The Dread  Crew of Oddwood are a fantastic pirate/Celtic/folk metal band from San Diego. They have recently released their second album "Lawful Evil" that can be bought from Bandcamp or from their website (links at the bottom). This album will be one of the featured CDs next weekend on Celtic-Folk-Punk Radio.

"By infusing the raw energy of heavy metal with Celtic folk music, The Dread Crew of Oddwood’s Heavy Mahogany style has carved a distinct and popular niche in the heavy metal community. They riff and shred on the accordion, mandolin, bouzouki, tin whistle, toy piano, acoustic guitar, upright bass, and “Oddkit”, while weaving grandiose tales of comrades lost, bloody sieges, drunken debauchery, zombies, airships, and time travel! The Dread Crew of Oddwood recently finished recording their latest acoustic monstrosity ‘Lawful Evil’ which was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter and was released on March 25th 2016."



Captain Wolfbeard O'Brady - Accordion, whistles, vocals
Quartermaster Stark Cordwain - Irish bouzouki, whistles, vocals
First Mate Riven Rahl - Toy piano, vocals
Bosun Deckard Cordwain - Mandolin, ukulele, vocals
Legendary Pirate King Eric "the" Brown - the oddkit, vocals
Navigator Smithy Crow - Bass, orchestral strings, vocals


"Reign the Helm" (8 tracks, 2009)
"Rocktopus" (13 tracks, 2010)
"Heavy Mahogany" (15 tracks, 2012)
"Lawful Evil" (14 tracks, 2016)

Click to buy:

Band's store

These are two official videos from the new album:

The Barefoot Sailors "Davy Jones' Locker" EP
Release date: April 20th, 2016
Running time: 6:39, 3 tracks

Another gem from Canada, this time from Bay of Quinte (Ontario). I came across The Barefoot Sailors last year, when the title track from this EP was available for free on Bandcamp and I loved them straightaway. Now they have finally released their 3 track EP on vinyl and, definitely, I need a bigger dose.

The Barefoot Sailors began as a side project of Dan, who was the lead singer and bass player for the punk band The Dead Sparrows. He recorded a 7 track demo under the moniker The Barefoot Sailor two years ago (available HERE ) and some friends added fiddle and accordion. The Dead Sparrows called it quits and Dan (vocals, guitar), together with band mate Buggi (guitar player for The Dead Sparrows and mandolinist on the new project), Stef B (bass) and Steve B (drums), re-activated his former solo project adding the final S to the name.

The EP kicks-off with the titled track, “Davy Jones’s Locker”. I daresay that this catchy fast-paced song is a mandolin driven number with a The Queers pop-punk twist. Pirate pop-punk? Yes, excellent pirate pop-punk.

The next song is a re-recording of “No Freedom in Country (A Love Song)”, whose original version can be found on the 7 track demo. Kick-ass number to sing-along, a sort of a The Bay Street Bastards (celtic punk from Thunder Bay, Ontario) meet Gimp Fist (street punk from the North Esat of England) song.

The EP is over with “Marijuana and the Stars”, a classic R’n’R infused number with a Whiskey Wagon approach.

As it has been mentioned at the top, “Davy Jones’ Locker” was originally released as a very limited 7inch vinyl available in premium packaging and hand numbered (only 20 available 20 CAD a piece) that obviously sold out immediately. The amazing artwork was made by Tim Snyder, Sean Pappa D Doyle recorded the songs at Pappa D’s Studio in Prince Edward County and Jef Vandertogt  mixed it. The digital version can be purchased from Bandcamp. By the way, all the lyrics to the songs are on Bandcamp too.

The Barefoot SailorsDavy Jones’ Locker”: “It's as if punk, folk, celtic, and bluegrass threw up, and all that was left was a mass of dead pirates in the Bay of Quinte. You know, Sail Punk.” Enough said. Brilliant!


1. Davy Jones' Locker 01:59
2. No Freedom In Country (A Love Song) 02:01
3. Marijuana and the Stars 02:34


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Review by Kinksmarkham
A couple of videos featuring songs from Ruckus Deluxe third album "Crashing the Gate".

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Ruckus Deluxe - Long Lost and Gone

Fox'n'Firkin "No Vacancy" Folk Til Ya Punk Records FTYP003
Release date. April 1st, 2016
Running time: 33:05, 10 tracks

After a couple of EPs and a single, the band from Brisbane Fox’n’Firkin has finally released their debut album “No Vacancy”. The CD is also the third album released by the label Folk’Til Ya Punk. Fox’n’Firkin are Adrian Kay (vocals, mandolin, banjo), Andrew Boyle (vocals, guitar), Leigh Mitchell (bass, vocals) and Robbie Fraser (drums, vocals). They can be defined as the Aussie Roughneck Riot. Yes, I know that the English band has an accordionist, a banjo player and a mandolin player, but Fox’n’Firkin have a member playing mandolin or banjo and have no accordionist. However, I feel that their musical approach is similar. Both bands are really appreciated by the Celtic punk community, but little by little they are following their own folk punk path and moving away from the standard Celtic punk approach. And their lyrics always deal with social issues (in this case "the treatment of indigenous populations, environmental degradation and asylum seeker policy")

No Vacancy” kicks off with “Drink the Lot”, a mandolin driven song showcasing a tight rhythm section and a great chorus.

Track no. 2 is called “My Country’s Shame”. It’s faster than the previous number, with a metal twist.

The next song is the titled track, “No Vacancy” and it’s a ska punk number. It’s followed by “Long Road from Hell”, a personal fave featuring kick-ass banjo and amazing guitar work.

Fox’n’Firkin cover “El condor pasa” on the next track. Their rendition is based on the Simon and Garfunkel version and they have rearranged the lyrics. I think that it’s the second time that a folk-punk band covers a Simon and Garfunkel, since the German band Across the Border covered “The Boxer” on one of their EPs. Some bands have covered “Scarborough Fair”, another traditional number recorded by Simon and Garfunkel, but I’m not sure if they were inspired by their version. Fox’n’Firkin play “El condor pasa” in the Lexington Field vein.

Another album highlight, “Days Long Gone”. A mandolin led song with the band’s classic sound and more electric guitar.

The Violent Majority” has a cow punk twist, thanks to the banjo and the woah background vocals.

Bastard Brigade” gets a pirate punk treatment with lots of hey ho, mandolin and guitar while “Too Hip 4zzz” is a top-notch punk pop infused number.

Finally, “Burn the Rich” is the “different” song on the album due to its sound.

No Vacancy” has been produced by Fox’n’Firkin and Greg Arnott, engineered and mixed by Greg Arnott and mastered by Steve Smart. Additional mixing was done by Michael Buckland and Andrew Polzin. The artwork was made by Will Powell and the graphic design by Leigh Mitchell.

Tasmanian labed Folk‘Til Ya Punk has just started, but the albums that they have issued so far are helping to develop a new folk punk scene in Australia. Congrats to Folk’Til Ya Punk and Fox’n’Firkin for “No Vacancy”.


01. Drink The Lot 03:29   
02. My Country's Shame 02:39   
03. No Vacancy 03:26   
04. Long Road From Hell 04:10   
05. El Condor Pasa (If I Could) 03:00   
06. Days Long Gone 02:43   
07. The Violent Majority 03:22   
08. Bastard Brigade 02:48
09. Too Hip 4ZZZ 02:09
10. Burn The Rich 04:55

Triple J Unearthed


Click to buy:

Folk til Ya Punk Store (click on the album cover)

Review by Kinksmarkham

Our friend Vladimir Andreevich is doing a great job supporting the Celtic punk scene in the ex-USSR countries. BCË Crazy is a band from Belarus that covered one The Pogues songs on the Tribute album that Alexander released last St.Patrick's Day.

The guys from London Celtic Punks have recently reviewed this BCË Crazy album, "Po Moryam" (check out their review HERE) and now the album is available at Bandcamp.

If you have tuned to Celtic Folk Punk Radio last weekend, then you have listened to some songs from this album.


Bandcamp (Name Your Price)

Pirates of the Pubs "Drunken Forever" Self-released
Release date: March 17, 2016
Running time: 33:04, 13 tracks

The Czech Republic has a burgeoning Celtic punk scene. Most of the Celtic punk fans will name immediately bands such as Pipes and Pints, Benjaming’s Clan or Cheers!. Apart from them, we have come across a bunch of amazing bands in the last years: Curlies, Vintage Wine, Five Leaf Clover and Pirates of the Pubs.

Pirates of the Pubs hail from České Budějovice in the Czech region of Bohemia, a city famous for their local beer Budweiser Budvar. They are Baruška aka Barča (lead vocals, fiddle, tin whistle), Skippy (lead vocals, mandolin), knuP (electric guitar, ukulele), Rimmsie (bass, background vocals), Adam L’Kroh (acoustic guitar, background vocals), Matěj aka Doktor Zicherheitz (accordion, background vocals) and Jirka (drums).

Drunken Forever” starts with “(Pirates) …. Are coming” a Celtic punk intro sung in English showcasing mandolin, fiddle and yohoho screams.

The next track is sung in their mother tongue: “Vítejte na palubě”,  a fast-paced song featuring fiddle and accordion with a chorus that reminds me of Skontra.

Jolly Roger” is a pirate number sung by Skippy too. The rhythm section and the electric guitar back perfectly the accordion and the fiddle on this song with an infectious chorus to sing along.

Track no. 4 is titled “Irish Music Heart” and it’s the first song on the album that is sung by fiddler Barča. As usual, a lively song with a well balanced mix between electric and acoustic instruments.

Skippy sings again on “Stupid Drinking Song”. Barča plays tin whistle on this number showcasing la la la chorus.

Another song about the band, “Pirates of the Pubs”. The song begins acoustically but soon burst into a fast-paced Celtic punk number. Barča sings lead vocals.

Tell Me Ma” is a song that has been over-exposed. Anyway, Pirates of the Pubs deliver an interesting rendition sung by Barča. At the beginning, they use the lyric “She’s the belle of Dublin city” instead of the usual “She’s the belle of Belfast city”. As the Orthodox Celts and The Rumjacks did on their covers, Pirates of the Pubs finally mention their home town at the end of the song: “She’s the belle of Budweis city”.

The following track, “Bohemian”,  is a proud a cappella song about their region, where Barča sings lead vocals and the boys sing the backing vocals.

Track no. 9 is called “Na vlnách naděje” and obviously is sung in Czech by Skippy. It’s a kick-ass fast-paced Celtic punk anthemwhich is followed by another song in Czech based on the “Star of the County Down” tune: "Vlci". The arrangements are top-notch and all the band members do a great job.

More songs about the band: “Budweis Pirates Clan”. Gang vocals and brilliant accordion by Doktor Zicherheitz.

Pirates of the Pubs move to the rebel songs territory with “The Wind that Shakes the Barley”, a self-penned song that fits perfectly well to  the 100 anniversary of the Easter rising. The first part has an Irish Stew of Sindidun twist and
Barča plays tin whistle instead of fiddle on this number.
To finish up, Barča sings a quieter song called “The Boy from Copenhaguen” backed by the acoustic guitar.

Drunken Forever” is packed in a digipack that comes with a 16 page booklet where all the lyrics to the songs and a lot of pics are included. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Hellsound studio and the artwork was made by knuP. Several bands are thanked too, among them Vintage Wine, Hakka Muggies and Cheers!.

Pirates of the PubsDrunken Forever” is an impressive debut album with a great production and a fantastic sound. “The Legendary Irish Punk Band”, as they called themselves on the CD tray, has recorded 13 different songs and only two standards. And the packaging is a labour of love too. I’m looking forward to listening to their sophomore album. Hats-off !


01 - ...Are Coming 1:07
02 - Vítejte Na Palube 2:15
03 - Jolly Roger 2:08
04 - Irish Music Heart 2:24
05 - Stupid Drinking Song 2:44
06 - Pirates of the Pubs - 3:13
07 - Tell Me ma 2:00
08 - Bohemian 2:39
09 - Na Vlnách Nadeje 2:09
10 - Vlci 3:45
11 - Budweis Pirates Clan 2:58
12 - The Wind That Shakes The Barley 3:15
13 - Boy From Copenhagen 1:59


Contact the band to buy the CD:
Review by Kinksmarkham
Bodh'aktan video for "Besoin d'air", off their self-titled third album.

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Bodh'aktan - Besoin d'air

Sons of O'Flaherty, the band from Brittany, has put together their latest songs on Bandcamp (The videos were already posted here). The 3 songs are a Name Your Price download, so it'd be great if you could pay something.



Alternative Ulster "Rebellion!"Poe Records POE 076
Release date: February 15th, 2016
Running time: 48:55, 16 tracks

Shite’n’Onions has been the main inspiration for Celtic Folk Punk and More. John Murphy began to spread the word in 2001 and a lot of people in the scene (musicians, reviewers and podcasters) have strong ties with the ORIGINAL Celtic Punk e-zine. Although Shite’n’Onions is currently not so active as other e-zines, John Murphy keeps on supporting the scene and from time to time he introduces some brilliant bands to us. His latest discovery is Alternative Ulster, a bagpipe punk band from Ulster County, NY.

Alternative Ulster are Michael X. Rose (vocals, bass, extra guitars), Sean Mag Shamhrain (warpipes, vocals), Eric Pomarico (drums, vocals) and Dan Carey (vocals, bodhrán, guitar). "Rebellion!" is their debut album, a well-balanced mix of self-penned songs and punk and Celtic covers. Former member Gerard McCluskey played second rhythm guitar on all tracks except “The British Are Burning Kingston”.  The album has been produced and mixed by Michael X. Rose (who also created the artwork) and even if the sound is unpolished (sometimes a little bit “dirty”), the pipes can be clearly heard on every song. And that’s something that I really appreciate, since some producers tend to put down the volume of the pipes and forget that the listeners want to hear the pipes. Michael is a member of the band and then he knows how they want to sound.

The first song is “Riot in the Rondout” ("the waterfront area notorious for street brawls”) and it has a Ramones twist.

The next track is titled “Irish Wake”, a streetpunk number with Hey shouts. It’s followed by “Ten Guns for Kingston”, an oi! infused song.

Track no. 4, “Jenny Metals”, reminds me of the Breton band Black Label Zone earlier stuff. Lots of shouts (another band’s stamp) and a second bagpipe played by Josie Rose can be heard on this traditional tune.

Seventeen” aka “I’m a Lazy Sod” is a Sex Pistols cover. Mr. Irish Bastard covered the full Sex Pistols debut album, but I think that this is the first time that a bagpipes punk band covers the Sex Pistols.

Bannerman Island Ghost Wench” has a pipes band twist. Great pipes theme. “Mary McCarthy” is slightly different, since it features tin whistle by guest Scott Benson.

Ulster County Break” gets a Sham69 treatment and “Highland Cathedral” is full of yeehas and screams, together with a military snare played by guest Duke Bunce. Imagine a pipes band turning into a punk rock band and you get the picture.

Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail" features a tight rhythm section and a chorus to sing along. The Ramones classic song “Blitzkrieg Bop” is improved by the addition of a well-known pipes tune, “Itchy Fingers”. The next song, “The British Are Burning Kingston” is a self-penned song too that “recalls October 17 of 1777 when the British put Kingston, NY to the torch”. Another pipes tune is also added, “The Atholl Highlanders”.

Track no. 13 is a pipes rendition of Dougie MacLean’s “The Gael”. Obviously it differs from the fiddle led renditions by the likes of Firkin and Lexington Field. Duke Bunce guests on this number too on military snare. The pipes band from track no. 9 drank too much Guinness and Jamesons while they were listening to The PoguesWildcats of Kilkenny” and “Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go”, then they took their instruments and the final result was this version of “The Gael”. Bloody brilliant!!!

The next song is another cover: “If the Kids Are United”, a song that was previously by Black Tartan Clan on their second album (BTW, they also covered “Highland Cathedral”). A traditional tune and some claps have been added to this kick-ass rendition.

The Ghost Piper” is the last original song on the album. The music is based on a traditional tune too.

The closing number is a Black Sabbath cover, “Supernaut”, where the guys show their Celtic rock/bagpipes rock edge.

Rebellion!” is housed in a jewel case. The band’s line-up, guests, acknowledgements and studio credits are all stated on the inlay card. The song credits are mentioned on the track list, together with some band’s pics. The front cover celebrates the Irish Easter Rising of 1916.

Alternative UlsterRebellion!” is a must have for any bagpipes punk fan. If you think that you’ve heard any possible approach of bagpipes punk, you are wrong. Get this album and you’ll agree with me that these guys have their own identity.

Shite'n'Onions album review can be found HERE and London Celtic Punks album review HERE.


01. Riot in the Rondout 02:19
02. Irish Wake 02:05   
03. Ten Guns For Kingston 02:56   
04. Jenny Metals 02:45   
05. Seventeen 01:47   
06. Bannerman Island Ghost Wench 03:46   
07. Mary McCarthy 02:05   
08. Ulster County Jailbreak 03:58   
09. Highland Cathedral 02:55
10. Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail 03:34
11. Blitzkrieg Bop 02:35   
12. The British are Burning Kingston 02:04   
13. The Gael 04:24   
14. If the Kids are United 03:46
15. The Ghost Piper 03:25
16. Supernaut 04:25


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Review by Kinksmarkham

Three Established and experienced musicians have been touring and gigging for the past 25 years with a number of well known and respected covers bands, both here in the UK and worldwide. But they all felt that one day they would all return to their Celtic roots!

That day has come.

After linking up with a professional drummer who has strong Celtic connections and a professional Violinist, they have also enlisted the talent & expertise of some of Ireland & London's finest traditional Irish musicians.

Fusing together all their musical experiences & influences ranging from, Rock, Country, Punk, Classical and of course traditional Irish. They have created a unique style of original Celtic Rock and an unmistakable sound that is brought to you with Celtic pride, passion, commitment and respect for our traditional roots.



Billy Mac - vocals
Denis Dowling - electric guitar
Silvia Crastan - violin
Jim Filgate - banjo
Alistair McCaig - bass
Grant Wildy - drums
John - uileann pipes

About the video:  Like all good Celts we like to tell stories so here's the story of our first song that we want to share with you.

The song is called 'Please Don't Send Me Home' and is written around the story of the infamous 'Monday Club' i.e. the lads and lasses who are just having so much great craic in the pub over the weekend that they just carry on through Monday and don't go to work lol! When you hear the song and see the video we hope you will enjoy it and follow the storyline. We had a great time making this video and can't wait to share it with you, we hope you enjoy it. Sláinte!

Clan of the Celts - Please Don't Send Me Home

Ruckus Deluxe "Crashing the gate"
Release date: February 16, 2016
Running time: 36:00, 10 tracks

Celtic Folk Punk and More has been looking for hidden gems for the last 7 years. And one of our fave places to find new interesting bands is Canada. During the last  years we have discovered the likes of Whiskey Wagon, Craic the Lens, The Fourth Well or River Jacks. Maybe they don’t belong to the straightforward Celtic punk /Celtic rock world, but given that we’re called Celtic Folk Punk AND MORE, there is always enough place for them at our e-zine.

The latest Canadian band that I’ve recently come across is Ruckus Deluxe. They are Cirque du Soleil lead singer Chad Oliver on acoustic guitar and Grammy® nominated violinist Ian Cameron on fiddle, electric guitar and mandolin.

As they have told me “We are based out of Whistler BC Canada, we are playing a style of music that's not really Celtic, not really country, not really folk, just a hybrid of each. We are kind of calling it "Cel-try", as much as we love bands like Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys etc...we could never seem to make it sound the same (as much as we tried) It turns out Merle Haggard and John Fogerty influenced us as well.

Crashing the Gate” is Ruckus de Luxe third album. What can I say? This album is a killer! You won’t find the usual pub standards among the 10 songs, but the Celtic spirit is stuck to the bone. The album kicks off with “Dragging Me Back Home”, a top-notch song with a Paperboys twist showcasing Ian’s fiddling.

Track no. 2 is titled “12 Pubs” and together with the previous number is one of my top5 songs on the album. Once again, the song features an infectious fiddle and great lead vocals by Chad. Celtic pop at its best.

On the mandolin driven “Who You Supposed to Be”, Ruckus de Luxe moves to the country territory. And they do it pretty well.

The Line in the Sand” reminds me of The Hooters. The mandolin tune has a traditional feeling that Celtic fans will love.

Drunk Most of the Time” is another standout and I’d file it together with The Swinish Multitude stuff. Kick-ass song.

It’s Over” is catchy as hell, probably the best song on the album and a perfect song to sing along and dance. Just listen to the fiddle tune towards the end. Wonderful!!!

Track no. 7 is called “The Long Way Round”. The boys come back to the country territory with that addictive mandolin sound. It’s followed by “Strolling Around the World” another mandolin led song where Chad shines on lead vocals.

Stumbling Home at Dawn” also rivals with The Paperboys and “Long Lost and Gone” is a live take of a country song. In fact, the guys have told me “We road tested these songs in front of live audiences before we recorded them. If it did not make people dance, or clap along in a live situation, it did not make the record.

Do you like The Clumsy Lovers, The Paperboys or The Elders? Then you should grab a copy of Ruckus DeluxeCrashing the Gate” straightaway. I’m sure that sooner or later these guys will be nominated for some Juno Awards. They deserve it.


01. Dragging Me Back Home 03:36
02. 12 Pubs 03:40   
03. Who You Supposed To Be 03:00   
04. The Line In The Sand 03:38   
05. Drunk Most Of The Time 03:56   
06. It's Over 03:32   
07. The Long Way Round 03:02   
08. Strolling Around The World 03:14   
09. Stumbling Home At Dawn 04:14   
10. Long Lost And Gone (Live) 03:46


Click to buy:


Review by Kinksmarkham


The Dead Maggies release new single 'Tommy Pieman' with a new film clip which can be best described as pie-porn.

"There are so many graphic scenes of band members stuffing their faces with pies that I think I was in a mild state of disbelief whilst shooting. Only now that I've seen it edited can I fully appreciate the flesh in mouth, beard and nose beauty of it" says cinematographer Josh Troy.

'Tommy Pieman' is the third single to be released from The Dead Maggies' recent album 'Well Hanged'. 

'Tommy Pieman' follows the story of Thomas Kent, a convict that escaped from Sarah Island and had the Pieman River named after him, that being the place of his recapture. Thomas Kent was sentenced to transportation to Tasmania after using human flesh in his bakery in Southampton. The Dead Maggies have brought this story, and many other stories of Tasmania's oppressive past to life through 'Well Hanged'.

Check out the film clip below.

The Dead Maggies are currently touring around Australia, with gigs in QLD, VIC and TAS this April:

Thurs 14th - Pub Paradise, Macleay Island, QLD
Fri 15th - Currumbin Creek Tavern, Gold Coast, QLD
Sat 16th - Beetle Bar, Brisbane, QLD
Sun 17th - Lefty's Old Time Music Hall, Brisbane, QLD
Fri 22nd - The Barwon Club, Geelong, VIC
Sat 23rd - The Waterfront Hotel, San Remo, VIC
Sun 24th - The Tote, Collingwood, Melbourne, VIC (arvo show)
Sun 24th - Whole Lotta Love, Brunswick, Melbourne, VIC (evening show)
Fri 29th - The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart, TAS
Sat 30th - Fresh on Charles, Launceston, TAS

The Dead Maggies - Tommy Pieman

To the Last Drop "Shipwreck" Self-released
Release date: March 17, 2016
Running time: 35:41, 10 tracks

Bagpipes melodic punk is little by little building a niche in the European (Celtic) punk scene. The likes of Scotch (Austria), Curlies (Czech Republic) and To the Last Drop (France) are young bands blending pipes and punk whose songs are appealing to both punk and Celtic punk audiences.

To the Last Drop was the first band that caught our attention. Their kick-ass 4 track demo was reviewed here in 2012. Later, the guys from Paris chose Celtic Folk Punk and More to premier in 2015 the first song from their debut album. Although they told me that the full album wouldn’t be available immediately, I’ve been eagerly waiting for “Shipwreck”. Fortunately, the wait has been worth it. “Shipwreck” is a badass album.

Shipwreck” consists of 10 original songs, 7 brand new tracks and 3 re-recorded versions of songs from their previous work. “The Battle” opens the album. This anthemic number showcases the band’s stamp: infectious chorus, great backing vocals, a tight rhythm section, a perfect balance between pipes and electric guitar and lyrics with a Scottish feel.

The following number is “Sword of Skye”, the song that was advanced last year. To the Last Drop take a well-known bagpipe air and give it a melodic punk treatment. Once again, the lyrics show the band’s love to Scotland.

Track no. 3 is an outstanding number. “C.U.N.T.” tells the story of any To the Last Drop gig: “Put your fist in the air / Raise your glass and sing loud / Tonight is our night and we have to be proud …”. This song is a real call to arms, a brilliant bagpipes punk number.

Boston Libert Party” moves to a different territory. I dare say that To The Last Drop are normally more The Real McKenzies than Dropkick Murphys. But on this particular number they pay tribute to Boston’s finest. Sally MacLennane (The Pogues song) and Dropkick Murphys are mentioned and the approach is classic DKM: whiskey fueled bagpipes, a chorus to sing along at the pub and addictive backing vocals. “Boston is not in New England, Boston is the new Ireland”.  Enuff said.

The first song from the demo CD that can be found on “Shipwreck” is “Red Widow”. A catchy song with an excellent chorus “Hurry up, hurry up your skin and bones / Do everything you want to do / Say everything you want to say / And I’ll just walk away …

I’d like to find another words for track no. 6, “Wait for a Minute”, but it’s not easy. All of the band’s songs are catchy and the chorus invite you to sing along.  And this bagpipes melodic punk song is not an exception.

Track no. 7 is another song from the demo, the classic anthem “Lost in the Highlands”. Fantastic bagpipes punk song with a hip hop part at the end. If I were a member of a Celtic punk band, this one would be a song that I would cover.

Once again, To the Last Drop deliver a Dropkick Murphys influenced number, “Golden River of Whisky”, a song featuring guest Nicolas on accordion.

Everywhere I Go” is not an Oysterband cover, but an excellent self-penned song with a country twist, totally different from the rest of the album. It’s not out of place; quite the contrary, it adds something special to the album.

To finish up, To the Last Drop give a new lease of life to their “business card”, the top-notch song “We’ve Got a Band”.

To the Last DropShipwreck” is housed in a digipack. An 8 page booklet includes the lyrics to all of the songs. The album was recorded by To The Last Drop and mixed and mastered by Ilan Benitah. Several friends added their instruments to some of the songs: Clem (additional guitar), Flave (Irish bouzouki), Ruy (violin), Nicolas (accordion) and Anaïs (cello).

The album can be purchased from Bandcamp, both CD and digital versions are available. Let me insist on the fact that you should buy the digipack CD. There is no excuse, these guys are at the front of the European bagpipes punk scene, they sing in English and they provide you with the lyrics to sing along. IMHO, Shipwreck” is a must have for any (Celtic) punk fan.


01. The Battle 04:29   
02. Sword of Skye 02:41   
03. C.U.N.T. 05:04   
04. Boston Liberty Party 03:59   
05. Red Widow 03:26   
06. Wait for a Minute 03:34   
07. Lost in the Highlands 03:36   
08. Golden River of Whisky 02:28   
09. Everywhere I Go 02:59   
10. We've Got a Band 03:03


Click to buy:


Review by Kinksmarkham
Medusa's Wake are a Sydney based Celtic Rock/Folk playing energetic & uptempo songs songs about 'fightin, drinking, loving & death'. Their seven track demo recorded at Zen Studio in Janunary 2016 is available at Bandcamp (Name Your Price)

All the songs are already being played on Celtic Folk Punk Radio.


Eddie - Vocals, mandolin
Frank - Vocals, guitar, banjo, harmonica
Brett - Bass
John - Guitar, vocals
Ronnie - The Drums



Official video for "Northwest Passage", off Mosche di Velluto Grigio upcoming album "Old School". The video has already been added to our YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe!

Excellent music keeps on coming from Brazil. Matte Na'Marra official video for "Todo Dia" (footage from St. Patrick's Gig)

Direção, Edição, Direção de Fotografia e Operação de Câmera: Rodrigo Freitas

Mattte Na'Marra - Todo dia

Matte Na`Marra - Todo Dia from Rodrigo Freitas on Vimeo.