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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

REVIEW - CRAIC "Amongst the Mischief and Malarkey" (2014)

Craic "Amongst the Mischief and Malarkey" CDR-001
Release date: March 17,2014
Running time. 34:42, 11 tracks

Cleveland’s finest are back with their debut album, “Amongst the Mischief and Malarkey”. Craic’s 11 track CD is probably the most awaited album in 2014 (together with The Ramshackle Army’s debut album). The eight piece from Ohio jumped to the top of the EPs list of 2011, a list that was voted by fans from all over the world. In 2013 they released the single “Hold the Penny/Dirty Old Town” to whet appetites and finally “Amongst the Mischief and Malarkey” was released last Saint Patrick’s Day.

The six guys and two girls have worked again with ex-Dropkick Murphys member Ryan Foltz and the final result is a MUST HAVE album. If you are a follower of this e-zine, you’re already familiar with the two songs from the single and “The Irish Banshee”, since a video for that song was recently released.  Then you know what you can expect from the rest of the album. If you’re a sceptic fan and you’re thinking that Craic have chosen the best songs for the videos and single, but the other tracks could be less interesting, you’re totally wrong. The album is really tight and there is no clunker from the beginning to the end.

There  are three sorts of songs on “Among the Mischief and Malarkey”. The first group of songs would be the fast-paced, catchy numbers with the Craic’s Celtic/Bluegrass trademark: “Hold the Penny”, “The Irish Banshee”, but also “36 Bombs” and my faves: “Roads Less Traveled” (one of the best songs on the album), “Marching Orders” (another  kickass number) and “Parallels” (Celtic punk at its best). Banjo, tin whistle, fiddle and electric guitar are showcased on all these songs. They’re perfectly backed by the brilliant rhythm section while frontman Brett Burlison does a fantastic job on vocals.

The second group would be the “slow” numbers:  “Lonesome Lullaby” (excellent number; curiously it makes me think of a seminal Celtic pop-rock band from my area, Sorotan Bele), “Serenity” (not really a slow number since the tempo goes up and down and Craic show that they do really know how to master it) and “Lily & Nolan" (a sort of a waltz. If you can’t dance, don’t play this song when the missus is around or you’ll be obliged to dance with her! )

The last group would be the covers.  Apart from Ewan MacColl’s classic song “Dirty Old Town”, Craic have decided to record their own rendition of “Fields of Athenry”. There are a lot of covers of this song and my usual advice is “Please don’t record this song, Neck, Greenland Whalefishers and Dropkick Murphys  renditions can't be improved. “ However, I must admit that I have really enjoyed Craic’s cover because of the gang vocals, Brett and Nikki (tin whistle) lead vocals and the overall sound (guitars, banjo and fiddle).

The album package is a jewel case with an inlay card, but no lyrics to the songs. This is the only weak point. All the credits are stated and Craic have not forgotten to dedicate the album to their biggest fan, the late David Scott Rasile a.k.a. Drazzle, who run the Paddy O’Punk podcast. Thank you guys!. Not only are you great musicians, but you’re also true gentlemen.

Normally I try to use different words to say the same thing again, but I feel that this time I won’t do it. There is only one way to put into words what Craic have done: “Amongst the Mischief and Malarkey” is a MUST HAVE album. ‘nuff said.


01 - Hold the Penny 2:44
02 - Lonesome Lullaby 3:38
03 - 36 Bombs 2:44
04 - Dirty Old Town 2:42
05 - Roads Less Traveled 2:42
06 - Irish Banshee 3:01
07 - Serenity 3:19
08 - Marching Orders 2:40
09 - Parallels 3:52
10 - Lily & Nolan 3:51
11 - Fields of Athenry 3:24
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Review by Kinksmarkham

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

VIDEO - PIRATE COPY "#bringtherum"

Avast mateys! This be arr second video, an' we thought this time we be goin' fer a live video ter try an' capture sum o' the energy we be unleashin' in arr live shows! If yer ain't seen us before, come along ter a gig sometime - we be makin' sure there's rum fer ya an' all!

This vid were shot at Studio Bar, Penzance, one o' arr fave'rite venues! Thankin' them kindly fer lettin' us shoot, and big thanks ter arr director Ben Fullman, 'oo kindly worked 'is magic fer us again! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

REVIEW - THE POKES "Mayday" (2014)

The Pokes "Mayday" Tollshock Records TS015
Release date: 7 February 2014
Running time: 60:11, 14 tracks (the last one is not credited)

The “Not irish, not traditional … just poking the fire!” band The Pokes released in February their fourth album. I was expecting a yellow cover, since their previous albums artworks were in green, red and dark violet, almost blue. Nevertheless, the six guys and a girl from Berlin decided to feature the frog again in a blue cover. Anyway, the packaging is a labour of love: a 16 page booklet with the lyrics to all the songs, credits and pics of all the band members and guests, together with a sort of a music box. When the packaging is unfolded, a device starts to play the “Mayday” theme. Hats-off, Ian and co.

Regarding the music, the Anglo-German septet follows the path that they have been walking since their very beginning. The songs are based on excellent accordion and banjo together with an amazing fiddle. And all these elements are wrapped by Ian’s vocals and their surreal lyrics. The Pokes are proud to state that their folk-punk is unique. And it’s true. Maybe some songs can be reminiscent to the likes of The Shanes or The Waxies, but those old German bands were basically polka and standard Celtic punk bands. And there is a lot of different musical styles on The Pokes “Mayday”: Eastern music, ska and even calypso.

The songs that I would pick up are the following ones: “God Save The Popes” (if you didn’t know who they were, this is their business card), “Bottoms Up” (amazing accordion and banjo on this Russian sounding song), “Get Out of This” (male and female vocals and great fiddling), “Bitch-cow-darling” (a catchy number), “I Wish” (Pogues style banjo playing and funny lyrics), “Skip this song” (a sing-a-long number with gang vocals) and “Neverending” (interesting song that finally arrives to the end).

There is a track no 14 with two hidden tracks. After two minutes there is an out of tune German version of “Yesterdayman”. It ends at 5:40 and at 14:34 there is another “joke”.

Before the album was released, some line-up changes took place and the band has been reduced from 7 members to 6 members. Currently there is no fiddler, but the band’s trademark (banjo and accordion) is still in fine form.

Thanks to The Pokes for remaining faithful to their own Folk-Punk and for trusting in the CD format. Come on, get a hard copy of the “Number 1 folk-punk Band from Berlin” new album! Mayday, mayday, mayday …


1. God Save The Pokes 3:24
2. Bottoms Up 3:12
3. Mayday 3:44
4. Get Me Out Of This 3:28
5. Countryside 2:58
6. Bitch-Cow-Darling 3:00
7. I Wish 3:25
8. Yesterdayman 3:30
9. Skip This Song 3:50
10. What I Don't Know 2:57
11. Touch Me 3:50
12. Brooding 4:17
13. Neverending 3:42
14. Yesterdayman Koma 14:48


Click to buy:

Amazon (Germany)

Review by Kinksmarkham

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

REVIEW - MOLLY McHARREL "(C'est) mort pour la gloire" (2013)

Molly McHarrel "(C'est Mort) Pour La Gloire" Le Silence des moutons/Les disques de Géraldine LSDM001 LDG028 Contre Choc Vegas Records
Release date: 27 December 2013
Running time: 30:16 11 tracks

Punk bands with a hint of Celtic elements arise regularly from the French scene. Firstly, LTS, a band including mandolin and flute. Secondly, Les Tricards, a sort of an oi! band with pipes. And recently Molly McHarrel,  a band from Toulouse (Midi-Pyrénées) with a girl playing flute, bagpipes and harmonica.

Musically, the band is influenced by

- Les Sheriff (a Ramones infused French band from the late 80’s-early 90’s),
- Rancid, and
- Dropkick Murphys.

Lyrically, Molly McHarrel pay tribute to another French band from the rock indé  scene from the late 80’s, Les VRP, since they also like playing with words: “Here Gigot Again” (title of the second track),  the last verse on track no. 8, “L’ours”  ( “Melba cours vite, dépêche Melba”)...  But they also follow a MaccLads/Anti-Nowhere League approach on the lyrics to “Au Bout de Rouleau”, “Les Vieux” or “Le Saigneur des Naseaux”.

Track no. 3 is one of the highlights on the album. It’s a punk-rock song with flute on which Les Sheriff shadow is clear. And old woman is looking for her dog. The dog is fallen inside a pit and is barking, but the old woman is deaf. Poor dog.

The first number,  “Doux délire”, is a fast-paced punk-rock song with flute telling the tale of a perfect day. When the guy goes to work, everybody is drunk, there is plenty of beer… and Rancid is playing for free at the parking :-)

Le Vieux” is my fave. If you were thinking that it’s a Jacques Brel cover, you’re wrong. It’s a Rancid with flute number with an infectious chorus. Watch out, it’s not a politically correct song!

With “Le Saigneur des Naseaux”, a song with a catchy chorus,  Molly McHarrel become Rancid with pipes.

Le Pessec” is a sing-a-long number  that stands out with its traditional flavour. Pipes are showcased on this song with a DKM twist. However,  “(C’est) mort pour la gloire” is the most DKM song on the album. Bagpipes are played on this song too and vocal duties are shared by two singers.

Finally,  I would also pick up the last song,  a self-deprecating number titled “Petit Couillon”.

Molly McHarrel “(C’est) mort  pour la gloire” is an interesting album with plenty of details to appeal both folk-punk and punk-folk audiences. Go ahead, buy a bottle of French red wine, a Roquefort cheese and play these songs loud!


01. Doux Délire 02:46  
02. Here Gigot Again 02:57
03. Le Caniche Au Fond Du Puits 02:48
04. Le Pessec 02:30  
05. Au Bout Du Rouleau 01:50  
06. (C'est) Mort Pour La Gloire 02:31  
07. Les Vieux 02:59  
08. L'Ours 03:24  
09. Fabienne 02:57  
10. Le Saigneur Des naseaux 02:57  
11. Petit Couillon 02:14


Click to buy:

Les Disques de Géraldine
La Distroy

Review by Kinksmarkham

Sunday, April 6, 2014

VIDEO - DIE DÖDELSÄCKE "Abgebrannt auf Helgoland"

Die Dödelsäcke video for "Abgebrannt auf Helgoland" from their last album "Volle Kraft Voraus"

Die Dödelsäcke - Abgebrannt auf Helgoland


A couple of songs from The Maggie Whackers second EP "Naoned Whisky" were available in 2013, but the guys from Brittany have released the full 5 track EP in 2014.

Hard copies  can be bought directly from the band (Click HERE), but a 192 kbps digital version under a Creative Commons licence can be downloaded for free from Jamendo.

A better quality digital version (FLAC,  VBR mp3, 320 kbps mp3...) can be purchased from Bandcamp too (Click HERE)



Saturday, April 5, 2014


A Band of Rogues  finally got their hands on the video of their performance at the Bergen Performing Arts Center.   Watch them perform

- Molly Molly
- Take Me Back to Kerry,
- Girl from the Emerald Isle
- Irish Rover

A Band of Rogues at the Bergen Performing Arts Center

Friday, April 4, 2014


Before they enter the studio Happy Ol' McWeasel have decided to hit the road one more time! 3 different countries and 5 gigs in a row should be a nice warm up! Check out the dates and join them on the road to madness!

Tour dates:

05.04.2014 - Baamhakke, Piding (DE)
06.04.2014 - Special surprise show!, Zurich (CH)
07.04.2014 - Dynamo Werk 21, Zurich (CH)
08.04.2014 - Kulturbrucken, Mannheim (DE)
10.04.2014 - Le Tigre, Strasbourg (FR)

VIDEO - MENEGUINNESS "The Man of the House"

Meneguiness have released a video for the tune "The Man of the House"

Meneguinness - The Man of the House

Thursday, April 3, 2014


(Info from the band's mailing list)

TEMPEST ==> 25th Anniversary Spring Tour!

Dear Friends,

Here's a festive note to launch our Annual Spring Tour of the Midwest & East Coast. This is our 25th Anniversary Tour, so get your tickets and reservations early – you'll want to be part of the fun!

The brand new limited edition Tour T-Shirt, and our fabulous new CD ‘The 25th Anniversary Concert’ will be available at all the upcoming shows.
The CD is also available by mail order through our web site,

Bursting with life and energy, the recording captures Tempest in full flight at The 25th Anniversary Concert! Old favorites alongside brand new material, we dedicate this CD to all the fans who have faithfully supported us or over a quarter of a century.

You can follow our 25th Anniversary Tour on Facebook:

Join us there, and we promise up-to-date travel stories, pictures and video clips from life on the road.

It’s going to be a wonderful Spring.
See you soon!

...::: TEMPEST | 2014 Tour Dates :::...
East Coast, Midwest & West Coast Shows

Fri. Apr. 4 – Racine, WI
3700 Meachem Rd. 9:30pm (262) 554-9695

Sat. Apr. 5 – Downers Grove, IL
5157 Main St. 9pm (630) 969-0600

Sun. Apr. 6 – Benton Harbor, MI
190 5th St. *Early show 7pm (269) 925-8760

Thu. Apr. 10 – Rochester, NY
WRUR 88.5fm
Live Radio Broadcast ~ Tune in or listen on line!
Tempest will be on the air around 11am, East Coast time

Thu. Apr. 10 – Rochester, NY
Lovin’ Cup
300 Park Point Dr. 8pm (585) 292-9940

Fri. Apr. 11 – Cumberland, RI
549 Broad St. 8pm, All Ages (401) 725-9272

Sat. Apr. 12 – New Hope, PA
6123 Lower York Rd. 8pm (215) 794-2331

Sun. Apr. 13 – Newark, DE
*Early show 5pm, All Ages (302) 521-0632
Call or email for ticket info and directions

Tue. Apr. 15 – Pittsburgh, PA
4207 Butler St.
*Early Dinner Show, doors at 6pm (412) 681-4318
With Special Guests Chuck Owston & Gypsy Ribbon, and Fizgig

Wed. Apr. 16 – Cleveland, OH
12112 Madison Ave. 8pm (216) 226-5681
With Special Guests Blackmore’s Night Tribute Crystal Ball

Thu. Apr. 17 – Columbus, OH
1248 West 3rd Ave. 9pm (614) 487-8140

Fri. Apr. 18 – Dayton, OH
with very special guests Lou Lala & The Elder Beer Men
308 East 1st St. 8pm (937) 461-9343

Fri. Apr. 19 – St. Louis, MO
2720 Sutton Ave, 8pm, All Ages (314) 781-4200

Sat. May 3 – Fresno, CA
620 F St. 8pm (559) 264-6323

Fri. May 9 – Minden, NV
5th and Esmeralda St. 7pm (775) 782-8207

Sat. May 10 – Davis, CA
University of California, Davis Campus
260 South Silo (530) 752-2569

Sat. May 17 – Laytonville, CA
45020 N. Highway 101 9:30 pm (707) 984-6534

May 23, 24 – St. Charles, MO
Frontier Park, 8pm each night


Different Circle Records is a small record label from Scotland and on 17th of April, they're releasing the CD version of the long-lost Kettle Rebellion album in the UK and Europe.

Kettle Rebellion was the short-lived project of Erik Petersen who's punk rock band The Orphans had just disbanded. They played a couple of shows and recorded an LP, but before it could be completely finished and released, some kids stole it from Petersen's house and leaked it on the internet. The band was shelved and morphed in to Mischief Brew, Philadelphia's premier anarcho gypsy punk rock band.

Twelve years on, Erik re-assembled the recordings and finished the project and we're happy to be involved in releasing the CD version.

You can hear "Seeking the Brave" at

It is released on April 17th but the pre-order is open now at

Kettle Rebellion formed in late 2001 near the end of the Orphans, Erik Petersen’s punk rock band that played in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. In January 2002, Kettle Rebellion recorded an eight song album and in the meantime, played five shows. After the recording sessions, Petersen was having musicians stay at his house and he showed them the release. Weeks later, he went back to the recording’s case only to find it empty. Soon, he realized that the demos had been stolen. Believing that the recordings were lost forever, Petersen moved onto other projects. Shortly thereafter, Kettle Rebellion re-formed as Mischief Brew. Later, while at shows, fans would ask Petersen about Mischief Brew songs called “Flesh and Bone,” “Song of the Free,” and other tunes that he could not identify. Usually, he would brush off the requests saying that Mischief Brew had never recorded anything under that name. Still, the requests for these strange songs continued. Eventually, he was clued in to the fact that these mysterious tracks were on Soulseek, an early file sharing network. After searching them out, Petersen realized that these unknown tracks which fans had asked him about were the Kettle Rebellion recordings! But, in many cases, the tracks on Soulseek were incomplete or were later-generation copies of poor sound quality. When Soulseek died, it seemed that these coveted tunes had been buried in the digital ether. Alas, the album was lost not once, but twice! Years later, the band stumbled upon tapes containing parts of the recordings. Excited by the discovery, they amassed the bits and pieces of the album strewn across various pieces of media. After realizing that they had all the recordings, just in in disassembled form, the band pieced it back together, and once again, in 2014, some twelve years after its death, the Kettle Rebellion album lives once again.”


Dirty Artichokes have advanced one song from their forthcoming album.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


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