Fire on McGinnis "Bedlam Boys"

Directed and animated by Dominik Litwiniak. Song by Fire on McGinnis.

"Bedlam Boys" is a song about the St. Mary Bethlehem hospital in London (now called Bethlem Royal Hospital) which housed the insane. During the 18th century it was a popular diversion to visit the hospital to watch the antics of the poor inmates. Admission was one penny and it is said the hospital realized an income of four hundred pounds a year from visitors.

Fire on McGinnis "Foggy Dew"

Produced by Light Within Productions U.K. "Foggy Dew" by Fire on McGinnis is a song about the 1916 Easter Uprising in Ireland. The rising was mounted by Irish republicans with the aims of ending British rule and establishing the Irish Republic.

The Fire on McGinnis arrangement of Foggy Dew is meant to build to energy and, in doing so, crosses the boundries of Irish, Celtic, and Alternative rock.


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