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Sunday, September 21, 2014


The Porters video for "Barfly", a song from the Wolverine vinyl compilation "Welcome to the Folk Punk Show".

The Porters from Germany, are the best known folk punk band from their country. They recorded 3 brand new songs for this LP.

The Judas Bunch from Sweden, call themselves honky tonk punks. A Mixture from punk, folk and country even has brought them two big tours in the USA.

The Mahones from Canada, are besides Dropkick Murphys Flogging Molly, The Tossers and The Real McKenzies the best known folk punk band from Northamerica. Here they are with 3 live songs that show their great Energy.

Malasañers originally from Spain , but just moved to Germany, are giving you great melodic folk punk. They will become famous very quick. New album coming soon!

This fine piece comes with a very nice sleeve artwork and is limited to 500 orange vinyl copies.


Side A:

The Porters

3.Hellbound Lovers

The Judas Bunch

4.Honkytonk Punks
5.Hey Bartender
6.Jim Dennys Diner

Side B:

The Mahones

1.Great Night on the lash
2.Paint the town Red
3.Blood is on your Hands


6.For a Pint

The Porters - Barfly

Saturday, September 20, 2014

REVIEW - DEN RAW FOLK "Urban Romance" (2014)

Den Raw Folk is a “family” band from Dunkirk, in the North of France. Nowadays they are a five piece band, but their debut album was recorded by the Rocher brothers (Den and Fred) and their niece/daughter Marine. Den played acoustic and electric guitars and sang lead vocals; Fred played mandolin, guitars, banjo, keyboards, percussions, accordion and sang backing vocals; and Marine played bass, drums, percussions and sang backing vocals too. The guest list on the album includes Brenda Rocher on backing vocals, Rodrigue Babdor on lead vocals (“La Zoukinite”), Simone André on trombone, Sébastien Curveiller  on tenor and alto saxes and Bruce Caulier on trumpet.

French fans should be familiar with the Rocher bros., since they were members of the seminal punk rock outfit Sub Kids. Sub Kids released some singles in the eighties and made it to some important compilations, mainly “Chaos in France Volume 1”, the bible of the French punk/oi French regional scenes. Their new band, Den Raw Folk, blends pub rock, Celtic punk, Caribbean beats (from Jamaica and French Antilles) and punk rock. The sound and attitude is that of a band from the XXI century, but I feel that they draw inspiration from the eighties. Most of the bands pull their influences from the likes of Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys and Rancid. However, Den Raw Folk go to the original source: The Clash, Stiff Little Finger, The Pogues and The Men They Couldn’t Hang.

The album is really tight and well-balanced. There are 9 self-penned songs and 4 covers. Although the Sub Kids used to sing in English, “Urban Romance” lists songs in French and songs in English. The band’s roots are obvious on the first numbers, “Belfast Song”, a composition in French with a The Men They Couldn’t Hang sound, and “Kerry Polka”, a standard tune on The Pogues live sets as a part of “South Australia”.

The next song, “Les Filles du Quai” is also sung in French. It’s another song with an American twist. Track four is and amazing instrumental, a sort of a Pogues outtake from the “Rum Sodomy and the Lash” sessions. “Maritime Bar” is a reggae whose dub version can be found at the end of the disc , “Maritime Dub”. Jonathan Richman’s  Egyptian Reggae” gets a Black Market Clash treatment. “Fishermen” is an old Sub Kids punk-rock number. And “Purple Turtle” is a song with reggae vibes about the brothers first contacts with the music world.

Den Raw Folk pay a further tribute to their heroes, The Pogues, covering the band’s classic “If I Should Fall from Grace with God”. The following number , "La Débrouille" is another awesome cow punk instrumental. “La Zoukinite” is an addictive  zouk number  And, finally, “Hopak” is a mandolin driven rendition of one of The Ukranians greatest hits.

As it has been mentioned, Den Raw Folk are now a five piece band with the addition of a fiddler and a drummer.  Urban Romance” is an interesting starting point for a long career. Roots, Rock, Reggae. We want more!


01 - Belfast Song 2:49
02 - Kerry Polka 1:47
03 - Les filles du quai 3:05
04 - Micky Ways 2:11
05 - Maritime Bar 3:40
06 - Egyptian Reggae 2:18
07 - Fishermen 2:23
08 - Purple Turtle 3:56
09 - If I Should Fall 2.23
10 - La Débrouille 1:53
11 - La Zoukinite 3:41
12 - Hopak 3:40
13 - Maritime Dub 3:42


Sen a PM to Fred to buy the CD:

Fred's Facebook

Review by Kinksmarkham

Friday, September 19, 2014


The Men They Couldn't Hang are releasing their new album "The Defiant" next September 22.

This is the video for one of the songs, "Raising Hell".

Thursday, September 18, 2014


This is Meneguinness video for "Irish Rover". Footage from their Ireland Tour 2014.



East Grand is happy to announce that San Diego's Lexington Field has joined the family and we'll be releasing their as of yet untitled, fourth album in 2015.

"We are very excited to be joining the roster of East Grand Records! This is a big step for us as we continue to move forward spreading our American Fiddle Rock around the world. East Grand works with many great bands so we are humbled to be a part of the family, especially being their first California act. Now, it’s time to get back to work writing this new album for 2015, you guys are going to love it!" - Beau Gray, Vocals & Guitar, Lexington Field.

Lexington Field is an American Fiddle Rock band from San Diego, CA. Formed in 2009, they have played hundreds of shows, including two national tours. They have released three albums: Old Dirt Road (2011), Poor Troubled Life EP (2012), and No Man’s War (2013), and are currently working on their fourth release coming out in 2015. Lexington Field blends rock, punk, and Americana with a fiddle right in the epicenter to capture a unique and memorable sound. Take that originality along with their high energy live show, and Lexington Field gives you an awesome musical experience!

Brand new song and video coming soon!

Lexington Field is:

Beau Gray – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Bryan Hane – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Vincent West – Drums, Vocals
AJ Belluto – Electric Guitar, Banjo
Olivia Buscemi - Violin
Tom Henry – Bass

Accolades for 2013's "No Man's War":

"If you’re a fan of fiddle focused rock and have yet to be introduced to San Diego quintet Lexington Field then it’s high time they were added to the list of new and noteworthy folk acts on today’s circuit." - The Punk Site

#5 Best Albums of 2013 - Irish Punk
#6 Best Albums of 2013 - Paddy Rock
#7 Best Albums of 2013 - Celtic-Folk-Punk
Best of the Rest – Best of 2013 - Shite 'n' Onions
Nominated for Best Alternative Album - 2013 San Diego Music Awards
2013 Best of San Diego Favorite Local Band – 3rd Place - San Diego Union-Tribune

"Lexington Field bring together on top of a big rock’n’roll sound, Celtic, bluegrass, Americana and folk and just a touch of punk to produce a very fine album with its own individual stamp in an often overcrowd field." - Shite 'n' Onions


Folk-punk band Bogtrotter's Union hail from Las Vegas. They released an EP in 2013 that can be downloaded for free "Call It What You Will".

"Folk outfit Bogtrotter’s Union is one of the most fun live bands we’ve got in our city. If you enjoy stomping your feet and clapping your hands along with Old Man Markley or Larry and His Flask, then you need to open up a new tab and download Bogtrotter’s Union’s "Call It What You Will EP" from bandcamp pronto."

Written by: Steven Matview of Punk In Vegas.



Marshall Lytle: Lead Vocals, Banjo
Kevin Linsley: Mandolin, Back Up Vocals
Steven Viveros: Electric Guitar, Back Up Vocals
Steven Sabo: Acoustic Guitar, Back up Vocals
Jeremy Tunender: Drums
Nick Boswell: Bass Guitar, Back Up Vocals.




Toxic Frogs, the first French celtic punk rock chicks Band have just released their video. BTW, both Ella and Perrine played fiddle with CelKilt.



Crazy Frog (Ella): Lead Vocals/Fiddle
Angel Frog (Perrine): Fiddle/Vocals
Cutty Frog (Elvina): Bass/Fiddle/Vocals
Punchy Frog (Lucianne): Electric Guitar
Stormy Frog (Lydie): Drums/Vocals

Toxic Frogs - Toxic Frogs

Friday, September 12, 2014

VIDEO - CHEERS! "Guards of Poor"

Czech band Cheers! are releasing a single in a few days: "Drink'n'Fight". The video is available now. The song was inspired by the Ukraine crysis as they were supposed to perform there this May.

Cheers! - Guard of Poor

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Pipes and Pints new video with their Slovak friends Horkýze Slíze. They'll be touring together the Czech Republic in October.

Pipes and Pints & Horkýže Slíže - Open Road (official video) 

FREE DOWNLOAD - THE WAXIES "Down With the Ship" 2 track sampler

The Waxies are sharing two original tracks from their  upcoming studio album, "Down with the Ship", available for a limited time only! They'll have a very limited run of CD copies of this two-song sampler (also free) at the Michigan Irish Music Festival this weekend. Come hear these jams live!




REVIEW - BLACK WATER COUNTY "The Fellowship of the Craic" (2014)

Black Water County "The Felowship of the Craic" EP, self-released
Release date: 15 August 2014
Running time: 22:23, 6 tracks

Black Water County first work was an EP released in 2013. It showcased a young and fresh band with a huge potential: a couple of interesting covers and several kick-ass self-penned songs. Later, they released a video covering The Pogues and then it was clear that Tim Harris (lead vocals, bass), Shan Byron (vocals, tin whistle), Gavin Coles (banjo, mandolin), Bardley H-Clarke (rhythm guitar) and Andy L Smooth (drums, percussion and acoustic guitar) were moving in the right direction. This amazing band is now offering their new opus to all the Celtic punk fans and, to tell you the truth, "The Fellowship of the Craic" has every single thing I want to find on a folk punk album: no covers of overexposed standards,  but a bunch of original material; slow ballads; pub anthems to sing-along and instrumental stuff. And no sappy lyrics, but updated versions of traditional folk themes.

The EP first track is titled “Roving Man” and it gets an intimate acoustic treatment.

The following song will make you jump. Tim and Shan share vocal duties on “The Parson’s Daughter, and awesome number on which Gavin’s banjo shines again. Black Water County moves to a territory mastered by the likes of Irish Moutarde and Celkilt.

Ska beats can be heard on “The Ballad of Ramblin’ Johnny”. Tim vocals are perfect and Shan and Gavin’s performances on tin whistle and banjo are high voltage.

Brandy” is a ballad that I would link to Joe Dolan “The Foxy Devil”, a song which was recorded by Christy Moore. Excellent vocals by Tim and Shan again.

The next number is the sing-along on the album. If you liked CallanachIrish Pubs”, this is Black Water County’s answer: a fun song in the Dropkick Murphys vein playing tribute to every single pub in Wimborne. By the way, all the pubs that are mentioned on the songs are real, you can find them here , here and here.

Finally, Black Water County makes me happier with a tune: “The Leaky Barrel Jig”, an instrumental with a reggae part at the beginning and brilliant mandolin.

Once again, Black Water County EP package is wonderful: a "Lord of the Rings" inspired artwork, a jewel case and a 6 page booklet including all of the lyrics and credits. And the “Parental Advisory” sticker is there too ;-)

I don’t like the term “new" wave, since it becomes old soon . There is always a new wave coming, so the previous one is not a new wave any longer. So, if you like the British Folk punk second wave (or was it third?) with bands such as Roughneck Riot and Smokey Bastard, you should know that there are a bunch of young bands pushing hard, and Black Water County is at the forefront of that wave. Come on, join The Fellowship of the Craic.


1 - Roving Man 2:56
2 - The Parson's Daughter 3:32
3 - The Ballad of Ramblin Johnny 4:05
4 - Brandy 4:09
5 - All the Pubs 4:30
6 - The Leaky Barrel Jig 3:09


Click to buy

Band's Store

Review by Kinksmarkham

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The Russian and Ukranian bands tribute to Dropkick Murphys can be downloaded for free (Name Your Price) from Bandcamp. Some of the bands: Zuname, Drunken Fairy Tales, O'Hamsters, The Pauki, Middle Class Bastards ...




So you were lying at the beach? This is what you missed when Drink Hunters played near your home.

Drink Hunters - European Tour 2014


(Source: band's mailing list)

It all happened rather quickly, as is often the case with musical endeavors.

In March, 1995, Craig had just secured a gig and although the songs had been written, he didn’t actually have a band or even a band name. Amazingly, within a matter of weeks, Craig had a kilt-rocking band of Canadians ready to take the Toronto pub scene by storm. Looking back to those early days, one could say that the world was a different place than it is today. By the same token, Enter The Haggis is a different band today than it was then, with Craig remaining as the only original member. Most of us were teenagers when we joined Enter The Haggis and today some of us are married and have kids of our own. Many of you have witnessed this transformation before your very eyes.

During this time, we’ve tried to push ourselves to continue learning and improving as musicians, songwriters and hopefully, as people. Ultimately, we feel like every bit of growth we’ve achieved has been realized honestly, organically and always with the best interest of the music at heart - but nothing can grow and thrive as we have without an incredible support system and for us, that support system is you: our fans, friends and supporters.

We’ve faced many difficult decisions over the years, but have always been empowered to move forward with them thanks in large part to your strong belief in us. Your loyalty and support have allowed us the freedom to take musical risks and make tough career choices, such as the one we’re announcing today:

After almost twenty years as Enter The Haggis we have decided to change our name.

Truth be told, we’ve been wrestling with the idea since 2004, when we released our album, Casualties of Retail. This debate has come up with every new album and we feel that now is the right time to take this next step on our musical journey. We’re very proud of our history as Enter The Haggis, but the legacy of that name no longer fits our identity. While it does convey the Celtic side of what we do, it also paints a one-dimensional picture that doesn’t represent our varied musical influences. Since Craig is the only original member of Enter The Haggis, a new name also gives a common start for something that we’re all creatively invested in.

As for our new music, we describe it as “Northern Roots Rock.” We feel that that speaks to our Canadian spin on American roots music and our use of traditional instruments with a rock edge. Folk music focuses on the power of meaningful lyrics, which continues to be a focus in our writing.

We know that our music has been a part of many of your lives for a long time and that you have special memories associated with coming to our shows over the years, so we did not make this decision lightly. You were instrumental in the creation of the forthcoming album, Penny Black. You wrote us the letters that inspired the lyrics, you gave us your hard-earned money to pay for the recording expenses, and some of you even leant us your voices in the studio. With that in mind, we're asking for your understanding and support for our decision.

Rest assured that when you come to a show you'll find the same five guys pouring their hearts and souls out on the stage, playing all of your favourite ETH songs, happy to say hello and share a pint with new and familiar faces. We’re super excited for what the future holds and we hope that you will allow us to continue to bring you the very best of what we have to offer as musicians and as people.

We celebrate our last show as Enter The Haggis on October 11th, 2014, at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse, NY.

- Your friends, Jubilee Riots (Brian, Bruce, Craig, Mark and Trevor)

Any questions? Yes? Okay, shoot:

YOU: This is a great decision and I support you 100%!

US: That’s not a question but THANK GOD!!! We thought you were going to hate us.

YOU: How can I help?

US: The best thing you can do is purchase a ticket for one of our upcoming shows in your area. And if you want to take it one step further, you can contact the venue in your area that we’ll be performing at and let them know that you continue to support us and you will be attending the show.

YOU: I'm a card carrying Haggis Head. Can I keep my card?

US: Well... we never printed cards but for sure!

YOU: What is Jubilee Riots' official bird?

US: The African Swallow.

YOU: Can I still buy a Haggis Head t-shirt?

US: Yes, but we aren't printing any more so order them online or come to a show before they're gone!

YOU: What does Jubilee Riots mean?

US: The Jubilee Riots are an integral part of Toronto’s Irish cultural history. You can find it on “The Google.” They came at a cost but the positive outcome was greater freedom of expression. Our band formed in Toronto and we've been influenced by Celtic music, so our new band name is a nod to both our geographic and musical roots. This new name also reflects our many contrasts: the celebration and sorrow found in many of our songs (One Last Drink for example), our use of traditional and modern instruments, and our story as a Canadian band finding love and affection in the USA.

YOU: I have a Haggis Head tattoo and have devoted my entire life to your teachings. I'm now spiraling in a spiritual vortex of confusion. What do you recommend?

US: Your unbelievable devotion isn’t something we take lightly. You’ve chosen to carry us with you - both in your hearts and ON YOUR BODIES through all your life’s twists and turns, and it’s humbling. That’s why Brian is collecting the names of everyone with ETH ink - once he’s confident he has a comprehensive list, he’s going to design a tattoo for himself with all of your initials, so we can carry all of you forward with us.

YOU: Will you continue to play my favorite ETH songs?

US: Yes!

YOU: Great, I want to hear "Donald, Where's Yer Troosers?"

US: No.

YOU: But -


YOU: If I'm not a Haggis Head, what am I?

US: You guys are amazingly creative so we’ll leave this up to you. Let us know when you figure it out!

YOU: Will and social media sites continue running?

US: Yes, but we’d love you to join us at, and get active in our new social media communities:

YOU: What other names did you consider?

US: Today's Modern Camel, The Strolling Drones, Lewd Reeds, Early Machines, A Portrait of Penguins, Schmenter the Shmaggis, Whaggis, Trevor Lewington and The Shipwrecks… it was so hard to choose.

YOU: Can I use the name Enter The Haggis for my band now?

US: No, this is like an ex-girlfriend situation where we don't want to be with them but don't want anyone else to have them either.

YOU: When is Jubilee Riots' "Penny Black" being released?

US: November 1st at Port City Music Hall in Portland, ME - and November 4th worldwide!

YOU: When is the band's first show as Jubilee Riots?

US: October 15th and 16th at Hugh’s Room in Toronto. We thought it fitting as the first Enter The Haggis show was in Toronto.

YOU: Can we expect anything different at a Jubilee Riots show or will it basically be the same as an Enter The Haggis show?

US: We've got a few things up our sleeves to make the live experience even more exciting, and of course we'll be featuring music from Penny Black. We’ve also ordered a massive Stone Henge-looking set piece that will be lowered down behind us during our shows - it’ll be at least 18” tall.

YOU: In a fight between Batman and Superman who would win?

US: According to Trevor’s 3-year-old, Superman would win. More specifically he would use his super strength and throw Batman into the garbage then he would make a fort out of the couch cushions and hide there because there are moose coming.

YOU: If I wear my Haggis Head garment to a show can I have something for free?

US: Ummm… sure. How about a free copy of the new CD?

YOU: Can I have a free domestic beer or well drink too?

US: No.


Monday, September 8, 2014


The Sunday Punchers are busy preparing their new music video and  they need help from their fans all over the world. They would like you...yes you in their video! They would like you to go and listen to their track "Whiskey" and send them video of you rocking out, playing along and or joining in on the chorus. Check the track over here:

Drop your videos to them via eg. we transfer. Please send it directly to their production guys over at

It can be off a cellphone or any sort of video recording device.


Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards have just released a video for their song "Black Sheep".

Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards - Black Sheep

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