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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

REVIEW - THE IRISH McDRINKERS "Welcome to WhiskeyTown" (2104)

The Irish McDrinkers "Welcome to Whiskey Town" self-released
Release date: May 11, 2014
Running time: 20:49, 6 tracks

Usually, when I hear that a new band from Quebec  has released new stuff, I’m happy. I love Canadian bands and Canada is so big that every single province has a lot of interesting bands. However, only Quebec has the best of both worlds, the French and the Irish/Scottish heritage.

The Irish McDrinkers are a young band from Jonquière.: Louis Deschenes (lead vocals, bass), Jeff Gaudreault (guitar, background vocals), Catherine Boivin (guitar, mandolin), Jean-Benoit St-Germain (fiddle, background vocals) and Tommy Ouellet (drums, backing vocals). These guys (and girl) play an awesome brand of punk rock with an Irish twist.  Generally, new bands record some well-known standards or the odd Pogues cover. However, The Irish McDrinkers first work is full of original stuff. Six self-penned songs that cannot be filed under the usual labels (that is, the Dropkick Murphys end and the Flogging Molly end).

The sound is led by the fiddle and the guitar, and gang vocals are present throughout all the songs. Kick-ass mandolin playing can be heard on some numbers too. My faves: “Penny”, a song on which the fiddling has a Brighton folk punk flavour; “The Boozer Lament”, the single where mandolin truly shines; “Scotty McScottingham”, a fast-paced fiddle punk-rock song; and the closing number, the mid-tempo “Welcome to WhiskeyTown”.

The EP packaging is a jewel case with a 2 page booklet stating the line-up, the band’s facebook and youtube sites and the guy that has recorded the EP. The artwork covers the full Celtic punk iconography: 4 leaf shamrocks, skulls and anchors.

Maybe the production is a little bit rough at the edges, but The Irish McDrinkers’  songs show a lot of great ideas. So, if they are able to find a producer to help them to develop those ideas, I guess that their debut album will be amazing. In the meanwhile contact the band via Facebook to get this EP (7,00 Canadian dollars + P&P).


1 - Handfull of Mess 3.19
2 - Penny 2:56
3 - The Boozer Lament 3:28
4 - Dirty Rats 3:26
5 - Scotty McScottingham 3:47
6 - Welcome to Whiskeytown 3:41


Review by Kinksmarkham

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Uncle Bard and The Dirty Bastards video for "Rambling Bhoys"

Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards - "Rambling Bhoys"


Nobody Knows are releasing their new album "Kleinstadtrhapsodien" featuring only self-penned material next August 30th, 2014. This is the video for the 1st single, "Po". BTW, the mp3 single can be downloaded for free.

Nobody Knows - Po

Nobody Knows - Po

Monday, July 21, 2014

REVIEW - THE McNAUGHSTYS Self-titled EP (2014)

The McNaughstys - Self-titled EP
Released date: March 8th, 2014
Running time: 10:41, 4 tracks

The McNaughstys (MK I) hailed from Baltimore. They released an EP titled "Scraped Knuckles & Natty Boh's" and made a name for themselves at the Maryland scene with their Irish brand punk rock. In 2013 front man Shawn Callender moved to Los Angeles for a job in a music studio. Wherever he played the songs from that EP, his friends and acquaintances told him that they were a blast. So Shawn had to found new bandmates to re-record his material and The McNaughstys MK II were born.

The current line-up of The McNaughstys consists of Shan Callender (lead vocals, guitar), Max Gillespie (pipes, vocals), Troy Tucker (drums), Seth Hansen (fiddle, vocals) and Alexei Acosta (bass, vocals). The EP has 4 tracks and, after listening to them, one can’t wait for more. Two pipes standards have been included; however, this is not a full-album, but a first contact of the band with the LA Celtic punk audience. Besides, “Dundalk the Brave” is not exactly a “Scotland the Brave” cover, but a song with different lyrics based on the Scottish classic tune. If Green Day had decided to record a Celtic punk song  for their "Dookie" album, it would have sounded like The McNaughstysDundalk the Brave”.

On the next number the band shifts to the pirate punk end and they do it pretty well: "The Ship's Going Down". Track number 3, “Sheys Rebellion”,  is my favourite song on the EP, a kick-ass rocking number based on guitar and banjo.

The other standard on the EP is “Amazing Grace” and once again the song gets The McNaughstys brilliant treatment.

Regarding the packaging, The McNaughstys self-titled EP is delivered in a jewel case.

I recommend you to go to YouTube and watch The McNaughstys’ recent  live videos. Maybe the sound quality is not perfect, but you’ll see that this whiskey fueled bagpipes outfit kicks ass. Remember that most of The McNaughstys songs are available for free at Reverbnation, together with the lyrics for every single song. Grab a beer  (A Natty Boh if possible) and enjoy The McNaughstys EP.


1 - Dundalk the Brave 3:04
2 - The Ship's Going Down 2:30
3 - Sheys Rebellion 2:05
4 - Amazing Grace 3:05

Band's Soundcloud
Drummer's Soundcloud
Interview at Sound the Groove
Interview at PopVulture Entertainment

Send a PM to the band's Facebook account to buy the CD.

Review by Kinksmarkham

Friday, July 18, 2014


The Ceili Family were taped last June when they opened for The Roughneck Riot in Oberhausen (Germany).

Thanks to Minimax for recording the show and especially to Robin Hiermer a.k.a. Funkfuzzi for his kind permission to share this boot.

Please remember that The Ceili Family have recently released a two track digital single. It'd be rather nice if you could buy it. 

Click HERE to buy the single.

Salzer - Accordion, vocals
Robin - Guitar, vocals
Schröder - Guitar, mandolin, vocals
Whiskey Wiese - Bass
Matthi - Drums
Erik, der Wikinger - Fiddle


"Don't Eat Yellow Snow" (6 tracks, 2000)
"Tooraloo" (9 tracks, 2006)
"Tory Kings" (11 tracks, 2009)
"Keep Calm and Have a Ball with The Ceili Family" (2 track single, 2014)


Thursday, July 17, 2014


RATS (Riot at The Ship) hail from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and formed two years ago. Their virtual EP will be launched during 2 months till mid-August: 8 songs (4 originals and 4 covers), together with 2 videos. They have recently filmed the video for "Somos Nós".

These are tracks no. 1 and no. 2.



Kito Vilela - Guitar
Fernando Oliveira - Banjo
Bruno Pavio - Bass
Fernando Bastos - and vocals
Bernardo Machado Pança - Drums

RATS - Somos Nós

RATS - Bella Ciao


Download a brand new Roughneck Riot track for free!

Please share about and more importantly let them know what you think.

Also check out all the other local bands on there, s'a great free comp!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Robbing Vikes - 'We are "PIRATES" ' Minatomachi Records MMR-003
Release date: June 11th, 2014
Running time:16:00, 5 tracks

Japan has a vibrant Celtic/folk punk scene. Unfortunately, most of the bands break-up or, even if they are still alive, we don’t hear of them again. The only exception would be The Cherry Coke$, which are really a prolific band. We must feel happy now, since there is a new gem hailing from Japan: Robbing Vikes. These guys have just released a fecking brilliant EP whose sound is based on the mandolin, perfectly backed by the electric instruments and, sometimes, by the tin whistle. Although there are some Dropkick Murphys elements on some of their songs, Robbing Vikes are not the usual wannabe band. In fact, they are neither influenced by DKM, nor by Flogging Molly. And, to tell you the truth, this is a big compliment to them.

The Japanese pirates have recorded 5 self-penned top-notch songs.  On “Battle Field”, the opening track, the mandolin, tin whistle, guitar and gang vocals are really amazing. But the next song is even better, the fantastic “Captain Frogger”, where the guys give Flatfoot 56 a run for their money. I love the mandolin sound, similar to the songs that Asturian band The Cilvrnigans have released so far. Robbing Vikes don’t slow down in track no. 3, “Let’s Get Drunk”, which is a festive song that Paddy and The Rats fans will enjoy. The tin whistle is heard again on “Oretachi no utopia”. Finally, Robbing Vikes show us
on “Umi! Sake! Onna! Kurau!!! that they can become a sort of Japanese Bastards on Parade (without pipes, obviously) .

Robbing Vikes 'We are “PIRATES” ' EP is a great discovery. Try to grab a copy, since this will make the Top5 EPs of the year.


1 - Battle Field
2 - Captain Frogger
3 - Let's Get Drunk
4 - Oretachi no utopia
5 - Umi! Sake! Onna! Kurau!!!


Click to buy:

Amazon Japan
Diskunion Japan
HMV Japan
Tower Records Japan

Review by Kinksmarkham

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Drink Hunters are touring Europe from 16 to 29 July 2014. These are the dates that are confirmed so far. (Click on them to go to the Facebook event for further info)

Monday, July 14, 2014


Kilt the Messenger "Hero Punk" Self-released
Release date: March 13, 2014
Running time: 45:31, 12 tracks

Kilt the Messenger is a good name for a bagpipes punk band. However, the three guys and the two girls from Florida have evolved from “Celtic punk” to “Indie Punk with a lot of different instrumentation”. There are some straightforward Celtic punk numbers, but the 12 tracks from “Hero Punk” cover different genres.

Even if “Hero Punk” is not a concept album, front man and lyricist Bob Youhas feels that there is a theme all over the album: heroism. Bob has worked around 20 years as fireman and paramedic and therefore some of his experiences and/or thoughts are shown on his songwriting. “Waiting for the one” is about a woman who has had a mastectomy who meets on the dance floor a guy who has lost an arm in the war. “Roll On” is about a fireman who is carrying a woman down the stairwell of the World Trade Center. “Miserable Lifes” is about a small village whose citizens decide to fight rather than surrender to an invading army. And “Good to Go” is inspired by the attack to the US embassy in Benghazi in 2012 and the Navy Seals who helped rescue a lot of people.

As a bagpipes punk lover, my favourite songs are the opening number “Rotten Promises”, a kick-ass song with a martial Real McKenzies sound on the pipes; “Sadly Mistaken”, a top-notch song in the Farler’s Fury vein; “Miserable Lives”, an amazing number slightly reminiscent of The Black Tartan Clan sound because of the pipes, banjo and keyboards; “Hero Punk”, an interesting song featuring bagpipes too; and “Tithing Man”, with mandolin, keyboards and great backing vocals.

Apart from those songs, I‘d also pick up “Waiting for the One” with his R’n’R from the Fifties sound; “Long Goodbye”, a fast-paced song with an awesome guitar solo; and “Good to Go”, a song with a British folk rock twist à la Steeleye Span on which  Annie Padnuk viola can be heard.

Kilt the MessengerHero Punk” is a self-released album. The CD packaging is a black and white digipack including the lyrics to all of the songs and the full credits and liner notes. It's clearly stated that the the pipes tune in “Sadly Mistaken” is “The Crags of Tumbledown Mountain” by James Riddell and the pipes tune at the beginning of “Miserable Lives” is the traditional bagpipe tune “Wings”. All of the songs have been written by Bob Youhas and arranged by Kilt the Messenger. Congrats to Kilt the Messenger for this fantastic labour of love packaging.

Kilt the Messenger are not the only bagpipes rock band in Florida. But they don’t follow Seven Nation ad Rathkeltair’s footsteps, since Kilt the Messenger have created their own distinctive sound. Check them out!


01. Rotten Promises 4:54
02. Waiting for the One 4:08
03. Miserable Lives 3:51
04. Good to Go 3:20
05. Long Goodbye 3:17
06. Fall Away 3:16
07. Never Meant to Be 4:01
08. Tithing Man 4:06
09. Sadly Mistaken 2:59
10. Sayonara 3:33
11. Roll On 4:51
12. Hero Punk 2:52

Click to buy:


Review by Kinksmarkham

Saturday, July 12, 2014


The McNaughstys video for "Amazing Grace".

"OK, from the recording studio we took 4 cell phones and a DIY editing program and present to you OUR take on Amazing Grace!! Hell, god knows the Irish did more with less"

The McNaughstys - Amazing Grace

Friday, July 11, 2014




Levellers have announced the release of 'Greatest Hits' on 29th September 2014 via their own On The Fiddle Recordings label. Released three formats (CD/DVD/DIGITAL), all versions include every Levellers singles & video released over the last 25 years (of which 20 were chart hits), together for the first time.

From the folk punk roots of "Carry Me", through the anthemic "One Way", "Fifteen Years", "Hope Street", "Just The One" and smash hit "Beautiful Day", to more recent tracks such as "Truth Is" and "Cholera Well", after more than 25 years together as band, the Levellers' mix of scathing political comment and positive DIY attitude to life hasn't dissipated with age.


Most exciting of all, the Greatest Hits album also features 4 brand new recordings of the Levellers collaborating with contemporary artists to rework some of their classic material. Imelda May is the queen of all time on 'Beautiful Day' (which will be formally released as a single). Bellowhead take on 'Just The One' and the legendary Billy Bragg performs 'Hope Street'. Finally, Frank Turner breathes new life into 'Julie', one of his very favourite songs whilst growing up, bringing us back full circle for another generation of the disenfranchised to discover the Levellers for the first time.

To celebrate the release of Greatest Hits, Levellers will embark on a European wide Greatest Hits tour In October and November performing some of these songs for the first time in many years with special guests The Selecter on all UK dates plus solo multi-instrumentalist Laura Kidd aka She Makes War.

Influential and platinum-selling 2-Tone veterans The Selecter returned in 2011 fronted by the original singing duo of the female icon of the 2-tone era Pauline Black and Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson. The dynamic and impeccable duo take centre stage in what is arguably the band’s best line-up since the original one. Their debut album Too Much Pressure, featuring the hit 'On My Radio', remains a classic touchstone for a generation of ska lovers and they will perform it in its entirety at the shows.

As well as the Greatest Hits release and huge tour this year for Levellers, a film about their rise to fame in the 1990's 'A Curious Life' had its premiere in June 2014. Told through the unique perspective of Jeremy Cunningham, the band’s bass player and artist, and directed by former Chumbawamba frontman Dunstan Bruce, the film focuses on the Levellers phenomenal success between 1988 and 1998 before they disappeared for a time in a train wreck of drink, drugs and creative drought. However, despite reaching their lowest ebb, the band never split up and after a few years in the wilderness they re-invented themselves as a self-managing collective with their own studio, label and Beautiful Days festival and in the process became unexpected survivors of the UK's famously fickle music industry.


Featuring The Selecter & She Is War on all UK dates

29 Oct FOLKESTONE Leas Cliff Hall
11 Nov NOTTINGHAM Rock City
12 Nov BRISTOL o2 Academy
13 Nov LONDON o2 Shepherds Bush Empire
14 Nov BIRMINGHAM o2 Academy
16 Nov PORTSMOUTH Guildhall
18 Nov WREXHAM William Aston Hall
19 Nov NEWCASTLE o2 Academy
20 Nov SHEFFIELD o2 Academy
22 Nov MANCHESTER Academy

On sale Friday 04 July 2014 via

Thursday, July 10, 2014


"The Staggering Cardoons , Irish/Appalachian Rock with influences of punk and alt country.

The Staggering Cardoons got their beginning in the late months of summer and early fall of 2008 while several of the members were just hangin out and playing music on various decks throughout Morgantown, West Virginia. Erik Rieder, Mike Brown, Nathan Justice(former member) and Mike Crawford(former member) formed the band originally started the group when they looked to their friend Chris Herrington to step in and tryout his vocals and ended up being exactly what they needed. Not long after Brown missed several practices due to work and Chris's room mate John asked to sit in on bass and immediatly meshed with the group. Mike who was playing bass at the time moved to guitar and mandolin which eventually would become full time mandolin. After several years and multitudes of lineup changes including Sara Rieder-Bennett (Erik's sister/accordion) Nick Sickles(fiddle) and several drummers they found the guys that would complete their sound in Drummer Greg Lowley and accordion player Matt Godwin. The two have been with the band  since their first show which just happened to be the 2011 Staggerfest. The band recorded their first album late 2008 and released it in April of 2009 named "ThunderMug" and as mentioned before throw a local music festival called Staggerfest since 2010."



Erik Rieder - Guitar, vocals
Mike Brown - Mandolin
John Lynch - Bass, vocals
Chris Herrington - Vocals
Jeremy Baker - Drums
Matt Godwin - Accordion, tin Whistle


The Staggering Cardoons Live at Staggerfest IV, July 13,2013

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


"Stone Clover was founded in 2009 by singer/songwriter Pauly Brady who grew up in the Irish music community in Detroit. A veteran of Irish and Rock bands in the city, Pauly plays guitar and sings and has surrounded himself with Taylor Izak on the fiddle, Matthew Flannery on mandolin and vocals, Ian Dixon on bass and vocals, and Marc Williams on drums. Since the group's formation they've become a staple in the Detroit Irish music community. They have created a die hard following of all ages, from 2 to 80 (no really, kids love them). They create infectious originals and put their high energy spin on traditional songs. All this adds up to an extremely fun-filled live show.

Stone Clover has released two albums. Their debut album, "Green Side Up", features a variety of traditional songs that have been given a bit of a kick, and one original song: "One More Beer". Their sophomore release, "Sloppy Drunk Live", is predominantly original material and was recorded live in front of a studio audience at Groovebox Studios in Detroit. They are currently hard at work putting together their next album, which will feature all original material and they anticipate will debut in Fall of 2014."



Pauly Brady - vocals, guitar
Matthew Flannery - mandolin, accordion, banjo, vocals
Taylor "Tails" Izak - fiddle
Ian Dixon - bass, vocals
Marc Williams - Drums


"Green Side Up" (10 tracks, 2012)

1 Lord of the Dance 1:47
2 Foggy Dew 3:46
3 Orange and the Green 3:07
4 Hills of Connemara 1:50
5 Star of the Country Down 1:55
6 Wild Rover 2:54
7 Whiskey in the Jar 3:22
8 Rattlin Dog 6:43
9 Waxes Dargle/ Harvest Home 2:32
10 One More Beer 2:40

"Sloppy Drunk Live" (8 tracks, 2013)

1 John Ryan's Polka     1:47
2 Beer Is The Answer     2:19
3 One More Beer     3:01
4 Waxie's Dargle     2:54
5 We're Drunk     3:12
6 Awesome     2:54
7 Ye Jacobites By Name (Demo)     3:12
8 I Like Me (Demo)     2:21

Click to buy:

"Green Side Up"
"Sloppy Drunk Live"
"Awesome/Beer is the Answer 7 inch"

Stone Clover from Groovebox Studios on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

REVIEW - CELKILT "On the Table" (2014)

Celkilt "On the Table" Celkilt04/1
Release date: June 6, 2014
Running time: 32:18, 9 tracks

Celkilt fans must be happy. The prolific French band  is back again with their 4th work, the 9 track album “On the Table”. Following the band’s comments on their website,  this fourth CD shows all of their influences and they have added new Celtic lands to their repertoire. After having given some spins to the new album, it’s clear that the four guys and one girl have moved from their previous album direction.

Three amazing tracks can be filed under Celkilt’s “classic” sound: the opening number “We Never Try”, with bagpipes, fiddle, backing vocals and a pop-punk attitude à la Sum 41; the following song, “Enough about Me”, with Scottish Celtic pop echoes, whistles instead of bagpipes, and an epic end; and, finally, the fast paced track number 7, “To Be The One”.

Celkilt have always proved to write kick-ass sets of tunes and “G-Grill” meets the expectations. I wish that they have recorded another one, since the other instrumental on the album is not so fast.

On track no. 3, the sing-along “On the table”, Celkilt visit Brittany and the result is quite good. This first stop on their new Pan-Celtic voyage is a real success. Regarding other Celtic lands, some numbers have a Galician twist. I wouldn’t say that they are 100% Galician infused compositions, but Carlos Nuñez influenced songs to be more accurate. The Galician piper's shadow can be felt on the closing number, the set of tunes “Hellobye”, and the previous song, “My Dirty Mazurca”. That song is a lot of fun, even if the lyrics are a little bit “dégeulasse” (a French word for nasty).

Finally, tracks no. 4, “Going Down”, and track no. 5, “The Only Road”, are two separate songs that are linked by the chorus. I have not enjoyed the former, a sort of an ethereal Celtic pop. However, the latter is an interesting number that goes from an acoustic guitar beginning to other passages featuring whistles, fiddle, bodhrán and bagpipes.

If you think that Celkilt are creative musicians, then note that they also want their fans to be creative. The album sleeve is white, but the CD is delivered together with some pencils. Therefore, every single fan can create his own artwork

Celkilt got the French Celtic rock throne when they released their first EP. After having enjoyed their fourth CD, I’m sure that they are not threatened, since they have been able to put together quality, musicianship and fun once again. Nevertheless, I’d appreciate very much if the next time they could jump from the 9 track/30 minute  CD format to the 12 track/40 minute CD format. 


1 - We Never Try 2:11
2 - Enought About Me 4:10
3 - On The Table 3:52
4 - Going Down 1:56
5 - The Only Road 4:32
6 - G-Grill 4:45
7 - To Be The One 3:13
8 - My Dirty Mazurka 3:56
9 - HelloBye 3:43

Click to buy

Band's Store

Review by Kinksmarkham

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Beer for Breakfast is a Greek band playing Celtic music from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Asturias, Galicia ... 

They were formed in Ioannina, Greece in 2013 and their set includes traditional and modern songs/tunes from those regions.



Achilles Frestas - Vocals, guitar
Theodore Alex -  Guitar, vocals
Julia Makou - Fiddle
Marianna Katopi -  Harp, bouzouki
Vangelis Boulouchtsis - Bass
Costas Glinavos -  Drums

Beer for Breakfast - Reel Beatrice (live)

Beer for Breakfat - March of the Settlers (live)

More videos HERE

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