Enter the Haggis Mailing List:

"Come spend Thanksgiving with us! Enter The Haggis will be playing two shows at Sellersville Theater 1894 in Sellersville, PA on Thanksgiving Eve (almost sold out) and Thanksgiving evening (plenty of tickets available *nudge nudge*)... so have your afternoon nap and please come down and join us!


Wednesday, November 24 - Sellersville Theater 1894 with Adam Ezra Group, Sellersville, PA
Thursday, November 25 - Sellersville Theater 1894 with Adam Ezra Group, Sellersville, PA
Friday, November 26 - Westcott Theater, Syracuse, NY
Thursday, December 2 - Higher Ground with Adam Ezra Group, Burlington, VT
Saturday, December 4 - 9:30 Club with Scythian, Washington, DC
Sunday, December 5 - Turning Point, Piermont, NY
Wednesday, December 8 - Water Street Music Hall, Rochester, NY
Thursday, December 9 - The Electric Company, Utica, NY
Friday, December 10 - Center for the Arts in Natick with Adam Ezra Group, Natick, MA
Saturday, December 11 - Jillian's with Adam Ezra Group, Albany, NY
Sunday, December 12 - Waterhole #3, Saranac Lake, NY
Thursday, December 30 - Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, MA
Friday, December 31 - Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, MA"



This info comes from the DKM's Mailing List:

"Hi everyone,

We are very excited to announce the 2010 Dropkick Murphys Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday Giant Merch Sale!

Just in time for Xmas you can grab some great T-shirts, Hoodies, Jerseys, Zip Ups, Jackets, Onezies and more all for very low prices. T-shirts will be starting at the awesome price of $5!

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We have limited stock on some of the sale items so if you see something you want you better grab it before it's gone! Don't say we didn't warn you....!

Also, for our international friends please remember you can order from anywhere outside of the US via the main DKM web-store so go nuts, we ship worldwide!

Happy thanksgiving & safe travels for the long weekend,


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Core Y Gang was a French band from Lannion (Brittany) which was active between 1999 and 2008. The band played a Celtic Hardcore similar to that of Melmor.

The words Core Y Gang sound as Korrigan, which is a kind of a leprechaun in the Celtic mithology from the French Brittany.


Yann - Vocals
Jess - Violin
Gaël - Guitar, backing vocals
Tony - Bass
Yann - Drums


"Demo" (8 tracks, 1999)
"Split Arkazh" (2 tracks, 2000)
"Split Doberman" (4 tracks,2003)
"Yehed Mat" (12 tracks, 2005)
"Égo Système" (13 tracks, 2007)


This bootleg was recorded in 2008 in St. Niklaas (Belgium)





The Rummies - "Too Old to Die" promotional video 2010.

Produced by Black Shadows Film Productions.

Brought to you by APX Music.

Photo, producer: Carlos Aquilar
Photo, post production: Martin Strandberg
Photo, runner: Andrés Aguayo

Starring: The Rummies, April Troberg
Loke Troberg (mother and child)
Tuva Troberg, Johanna Nyman (medieval girls)
Claes Fredriksson (the bum)
Pernilla Larding (the photographer)


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This gig took place in Binche (Belgium) in 2004. It is available at the band's website and I have only made the artwork.

The recording was made by Julien Verstraete.




SIR REG - European release of the debut album

Breaking news: Friday 19th November is the official European release date of the CD "SIR REG". Go out and get it!

Available on Amazon.com , cdon.com , ginza.com among others...


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This is the third version of The Mighty Regis "Paddy don't live in Hollywood" (Just in case version)



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The Peter O'Tooles are a Celtic punk band from Minneapolis featuring Bunny Sparber and Coco Mault.

Bunny Sparber is a longtime writer and performer. Originally from the Twin Cities, he has lived in Los Angeles, where he did theater with Academy Award-winning actress Shelley Winters, Omaha, where he did a singing cowboy show, and New Orleans, where he performed in the French Quarter with a filthy sailor puppet.

Now back in the Twin Cities, he is a playwright with Off-Leash Area, an online journalist, and the bass section of Courtney McClean and the Dirty Curls. Bunny is also a Premack Award-winning journalist, and has worked as an arts writer in the Twin Cities and elsewhere for more than a decade. He is currently one of the two writers responsible for MinnPost's Daily Glean.

Coco Mault has been performing in the Twin Cities for years. Her performance experience includes piano recitals and band concerts, but she eventually set her drumsticks aside in favor of performing improv with Deja Voodoo and The Velvet Elvises.

Before downloading their demos, please read what they say about their "Celtic punk" music:

"No, we don't really sound like The Pogues. We call ourselves "Celtic punk" mostly because that seems to describe us the best. Musically, we're inspired by garage rock, the protopunk of Lou Reed and The Stooges, glam music, and new wave -- all types of music that have had the label "punk" applied to them. In the meanwhile, Bunny often approaches his lyrics from the point of view of an Irish-American, and the Peter O'Tooles often borrow musically from Celtic music in their arrangements, incorporating traditional Celtic drum patterns, or a drone, or a musical figure that references an Irish folk or pop song. But we're an Irish-American band in the same way that House of Pain was: Some of our songs will have no obvious Irish content, while others will be silly with it.

More than anything, we consider ourselves punk because we share punk's DIY aesthetic."

Bunny Sparber - Guitar/Vocals
Coco Mault - Percussion/Vocals



01 - I Want to Live in Hotels 2:45
02 - And He Cried 2:49
03 - Kilkenny Square 2.40
04 - If You Was Shane MacGowan You'd Be Dead 3:23
05 - I'm Going to Bangor 3:05
06 - Do You Kiss My Girlfriend With That Mouth 2:01


The tracks can be downloaded one by one from their website

www.mediafire.com/?2xn7slon07bc335 (I have put all of them together)


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Banshee Reel was a Kiwi Celtic rock band that was active in the 90's. There was a fan page at www.geocities.com which had all the info about the band. The page is no longer available, but I have found an archive from the original at www.webcitacion.org:

"The now defunct band Banshee Reel were one of the main sources of my initial interest in Celtic based rock music. I spent many hours over several years catching them any time I could.

Mostly when in Palmerston North they played at an 'Irish' bar known as 'The Shamrock' but I also saw them play at Massey University orientation gigs as well as outdoor gigs in the Esplanade gardens. Not to mention an assortment of other venues outside of Palmerston North.

They went through several line-up changes but for me, the 'classic' band consisted of

Allan Clark on bass
Gavin Duncan on fiddle
Julia Deans on acoustic guitar
Mo on drums
Chris O'Connell on mandolin

This is essentially the line-up for the release of their first album in 1993, called "Culture Vulture". "Here We Go Again" was written by Rob Joass who later on went to form The Hobnail Boots. This song was later covered by Captain Tractor on their 3rd album, "Bought The Farm". "Johnny's Ghost" appears on the recent Captain Tractor release "Hat Trick".

The tracks on the album are as follows

01 - Johnny's Ghost - Clark, Banshee, Trad.
02 - Step it out Mary - Trad.
03 - Horses - Clark, Banshee, Trad.
04 - Star of the County Down - Trad.
05 - Maggie Death - Clark, Banshee, Trad.
06 - Flat fish, Shallow Water - O'Connell, Banshee
07 - If I Should Fall from Grace with God - McGowan
08 - Fired From the Heart - Clark, Banshee
09 - Here We Go Again - R. Joass
10 - Ten Years I've Been a Miner

In 1995, the first album was followed up by a second called "An Orchestrated Litany of Lies", a famous quote from NZs recent political past. This album featured the 'new' member Tony Coughlan on accordian. Other musicians on the album include Alan Norman (writer of '"In Yer Dreams", Janet Roddick and Rory Morrison

"40 Miles of Pain" also is covered by Captain Tractor on "Bought the Farm".

This album consisted of:

01 - Sorrow - Clark
02 - Never Can Tell - O'Connell, Duncan
03 - Blood on Your Hands - O'Connell
04 - Lament - Clark, Duncan, Moen
05 - The Miner - Clark
06 - Honest to God - O'Connell, Deans
07 - In Yer Dreams - Norman
08 - 40 Miles of Pain - Clark
09 - Burn Me - O'Connell
10 - I Haven't Time - Moen
11 - Horses
12 - Lament II - Clark

The band spent some time overseas, playing in Australia, Europe, the US (specifically, New Mexico) and extensively in Canada, where they met up with Captain Tractor as well as many other artists and performers. This meeting eventually led to Captain Tractor coming to NZ in early 1996.

Since they split up, the members have kept busy with various activities. Mo is now in Jacky Tar, Chris is in The Navigators, Julia is in Fur Patrol, Gavin got married and moved back to Scotland where he now has a young child, Allan is reported to be managing a major local recording studio.

There is rumours of a reunion 3rd album coming out at some stage. I, for one, look forward to such a thing."

(taken from: http://www.webcitation.org/5kmDi2Fec)

Banshee Reel - Sorrow

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Deiedra is a Rebel/ballad band from the Basque country.

Deiedra is:

Urritz - bodhrán
Sergio - Whistles, flute
Hibai - Acoustic and rythm guitars

All their discography can be downloaded free. Anyway, it would be nice if you could buy the band's stuff:


For more info, visit the band's sites:



Hibai Deiedra - "Glen Orson Returns" (4 tracks, 2008)
Deiedra - "Legegaben Kondairak" (5 tracks, 2009)
Deiedra - "Folk Pirata" (7 tracks, 2010)
Deiedra - "Live in Aramaio" (10 tracks, 2010)


SKONTRA - Touring The Netherlands and Germany

During December 2010 Skontra will be on tour (The Netherlands and Germany):

3 Dec 2010 22:30 Batcave //+ Circle J, Tilburg, (BR), NETHERLANDS
4 Dec 2010 22:30 Tivoli de Helling//+ Circle J, Utrecht, NETHERLANDS
5 Dec 2010 22:30 Shaggy's Pub//+ Circle J, Geleen, (LI), NETHERLANDS
7 Dec 2010 22:30 TBA TBA, GERMANY
8 Dec 2010 22:30 Bahia de Cochinos, Castrop Rauxel, GERMANY
9 Dec 2010 22:30 TBA TBA, GERMANY
10 Dec 2010 22:30 Limes//+ Raptus, Koeln, GERMANY
11 Dec 2010 22:30 Stedsj//+ Circle J, Barneveld, (GL), NETHERLANDS



Olivier has told me that the albums by the well known bands are easy to find. However, he feels that there are some bands whose albums could be in his list, but he has not listened to their full albums.

I agree with him when he says that he cannot judge a band only by 3 or 4 songs at MySpace. I have not find the best answer, but here below you will find some comments:

1) At CDbaby you can preview clips of all the songs. OK, they are not the full songs, but at least you can check the whole album. Bands whose albums are available at CDBaby are:

- Greenland Whalefishers
- Pressgang
- Mudmen
- Homeland
- The Mighty Regis
- The Righs
- The Staggerers

2) At Reverbnation you can listen to the Kilmaine Saints and Screw City Saints full albums.

- Kilmaine Saints
- Screw City Saints

3) You can listen to Doedelsäcke clips at www.punk.de:

- Doedelsäcke

4) The hole Stanfields album can be previewed at their site:

- The Stanfields

Don't forget to mail your Top 10 lists to:



Sunday, November 7, 2010

BEST OF 2010

Somebody has asked me if I could post the 10 CDs of the year. I feel that this should be chosen by the readers, so here below you will find a list of 45 albums that have been released during 2010. Obviously you can choose other albums providing that they have been released during 2010 and they are Celtic Rock or Celtic Punk albums.


- 3 Daft Monkeys "The Antiquated & The Arcane"
- Auld Corn Brigade "A Fighter's Lullabies"
- Black Tartan Clan "The Loyal Men"
- Boggin Leprechaun "As We Set the Sails"
- Brutus' Daughters "When the Pubs Are Dying"
- Celtas Cortos "Introversiones"
- Celtic Hangover "Whispers from the Attic"
- Circle J "Weekend Warriors"
- Como Lake Rovers "Friday Night"
- Doedelsäcke "Crashtest 89"
- Fiddler's Green "Folk's not Dead"
- Gary Miller "Reflections on War"
- Greenland Whale Fishers "Songs from the Bunker"
- Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs " Amzer An Dispac'h"
- Living Lâche "Folk Rock Mountain"
- Mr. Irish Bastard "A Fistful of Dirt"
- Paddy and the Rats "Rats on Board"
- Paddy's Funeral "Pour In"
- Pressgang "Outlandish"
- Sambre "Na Solombra"
- SIR REG "Sir Reg"
- The Booze "Reels and Squeals"
- The Stompers "Animal, Vegetable, Miserable"


- The Go Set "Another Round in Melbourne Town"
- The Rumjacks "Gangs of New Holland"


- Great Big Sea "Safe Upon the Shore"
- McGillicuddys "Sin Lane"
- Mudmen "Another Day"
- The Dreagnoughts "Polka's not Dead"
- The Real McKenzies "Shine not Burn"
- The Stanfields "Vanguard of the Young & Reckless"
- The Wellits "The Wellits"


- Black 47 "Bankers and Gangsters"
- Dirty Filthy Mugs "All Yobs In"
- Dropkick Murphys "Live on Lansdowne"
- Flatfoot 56 "Black Thorn"
- Flogging Molly "Live at the Greek Theatre"
- Homeland "Bridge"
- Prydein "Heads Up"
- Screw City Saints "Drinking, Fighting, Dying"
- Tempest "Another Dawn"
- The California Celts "s/t"
- The Killigans "Honor"
- The Kilmaine Saints "The Good, the Plaid and the Ugly"
- The Mighty Regis "21"
- The Righs "Roses"
- The Staggerers "Year of the Bastard"

Please send your Top 10 to the following e-mail:


The final list will be posted at the beginning of January.

I will send free an original CD to the three people whose list is closer to the final list!!!



Como Lake Rovers – Friday Night
Release Date: 2010
Running Time: 44.41, 12 tracks

Como Lake Rovers released their demo in 2008, a recording that is still available free on Jamendo. IMHO it was a big surprise and fortunately the band has released their debut album in 2010.

Como Lake RoversFriday Night” is an acceptable debut by this young Italian band. Three tracks from their demo have been included in the CD, the only track that has not made it onto the album is their cover of “Fields of Athenry

The album has two different approaches. The first half contains six tracks that follow the path that was opened with their demo: Celtic punk and Celtic party songs with an Italian twist. Excellent covers of the Morrison’s Jig (which has been rechristianed “Morrison Beer”) and “Molly Malone” and catchy songs in Italian such as “Bira, Bira”, “Me General”, “1959” and “100 Lire”.

Scarborough Fair” is the transition to the next half. I find this version really good, but I should have placed it at the end of the album as a bonus or hidden track. As I have previously said, it marks the transition from one side of the band to the other and I guess that this is the reason for placing that song there. However, after the previous raucous tracks, it’s a bit of a shock to hear that wonderful slow song featuring female vocals, harp and flute.

The second half shows, I think, the direction that the band will be following in their sophomore release. After “Scarborough Fair”, “L’Isola” is the right track. The beginning of the song is quite calm, but the instrumental end (guitar, tin whistle, drums and fiddle) is real Celtic Rock.

Driving Song” is a Celtic punk number with good female vocal harmonies and “Friday Night”, features a great accordion by ex-member Luca “Brick”.

And, finally, two tracks sung in Italian. I guess that the normal fan who is looking for rowdy numbers would be a little bit puzzled by these songs. However, I find them some of the best material on this album, a more mature effort.

If Como Lake Rovers are able to find a good producer for their next album, I feel that they will join the ranks of their compatriots Modena City Ramblers. They are young, they write catchy songs and they are evolving from another Celtic punk band to the Celtic punk and Celtic rock Italian band.


01 – Morrison Beer 2:40
02 – Bira, Bira 3:32
03 – Me General 4:10
04 – 1959 4:56
05 – 100 Lire 3:03
06 – Molly Malone 2:40
07 – Scarborough Fair 5:12
08 – L’Isola 3:17
09 – Driving Song 3:12
10 – Friday Night 2:44
11 – Ul Destin 4:34
12 – Onde d’Acqua Dolce 4:41

Review by Kinksmarkham




Saturday, November 6, 2010

PIPES AND PINTS - French leg of their European Tour Vol. II

"We are back on the stage. After 3 days break, finally a show in Lille - CCL.

Saturday Paris - Le Parvis De Bagnolet, venue was changed so check that out.

Also there is a new show for Wed 10.11.2010 Bayonne (F) - L'embuscade (just booked), we love this city.

Show in Marseille is almost sold out, so who wants to party with us be there at 8, not to be late. When the bands are over, afterparty with DJ will finish us all.

Sia Pipes" (from the band's MySpace)


FREE DOWNLOAD - Tehilim "Celtic Inspirational Rock"

Tehilim is band from Jundiaí, São Paulo (Brazil) that blends rock and Celtic music with Christian lyrics.

Their first album is available for free download.

César Ricky Mendes - electric and acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals
Jackie M. Mendes - tin whistle, low whistle, vocals
Willy Wesley - bass
Danilo Lisboa - drums
Xandao Boaventura - keyboards


"Celtic Inspirational Rock" (14 tracks)
"Grace" (13 tracks, 2009)
"Shine in the Darkness" (2010)






Reviews posted under Creative Commons. Powered by Blogger.



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