One of the best songs of the year and probably the best song for the summer: Bodh'aktan "Samedi soir au fais dodo".

Bodh'aktan - Samedi soir au fais dodo

This is the 25th Anniversary show that The Mahones played last March 23, 2016 at The Phoenix (Toronto, Canada). It's a soundboard boot taped by Rob Gale and featuring a lot of guests.


High Sea Looters video for "The Beginning".


In the age of Google everything can be found. However, there is not enough info about High Sea Looters. Their debut album "The Beginning" is available for free/Name Your Price on Bandcamp and they have an official  video for "The Beginning", but they don't have Facebook/Twitter pages.

Apparently they hail from Chambéry (Savoie, France) and have played at least two gigs, one in Grenoble (France) and another one in Biel/Bienne (Switzerland).

Any further information about the band would be appreciated.

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The Logues "Comin' of Age" LGS009
Release date: May 29, 2016
Running time: 46:05, 14 tracks

The Logues released their debut album “Tough at the Bottom” in 2011. As they say on the liner notes, they’ve only managed to write two albums in 10 years. Anyway, before releasing “Comin’ of Age”, they released three singles in 2014-2015, “Bless the Land”, “Fly Free” and “I Don’t Love You at All”. Together with those three songs and another three that were recorded live at Townhouse Bar in Castleberg (“Home”, “All I Want is You”” and “I’m on Fire”), The Logues recorded the core of their sophomore album at EdenVella: 6 news songs and 2 versions of previously released songs.

I have enjoyed their lively numbers based on the banjo and tin whistle sounds: the opener “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder”, the catchy “Bless the Land”, “I Don’t Love You at All” where Creeds Cross meet Dexy’s Midnight Runners, the Spirit of the West infused “
Yvonne John” (“a song based around the mispronunciation of a brand of Dutch rolling tobacco”), the country number “All I Want is You”, the re-recording of “No Place Like Home”, the Shane MacGowan and The Popes inspired song “Paisley Pattern” and the brilliant instrumental à la Led FarmersLagan’s Lament”.

As usual, “Comin’ of Age” comes in a four panel digipack with all the songs and studio credits, line-up, guests and liner notes.

If you loved the album that their neighbours O’Hanlons Horsebox released last year, The LoguesComin’ of Age” has plenty of songs that you’ll like.


01. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder 1:49   
02. Bless the Land 3:38   
03. Better Man 3:44
04. I Don't Love You at All 2:15
05. Home 3:21
06. Yvonne John 3:31
07. Sirens Call 4:12
08. Fly Free 3:37   
09. Drinkin' with God 4:34
10. All I Want Is You 2:29
11. No Place Like Home 3:14
12. Paisley Pattern 2:32
13. Logan's Lament 3:29   
14. I'm on Fire 3:20


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Review by Kinksmarkham

"Documenting what was among the band’s final performances, Vancouver-based Spirit of the West celebrated their incredible 30+ year career with a capacity crowd at Toronto's historic Massey Hall. The WCMA Hall of Fame inductees performed fan favourites such as "Venice is Sinking," "The Crawl," "Political," and what is often called ‘Canada’s unofficial national anthem’ "Home for a Rest."

Directed by Pete McCormack"

IMHO, a MUST WATCH video. Enjoy!!!

The "Spirit Unforgettable" documentary , the story of iconic Canadian band Spirit of the West, and lead singer John Mann's battle with early onset Alzheimer's can be watched at HBO Canada (Schedule HERE).
And don't forget to visit this fundraising at Generosity to help drummer Vince Ditrich and his family.

The Logues recently released their second album "Comin' of Age". The songs will be featured at Celtic Folk Punk Radio this weekend and an album review will be posted soon.

These are some videos for 5 songs from "Comin' of Age". "Home", "All I Want is You" and "I'm on Fire" were recorded live at the Townhouse Bar, Castlederg on Monday 28th September 2015.

Gary Miller (The Whisky Priests founding member and main songwriter) has just shared this full gig video that he found on YouTube.

And these are the latest news about Gary's forthcoming album and The Whisky Priests discography reissue:

"The huge 'Mad Martins' Deluxe Triple CD/Book (a real collectors' item) is now on course for a limited edition September release (though the "big push" to fully promote it will begin in earnest next year). In the meantime, The Whisky Priests back catalogue reissue programme in digital format continues a-pace. 

The band's 3rd, 4th & 5th studio albums - 'The Power & The Glory', 'Bleeding Sketches' & 'Life's Tapestry' are due to appear worldwide on CD Baby (USA), iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc, within the next few days. 'Life's Tapestry' is set to be the only studio album reissue not to feature bonus tracks (as no additional material was recorded during this period), whereas 'The Power & The Glory' will now feature 4 additional tracks from the ultra-rare 'Dol-Li-A' EP (which was only officially released for a short time in Germany back in 1994 and then swiftly deleted due to "contractual difficulties"). We recently discovered the rights have now reverted to us, enabling this release to go ahead (watch out for a new 'Dol-Li-A' Single/EP digital release coming soon). The 'Bleeding Sketches' reissue will feature 2 bonus tracks from the same sessions.

Meanwhile, 'The First Few Drops' reissue has been slightly delayed due to a tweaking of the running order. The remaining back catalogue ('Think Positive!', live albums, demos & radio sessions) will all follow soon.

Finally, new Whisky Priests and Mad Martins websites are in progress and lots of other upcoming projects are in the planning stages - I'm particularly looking forward to getting back "out on the road" again after a frustrating number of years tied up with personal matters!"


Killimor is a new bagpipes punk band from Mâcon (Saôn-et-Loire, France).


Romain Simondet: Vocals, Bagpipes
Geoffrey Chevalier : Bass, Backing Vocals
Morgan McBogar: Bagpipes, Tin Whistle
Cédric DeFaria: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Thomas Ramette: Drums, Backing Vocals
Kevin P.: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica.


This is their first video with their first song recorded "Rider's Soul", a song dedicaded to all the FMX Riders!

A cool mix between Punk-Rock & Freestyle moto cross.
SIR REG "Modern Day Disgrace" Gain Sony Music
Release date: June 17, 2016
Running time: 35:46, 11 tracks

In August 2014 Sir Reg signed with a new label linked to Sony, Gain Music Entertainment. Every band’s album had been chosen The Best album for Celtic Rock & Punk for 2010, 2011 and 2013 by Paddy Rock Radio. They had a huge following, even if some people felt that they were the teacher’s pet. When their third album, “21st Century Loser” was out, it got more positives than negative reviews, but it was obvious that the Swedish band had chosen to push forward on their Britpop influences and their polished sound. Some people have gone (Erik Dahlqvist, the charismatic drummer) and some members have arrived (Filip Burgman on mandolin and Tommie Fagerberg on drums). So I guess that everybody was interested in listening to the new Sir Reg’s album: a step forward or a comeback to their origins?

Brendan and his bandmates have chosen a sort of compromise. There are kick-ass Celtic punk anthems like the opener “End of The Line”, “Boys of St. Pauli” (the “Drink Up Ye Sinners” of this album) and “Breaking Down All Borders” (the “Til the Dead Come Alive” on this album). There are also some fast-paced songs with some Britpop arrangements, for instance “Drinking Like a Dane” and “All Saint’s Days”, and there are some proper Britpop gems like “Johnny” and “Won’t Let You Cry”. But the new addition to the mix is an Irish ballad in The Dubliners vein, the brilliant “The Wrong Bar”.

For Sir Reg, Celtic punk/rock and Britpop are not separate worlds. The band has been able to create its own sound and, using the title of one of their songs, they break down all borders and shift softly from one genre to the other. Moreover, some of their most “punk” lyrics can be heard on the Britpop numbers.

Competition is tough and probably “Modern Day Disgrace” won’t be the best album of the genre in 2016. However, it will be at the top of all the lists at the end of the year. Highly recommendable album.


01 - End of the Line 3:35
02 - Boys of St. Pauli 2:54
03 - Drinking Like a Dane 3:48
04 - Fake Hero 3:55
05 - All Saints' Day 3:24
06 - Interlude 0:15
07 - The Wrong Bar 2:19
08 - Johnny 3:21
09 - Won't Let You Cry 5:11
10 - Breaking Down All Borders 2:59
11 - Call It a Day 4:01    


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Review by Kinksmarkham

Here's In for a Penny video for the song "Stumblin' Home" from their "Every Day Should Be Saint Paddy's Day" E.P. Filmed over the course of two days at Huc A Poos, The Sand Bar, Sean's apartment and their home streets of Tybee Island, Georgia.

Huge thanks to Ricardo Ochoa for providing the gypsy jazz violin umph!

EP review soon. Stay tuned!

In For A Penny - Stumblin' Home



200 years since invading Tasmania, The Empire is in its death throes. But while Maggie’s dead, her ideas don’t rest. We can’t change the past, and we should probably talk about it... but instead, go and catch The Dead Maggies.

Tasmanian story-telling, flannie-clad, folk-punks The Dead Maggies are on tour again, this time for two months of folk festivals, doof festivals and pub gigs across NSW, QLD, and South-East Asia.

This is their 4th tour in the 9 months since releasing their debut album ‘Well Hanged’ which had international airplay and was 'album of the week' on Edge Radio, ABC936 and 2BoB with airtime on Triple J. Their past April tour – ‘Lock up the drunks, lock in the Punks’, made new friends and has since brought more bands to the Tasmanian gig circuit.

The tour starts in Queensland, and throughout August they trek south to end up at Psyfari Festival to share the Friday night stage with The Bennies and The Porkers. Then they head off to Asia for gigs in Indonesia and Vietnam, and return in time for Folk by The Sea Festival at the end of September. Then they will go back to Tasmania and enjoy not being in the immediate company of each other for a while.

August/September Tour dates:

Fr 12th - The Grand Hotel, Gayndah, QLD (+ Fox'n'Firkin + Button Collective)

Sa 13th - Sonnys, Brisbane, QLD

Su 14th - Pub Paradise, Macleay Island, QLD

Tu 16th - Ponyland, near Nimbin, NSW

We 17th - New Tattersalls, Lismore, NSW (+ Button Collective)

Th 18th - The Federal Hotel, Bellingen, NSW (+ Button Collective)

Fr 19th - The Gaelic Glub, Sydney, NSW (+ Handsome Young Strangers acoustic)

Sa 20th - The Lass O'Gowrie, Newcastle, NSW (+ Beefweek)

Su 21st - The Junkyard, Maitland, NSW (+ Beefweek)

Fr 26th - Psyfari Festival, Capertree Valley, NSW (+ Bennies + Porkers)

Sun 28/8 - Sidoarjo - Indonesia

Mon 29/8 - Malang - Indonesia

Tue 30/8 - Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Wed 31/8 - Bandung - Indonesia

Thurs 1/9 - Jakarta - Indonesia

Fri 2/9 - Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

Sat 3/9 - Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

Sun 4/9 - Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

Mon 5/9 - Phan Thiet - Vietnam

Sigelpa "Rabant original"
Release date: July 8, 2016
Running time: 28:14, 14 tracks

The Catalonian folk-rock/Celtic punk scene is alive and kicking. Ebri Knight released their third album last year, Lád Cúig have recently released their second album and Sigelpa have just released “Rabant original”, their second album too. I guess that most of you are familiar with the band’s sound: electric guitar, fiddle, diatonic accordion and two vocalists (boy and girl).

Fourteen tracks are delivered in less than 30 minutes: one intro, 11 self-penned songs in their mother tongue and two traditional numbers sung in Galician and English.

The album opener is called “(pou)”. Pou is the Catalonian word for well and the short intro is a guy falling down in a well. The last number is titled “Sexual GGesus”, a kick-ass song featuring bluegrass sounding flddle about singer GG Allin, whose original name was Jesus Christ Allin.

There are a lot of interesting numbers to pick up between those tracks: the amazing “Aqui ens tens” (one of my faves), “Bronca” with its Breton twist, the punk-pop infused “Rabant Original” (another highlight), “Culvolució” with its bluegrass fiddling, and the two covers. “A Saia da Carolina” was previously released in 2015 as a single. Brilliant rendition that reminds me of Bastards on ParadeQuen tenha vinho”. “Excursion Around the Bay” is a newfie number that was recorded by Great Big Sea on their debut album. Sigelpa’s cover is simply perfect: firstly, the lead vocals sing a cappella with some backing vocals harmonies; secondly, percussion is added; thirdly, some hey shouts are added, and finally the song is given the Sigelpa’s full band Celtic punk treatment. Together with those tracks, a video for one song has been released: the catchy “Dinamita” (video HERE ).

A quick review of the rest of the tracks: “Puta Ciutat”, the typical Sigelpa’s sound, “Mojigatrix”, a hardcore number, “L’infern está pujant”, a ska-punk track, “Exorcisme vaginal”, a song with a Spanish folk metal touch, andUs tornarem a votar”, a number about our current democracy and election system in which people keep on voting the politicians who sold them down the river and that apparently are corrupt too.

Rabant original” has been funded by their fands via verkami. It’s been recorded and mixed by JM Castelló and Matias Scheinkman at Canela Hank Studio (Barcelona) and mastered at Hitmakers Mastering (Barcelona) by Marco Rostagno. The album will be available for free at Bandcamp till next July 15th, 2016. Hurry up and enjoy this festive album by Terrassa’s finest band.

01. (pou) 00:21   
02. Aquí Ens Tens 03:07   
03. Bronca 01:21   
04. Puta Ciutat 01:48   
05. A Saia Da Carolina 02:23   
06. Rabant Original 02:24   
07. Dinamita 01:12   
08. Us Tornarem A Votar 02:10   
09. Culvolució 02:20   
10. Mojigatrix 01:51   
11. Excursion Around The Bay 02:31   
12. L'Infern Està Pujant 01:49   
13. Exorcisme Vaginal 02:31
14. Sexual GGesus 01:55


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Review by Kinksmarkham

Barbar'O'Rhum lyrics video for "La Republique Pirate", off their debut album "Toutes les Routes Mènent au Rhum". It's a song about the Pirate Republic established at Nassau at the beginning of the XVIIth century.

Barbar'O'Rhum - La République Pirate

A new video by Quebecer band Carotté: "Un gars du far west"

PRESS RELEASE - The Rumjacks brand new studio album Sleepin' Rough out August 5 - PRE-ORDER NOW!

It’s what’s become vintage Rumjacks; there’s no point beating about the bush, it’s out the gate and straight down to business.

Recorded at Bomba Studios in regional Victoria, Sleepin’ Rough, the Sydney quintet’s third long-player, picks up where 2015’s Sober & Godless left off. Booming from the get-go with ‘Patron Saint Of Thieves’, a thundering punk aesthetic intertwined through the group’s Irish and Scottish musical heritage, this album is full throttle, all spit and bile, raucous and real.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking The Rumjacks are just an angry bunch of punks. Far from it – their music, while hard and fast for the most part, carries with it an element of fun and frivolity, harking back to their Old Country roots, places where music is an integral part of community gathering, soundtracking the times with an almost savage joy.

And this is Sleepin’ Rough. The melodic ‘A Fistful O’ Roses’, the acoustic ‘Les Darcy’, the ska-esque ‘Kathleen’, all carry a cheeky bonhomie, sometimes belying their subject matter, but always bringing a smile, a head-nod, a foot-tap. These tracks sit tidily alongside flat-out punk (the opener, ‘Dead To Me’, ‘Zielona Gora’), and the band’s now trademark mixture of the two.

As frontman Frankie McLaughlin has said, they’re not trying to reinvent anything, they’re just trying to produce the best songs they can in order to make a connection with the people listening. And that’s what Sleepin’ Rough is too – a clutch of real songs written and performed by real people, for other real people. Stories of life, love and loss, set to a throbbing beat. Sleepin’ Rough sees The Rumjacks in career best form.

First single 'A Fistful O' Roses' was released in May...


Hi everyone! Johnny here. Right now we are currently in the middle of a nice long European tour and enjoying every second. The shows have been great and have been seeing some amazing parts of the world. Feeling very blessed!

Just wanted to let you all know that we are VERY happy to announce that we will be releasing our third full length album 'Sleepin' Rough' through Four | Four Records on August 5.

We spent a little over two weeks locked away in country Victoria in Bomba Studios with Steve James once again steering the ship and producing this new record.

This is the first time we have ever packed our bags, headed out to the middle of no where, locked ourselves in one big room and recorded an album. It was new, scary, exciting and worth every second. We are very proud of this album and can not wait to share it with you all.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

Much love and thanks.

The Rumjacks

PRE-ORDER 'Sleepin' Rough' NOW:

Album, Vinyl & Merch from The Rumjacks Online Store

Download digital album HERE