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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Bastards on Parade are proud to confirm that they are touring Europe this November with UK punk Legends GBH!!

Poland, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary.

They are adding more dates on their way and way back so write to if you want them rockin your town!!

VIDEO - THE KILLIGANS "The Cornhusker"

(Thanks to Steven for the heads-up)

The Killigans video for "The Cornhusker". The song can be bought from Bandcamp.

This is The Killigans version of “The Cornhusker.” Written in 1909 by Robert W. Stevens, it was dubbed “The Official Field Song of the University of Nebraska” and became deeply ingrained in Nebraska football culture. This video captures the rich Husker tradition from the last one hundred years, and the Nebraska fans that keep it alive. With coaches like Bob Devaney, Tom Osborne, and Bo Pelini, and players like Tommy Frazier, Ndamukong Suh, and Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska is a consistent football powerhouse. There is no place like Nebraska. The Killigans are a folk punk band from Lincoln Nebraska, and they all bleed husker red. The video was produced and edited by Ryan Tweedy, the director of the film Through These Gates.

The Killigans - The Cornhusker

Monday, October 20, 2014

VIDEO - BLACK WATER COUNTY "The Parson's Daughter"

Black Water County video for "The Parson's Daughter" off their second EP "The Fellowship of the Craic"

Black Water County - The Parson's Daughter"

FREE DOWNLOAD - SIGELPA "Aplaudiu" single

The Catalonian band Sigelpa are sharing their new single "Aplaudiu" on Bandcamp (Name Your Price).

An outtake from the "TerraMorta" sessions and a remix. Enjoy


Sunday, October 19, 2014


The band from Quebec Bodh'aktan will be playing in Paris (France) next 27 and 28 October at La Dame du Canton, Port de la Gare, 75013 Paris.

All the info here: (in French)

Bodh'aktan (Québec)  - Rock celtique les 27 & 28 Octobre prochains @La Dame de Canton !

Lors de ces deux concerts exceptionnels parisiens, Bodh'aktan va présenter son nouvel album "Tant qu'il restera du rhum", ils ont été d'ailleurs nominés au prix Felix (Similaire aux Victoires de la Musique en France).

Vous trouverez toutes les informations nécessaires sur l'événement:



Saturday, October 18, 2014

VIDEO - LÁD CÚIG "Patrick MacKenzie"

Catalonian band Lád Cúig video for "Patrick MacKenzie". You should be familiar with the song, as it's often played at our streaming radio Celtic Folk Punk at Radionomy.

Lád Cúig - Patrick MacKenzie

Thursday, October 16, 2014


The Transylvanian band Selfish Murphy go on tour. All the details are on the picture. In the meanwhile, watch their brand new video.


The featured albums of this week at Celtic Folk Punk Radio are as follows:

PibRockSelf-titled” (4 songs)
Kitchen ImplosionPretty Work Brave Boys” (5 songs)
The MahonesThe Hunger & The Fight Part 1” (3 songs)

Songs by The South Shore Ramblers (2) and Lucky 7 (3) will also be played.

This is the schedule:

Friday 17 October 2014

6h00, 10h00, 14h00, 18h00 and 22h00 (CET, Paris-Berlin-Rome time)

Saturday 18 October 2014

2h00, 6h00, 10h00, 14h00, 18h00 and 22h00
(CET, Paris-Berlin-Rome time)
Sunday 19 October 2014

(CET, Paris-Berlin-Rome time)
Tune in and enjoy!


Debut Music Video by The South Shore Ramblers: "Thirstday".

A working man's song about having too many pints on a weekday and sticking it to his boss the next morning.

Filmed and Edited in 12 hours by Shaun Hillary.
Extra camera work: Devyn.
Editing assistants: Jacky Kearns & Martin Bezuidenhout

The South Shore Ramblers - Thirstday

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

REVIEW - BEYOND THE FIELDS "The Falcon Lives" (2014)

Beyond The Fields "The Falcon Lives" BTF 2014
Release date: 26 September 2014
Running time: 46:45, 12 tracks

Beyond the Fields, a Celtic folk rock band from Lake Constance (Switzerland), was founded in 1998. Apart from a 3 track EP (“Home”), the band had only recorded some “unofficial” live shows.  Finally, the current line-up has recorded their 11 track debut album titled “The Falcon Lives”. André Bollier is the band’s frontman, lead vocalist, acoustic guitarist and songwriter; Marcel Bollier, the bass player; Uwe Schaefer, from Germany, plays mandolin; Eddy Sloof, from The Netherlands, is the drummer and percussionist; and Eva Wey, who also played on Keltikon’s debut album, is the fiddler. Maybe the names are not well-known, but all of them have a long background. For instance, Marcel and Eva teach their instruments and Eddy is a sound engineer.

Taking into account that they’ve been playing live for a long time, Beyond the Fields have chosen their best material from a 40 songs repertoire.  “The Falcon Lives” was  recorded, mixed and mastered by Eddy in spring 2014. All the tracks have been written by André and arranged by the band, with the exception of “Blue Murder”, a poignant rendition of Scottish/Aussie songwriter Alistair Hulett's song about Australia's greatest industrial disaster.  As André pays a lot of attention to lyrics, most of them are focused on feelings. However,  there are also complaints about the mainstream music market (“The Artist’s Song”) or living in England  ("The Canterbury Tales Part 1: The Traveller’s Lament”. Visit the lyrics section at the band's website for further info about this number). Musically, I feel that Beyond the Fields share a common ground with English folk rock bands such as The Rattlers and Why?  and Celtic pop/rock bands such as Coinneach (Scotland) and Popproperly (Australia).

The band’s punk end can be heard on tracks like “Perfect”  and “All I Really Need” (a fast-paced song with a fiddle in the Brighton school vein). “The Traveller’s Lament” is another fave, together with “Dark Waters”, a folk-rock hit. Other interesting pop oriented songs would be “I Wonder if You’re the One”, “Beyond the Fields” and “Home”. And, if you love reggae vibes, check out “The Artist’s Song”.

Regarding the packaging, André and his band mates have chosen to deliver the album in a fantastic digipack with a 20 page booklet full of pics and all the lyrics to the song.

The Falcon Lives” is not your usual Celtic punk/rock album. Don’t look for Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys influences.  Nevertheless,  open-minded music fans who love to listen carefully to the lyrics and appreciate fiddle and mandolin sounds perfectly backed by a top-notch rhythm section will enjoy this amazing work.


01. Perfect 3:05
02. One of Those Days 3:16
03. The Artist's Song 5:25
04. The Canterbury Tales, Pt. 1: The Traveler's Lament 3:19
05. Blue Murder 3:40
06. Dark Waters 3:01
07. Beyond the Fields 3:58
08. The Falcon Lives 4:33
09. Home 3:49
10. I Wonder If You're the One (Guess I'll Never Know) 3:48
11. All I Really Need 3:18
12. Any Time 5:31


Click to buy


Review by Kinksmarkham

Sunday, October 12, 2014

VIDEO - BELLY BLUSTER "Whisky Drunkers"

The Italian band Belly Bluster are back with an official video for their kick-ass song "Whisky Drunkers"

Belly Bluster - Whisky Drunkers

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Bastards on Parade have just released a video for "Bootleggers". Amazing song!!!

Bastards on Parade - Bootleggers

REVIEW - KITCHEN IMPLOSION "Pretty Work Brave Boys" (2014)

Kitchen Implosion "Pretty Work Brave Boys!" Associazione Culturale QuaTrad KICD0001
Release date: 5 September 2014
Running time. 33:30, 13 tracks

Kitchen Implosion is a Piedmontese/Celtic folk punk band. The guys have been around for a while with a previous folk rock incarnation of the band called In the Kitchen.  However,  they felt that the In the Kitchen format was already done, but they have a lot of things to say with a different approach. Then Kitchen Implosion, a Ramones infused folk punk band was born.

Both In the Kitchen (November 2012) and Kitchen Implosion (February 2014) have been our Band of the Month. Kitchen Implosion released a demo and they caught my attraction straightaway. Then, when I heard that the guys had released their debut album, I knew that I had to review it. Italy has a burgeoning scene and I’m proud of them. There are a lot of different bands and all of them have something special. Nevertheless,  I must admit that I was a little bit concerned. I’m trying to push new bands, but at the same time I’m a little bit fed up with the overexposed standards. And the new album has some of them.

After giving the CD a few spins, my worries had disappeared. These guys are bloody brilliant!!! “Pretty Work Brave Boys” list 13 tracks. Most of them are covers (traditional or almost traditional covers). Only 4 or 5 of them could be considered over-exposed numbers, but Kitchen Implosion have been able to present them in a different way. The rest of the songs are some Piedmontese/Italian folk numbers (5 tracks), 1 cover of a shanty (“Sam’s Gone Away”), 1 cover of a Tommy Makem song (“Four Green Fields”) and 1 self-penned tune (“Larmor Beach”). “Valsesia”, “La Bergera” and ”Larmor Beach” were previously released by In the Kitchen (Go to their Bandcamp page to listen to them), but the new versions are totally different.

The first song on the album was already on the demos and it’s a fantastic “Danny Boy” rendition in the Bruddas vein. The next number is from Piedmontese origin and it’s sung in the dialect from that region. It’s a a fast paced version featuring bagpipes and one could say that Kitchen Implosion become a sort of a Piedmontese Ramoneurs de Menhirs.

Barbagal” is another catchy number sung in Piedmontese. The song was recorded by the main Piedmontese folk band, Cantovivo, and apparently the music is from English origin.

Four Green Hills” is the best example of a Celtic punk rendition of an (almost) Traditional song. The guys have made a top-notch rendition of the Tommy Makem classic. Hats-off!

The following track is a cover of “Sam’s Gone Away”. After listening to this, you’ll be sure that Sam didn’t go away. He was taken away by the KKK.

Another track in Piedmontese, “La Bergera”. It’s an interesting rendition with accordion and tin whistle.

"Scotland the Brave" gets a DKM treatment, that is, bagpipes punk at its best. But I’d like to draw your attention to the great intro at the beginning of the track.

The Merry Ploughboy” has the three chord approach by the Ramones and it’s followed by “Valsesia”, a Partisan song which is sung in standard Italian. Amazing anti-fascist song.

One of my faves is “La maire e la filho”. I felt that this song was sung in a different dialect closer to French and the guys have told me that in fact it’s sung in Occitain/Provençal mixed with some Piedmontese. Did I tell that these guys are sound like the Piedmontese Ramoneurs de Menhirs?

The album finishes up with “Larmor Beach”, an instrumental that will remind you to Quentin Tarantino films OST.

And it’s over. My advice: contact Kitchen Implosion and grab a copy of this CD. The Jewel case CD have a 4 page booklet with the lyrics to all teh Italian songs and their translations into English. Most of the songs are covers, but the punk (pop) twist gives them a new lease of life and the selection of songs is remarkable. Congrats to our Italian friends. Enjoy!!!


01 - Danny Boy 3:15
02 - Magg 2:09
03 - The Leaving of Liverpool 2:47
04 - Barbagal 2:27
05 - Four Green Fields 2:34
06 - Sam's Gone Away 2:06
07 - La Bergera 2:31
08 - Intro - Scotland the Brave 2:24
09 - South Australia 2:24
10 - The Merry Ploughboy 2:30
11 - Valsesia 2:49
12 - La Maire e la Filho 2:25
13 - Larmor Beach 3:04


Click to buy:


Review by Kinksmarkham

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Lucky 7, the band from Tijuana, are back with a full album. It can be downloaded for free from Mediafire.


Lucio - Fiddle, bckg vocals
J.L Moya - Vocals, bass
E. Moya - Guitar, bckg vocals
Erik D. - Drums, bckg vocals



Monday, October 6, 2014


The second song released by South African folk punk band The South Shore Ramblers, "Thirstday". Remember that the previous one can also be downloaded for free.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

REVIEW - DIRTY GLASS "Drunken Summer Night" (2014)

Dirty Glass "Drunken Summer Night" WLRV Records
Release date: end September 2014
Running time: 19:39, 5 tracks

The end of June 2014 is the milestone of the development of the Indonesian Celtic punk scene. Although some bands like Gerap Gurita, The Working Class Symphony, The Cloves and The Tobacco or Charlie’s Rum and the Chaplin had previously released some works, the Indonesian scene really broke through after the compilation album “Wind from the Foreign Land” was issued by WLRV Records.

Three months later, another kick-ass band from Indonesia is delivering their first work under the WLRV Records umbrella. The band is called Dirty Glass and they had already released a couple of songs that became Internet hits straight away: “Just F Love Song” and “Joke”. Now they are offering a nice package consisting of a five tracks CD, a T-shirt, a patch and a sticker, which is titled “Drunken Summer Night”.

Jr Miko (lead vocals) , Ryan (vocals, mandolin), Ganang (accordion, fiddle), Emil (bass), Nathan (electric guitar), El Stek (acoustic guitar), Yasu Spade (tin whiste) and  Rude (drums) have recorded a mini-album showcasing the different sides of Dirty Glass. The opening track, “Good Morning Eli” is definitely a lively Indonesian Celtic punk song. The next number, “Ballad of Lonely and Whiskey” is rougher, with an amazing theme and addictive chorus. One of my faves. “10.000 Miles” pays tribute to their heroes Dropkick Murphys. "Dirty Glass", the DKM song features both boy and girl vocals and “10.000 Miles” follows that example.  It’s another catchy song with top-notch guitar work. One of the highlights of the album without any doubt. “Drunken Summer Night” moves to the Land of Oz. At least, the guitar work and the chorus have an Aussie twist. Finally, “Anthem” blends DKM and The Pogues influences with a Japanese Celtic punk vibe.

Drunken Summer Night” is a well-balanced CD featuring awesome traditional instruments, but also fantastic electric guitar and rhythm section. Dirty Glass have done a hell of a job and no one can say that all the songs are the same. Quite the contrary, every single track belongs to a different universe and this makes the mini-album quite enjoyable.

Another band having a name lifted from a Dropkick Murphys song has become a must-listen band in the world Celtic punk scene: Bastards on Parade. Dirty Glass share with the Galician guys the same versatility and passion, so they’ll be joining Bastards on Parade in that Celtic Punk essential bands club soon. Stay tuned!


1 - Good Morning Eli 2:45
2 - Ballad of Lonely and Whiskey 4:13
3 - 1000 Miles 4:05
4 - Drunken Summer Night 4:14
5 - Anthem 4:20


E-mail the band the to buy the CD or send PM on Facebook

Review by Kinksmarkham
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