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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

REVIEW - JOLLY JACKERS "Sobriety" (2015)

Jolly Jackers "Sobriety"
Release date: January 20, 2015
Running time: 26:40, 9 tracks

The Hungarian creativity regarding Celtic punk seems to have no end. Following Firkin and Paddy and the Rats footsteps, several interesting bands are getting some recognition thanks to a bunch of EPs and albums that any Celtic punk fan should add to his collection. Jolly Jackers delivered a highly recommendable EP last year and some months later they have been able to release an impressive debut album: "Sobriety"

The first number is called “Sobriety”, an innovative title for a scene in which drinking titles are common. It's a lively song with electric guitar, flute and fiddle duet and some gang vocals.

The next number is another ode to the water of life: “Whiskey”. This song is an amazing number with an acoustic beginning, great banjo picking, flute and fiddle parts and a “Jesse James” vibe about a guy whose friends are Jamie (Jameson), Johnny (Johnnie Walker), Jim (Jim Bean) and Jack (Jack Daniel´s).

Track no. 3 is called “The House”. Some people break into an abandoned house to have a party, but they have to run away.  The song has a metal twist and if the flute was more present on the previous song, the fiddle takes the lead now. A good number similar to those of their fellow countrymen LochNesz.

Hey Johnny” is a festive banjo led song. If you love The Fatty Farmers or Ebri Knight’s song “Johnny Fiddle”, you’ll love this one too.

After some fun numbers, Jolly Jackers deliver a “serious” song about friendship, drugs and death: “The Train that Never Stops”. A beautiful lament based on the excellent performances by flutist and fiddler.

The break is over and the upbeat songs come back. “Get a Life!” is the bastard song of Celtas Cortos and The Rumjacks, and “Gold Rush” is not a The Men They Couldn’t Hang cover, but a self-penned epic tale with a metal twist about poverty, gold and greed.

The album is over with a couple of songs, a good rendition of “Star of the County Down” (the only cover on the album) and an acoustic version of a previously released number, “Call the Captain” (nice female vocal harmonies).

Jolly Jackers are sharing "Sobriety" on Bandcamp, but hard copies of the album can be bought directly from the band (see below the pic of the packaging).

Hungary is not a big country in terms of populations. However, their Celtic punk scene is growing at a fast pace and it’s obvious that there’s life after Firkin and Paddy and The Rats. Jolly Jackers are touring Hungary to present "Sobriety". Don't miss them.

Check out the review by our friends from London Celtic Punks.


1 - Sobriety 02:31
2 - Whiskey 03:56
3 - The House 02:29
4 - Hey Johnny 02:41
5 - The Train that Never Stops 03:17
6 - Get a Life 02:11
7 - Gold Rush 03:36
8 - Star of a County Down 02:42
9 - Call the Captain (Acoustic feat Viadana) 02:56


Free download:


E-mail the band to buy a CD:

Review by Kinksmarkham


The Serbian band Orthodox Celts have released a video for the second single from their upcomin sixth album.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


This month there is no Band of the Month, but CD of the month: VA "Famous for Nothing - A Tribute to Dropkick Murphys" Why? Because it's a charity tribute compilation.

The album can be bought at Bandcamp. All the proceeds go to the Dropkick Murphys' charity the Claddagh Fund.


Selfish Murphy released yesterday a video for "Hey Brother" featuring "King of the Fairies". The song is already on Celtic-Folk-Punk Radio rotation list.

Selfish Murphy are on tour. These are the dates:


March 06. 2015 – Kloten (CH) – Snus Bar – 21:00
March 07. 2015 – Lucerne (CH) – The Bruch Brothers – 21:00
March 08. 2015 - Renchen (D) - Come Inn - 20:30
March 10. 2015 – Leoben (A) – Pub O’Cino – 21:00
March 12. 2015 – Katowice (PL) – Fantasy Inn – 20:00
March 13. 2015 – Dresden (D) – Shamrock Irish Pub – 20:00
March 14. 2015 – Treviso (I) – Nasty Boys Saloon – 22:00
March 15. 2015 – Padova (I) – Irlanda in Festa
March 16. 2015 – Milano (I) – Irlanda in Festa
March 17. 2015 – Bologna (I) – Irlanda in Festa
March 19. 2015 – Pontinvrea (I) – Beer Room – 21:00
March 20. 2015 – Lecco (I) – The Shamrock Irish Pub – 21:30
March 21. 2015 – Maria Anzbach (A) – Schönbacks Braumanufactur – 20:30

Saturday, February 28, 2015

REVIEW - THE SHILLELAGHS "Bury Me at Sea" (2015)

The Shillelaghs "Bury Me at Sea"
Release date: 11 February 2015
Running time: 44:03, 12 tracks
The long awaited The Shillelaghs debut album is out and it’s a fecking excellent CD!!! Dave Anderson (lead vocals), Kaitlin Gibson (bass), Kyle Libbus (guitar, backing vocals), Van Vandenberg (drums), Andy Shannon (accordion) and Brad Gillund (mandolin) have finally released a follow-up to their EP from 2009, “Wastedly”. Only two songs from the EP have made it to the album, which consists of one cover and ten original songs (there are two versions of “Better to Bleed”, the electric one and the acoustic one)

Obviously, The Shillelaghs have grown up as a band. Maybe the sound is just a little bit less aggressive than on “Wastedly”. But this is not bad, since the angst and the angry vocals are still there (Dave vocals sound like an angrier Mark Chadwick from the Levellers) and they have stretched the boundaries of their musical approach.

I’d divide the songs into different groups. First of all, the most aggressive numbers such as the opener “Shillelagh Justice”, “Bury Me at Sea” and “Against the Wall”. These are classic Shillelaghs Celtic punk numbers.

The second group would be the “catchy” songs: the hypnotic number “These Days” whose original version can be found on “Wastedly”; “Dust” with its woah chorus and its festive sound; “Bandits We”, a song with an intro that reminds me of The Whisky PriestsThe Rising of the North” (in fact I thought that this track was an instrumental, but after one minute and a half Dave began to sing this amazing Celtic punk anthem); and “Too Drunk Too Stupid”, another whiskey-fuelled awesome number.

Finally, the ballads: “Dark the Days”, a beautiful number with boy and girl vocals and a great mandolin solo at the end of the song; “Better to Bleed” which sounds like a slower version of the Roughneck Riot, and “Homeward Bound”, the dancing number on the album.

Congrats to the band for including only one standard, “Drunken Sailor” featuring “Donald were’s Your Trousers”.

Bury Me at Sea” has been recorded and engineered by Kirill Telichev at The Sound Priory in Calgary, and produced by both Kirill Telichev and Dave Anderson. The album artwork has been designed by Chris Stout.

The Shillelaghs hail from Alberta and therefore they have a distinctive sound that differs from those of the bands from Ontario, Quebec or the Maritimes. They are a hard working band and, instead of disbanding, they have waited till they’ve been able to release a well-balanced Celtic punk album. Now the fans should support them and buy this fantastic album. Thank you Shillelaghs members, the Celtic punk scene needs bands like yours.

01. Shillelagh Justice 03:41   
02. Dust 03:27   
03. These Days 03:27   
04. Bandits We 04:00   
05. Bury Me At Sea 03:56   
06. Better To Bleed 03:43
07. Dark The Days 03:34
08. Against The Wall 03:08
09. Too Drunk Too Stupid 02:21   
10. Homeward Bound 04:15
11. Drunken Sailor 03:48   
12. Better To Bleed (Acoustic) 04:15


Click to buy:


Review by Kinksmarkham

VIDEO - Mr. IRISH BASTARD "I Hope They Sell Beer in Hell"

The new Mr. Irish Bastard album "The World, The Flesh and The Devil" will be out next May 8th, 2015. If all the songs are so good as the one on this video, then it will be a master piece.

Friday, February 27, 2015

REVIEW - DRUNKEN SAINTS "Pubmosphere" (2015)

Drunken Saints "Pubmosphere" Self-released
Release date: 13 January 2015
Running time: 44:54 (49:03), 12 tracks (23 tracks)

The guys from Hamm (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany) have finally released their debut album. Drunken Saints have been working on “Pubmosphere” for the last two years and fortunately the disc is already available.

From the very beginning the listener can notice what to expect: German Celtic punk on which the electric guitar, the accordion and the pipes have enough place. “A 100 Years” is based on the traditional song that has been arranged by Drunken Saints. The track starts with accordion and drums and there is a slight metal touch before exploding. The pipes are present on the chorus and the approach is similar to that of Muirsheen Durkin and Friends new songs.

The Pub with No Beer” is THE drinking song on the album, an infectious sing-along number with gang vocals in The Porters/Auld Corn Brigade vein. This song features tin whistle instead of pipes. Grab a pint and dance!

The next track is the band’s rendition of “All for Me Grog”. It’s followed by “Same Shit”, a song whose beginning is acoustic, but it becomes a fast-paced Celtic punk anthem with electric guitar, accordion and tin whistle.

The Scotsman” is another highlight. Drunken Saints follow a back to basics approach in this story about a Scotsman. His girl has kicked him off and he has lost his car. He needs to paint the town red, but the German guy doesn’t want to drink with him. Obviously, the German and the Scotman drink till the morning. And when the German guy wakes up, he realizes that the Scotman’s has got rid of his back luck, and now he’s the unlucky guy.

Hit it up” has been given a new lease of life (remember that this song was included on the band’s previous EP, “Crackin Good Stories”). The result is perfect and this pirate number featuring bagpipes and tin whistle is one of the best songs on the album.

The “Battle of Aughrim” is always a winner and Drunken Saints version is very good. It’s stuck to the next track, a bagpipes punk cover of “Spancil Hill”.

Hail” is the other number which had been previously recorded on “Crackin’ Good Stories”. I’d like to draw your attention to the low whistle intro.

Ye Jacobites by Name" is an overexposed standard. It gets a Celtic punk treatment. Between that song and the quieter version of “Loch Lomond” that closes the album, there is another original song that shines: “The Brave”, a number with addictive tin whistle and the Dunken Saints mix of electric guitar, pipes and gang vocals.
The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Denny Gabriel at Werner Wiese Studio in Werne from 2012 to 2014 The CD is packed in a jewel case with an eight page booklet including the lyrics to 6 self-penned songs, the band’s line-up and the band members’ thank-yous.

Pubmosphere” is Drunken Saints' labour of love. And it’s a raucous album with an amazing bunch of originals that fans loving German Celtic bands will enjoy for sure.


01 - A Hundred Years 4:15
02 - The Pub with No Name 4:17
03 - All for me Grog 3:25
04 - Same Shit 3:34
05 - The Scotsman 2:50
06 - Hit it Up 3:36
07 - Battle of Aughrim 1:44
08 - Spancil Hill 4:11
09 - Hail 3:36
10 - Ye Jacobites by Name 3:40
11 - The Brave 6:08
12 - Loch Lomond 3:33


Contact the band on Facebook to buy the CD

Review by Kinksmarkham

Thursday, February 26, 2015

FEATURED CDs AT CELTIC-FOLK-PUNK RADIO (27 February - 1 March 2015)

Drunken Saints "Pubmosphere", The Shillelaghs "Bury Me at Sea" and Ebri Knight "Foc!" are the featured CDs at Celtic-Folk-Punk Radio.

1) Drunken Saints (Hamm, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)


Stephan - Vocals, tin whistle, low whistle
Marcus - Guitar, mandolin, bouzouki
Till - Drums, percussion
Jo - Accordion
David - Bagpipes, tin whistle
Topper - Vocals, bass, upright bass

Remember that Drunken Saints were featured on the sampler from April 2010

2) The Shillelaghs (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


Dave - Lead Vocals
Kaitlin - Bass
Kyle - Guitar, backing Vocals
Van - Drums
Andy - Accordion
Brad - Mandolin

Remember that The Shillelaghs were featured on the sampler from December 2009

3) Ebri Knight (Argentona, El Maresme, Catalonia)


Adrià Díaz - Drums
Víctor Launes - Flute tin whistle, vocals
Toni Corrales - Fiddle, viola, double bass, vocals
Albert Avilés - Bass, bodhrán.
David Delgado - Electric guitar, guitar, banjo
Arnau Aymerich - Vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin

This is the weekend schedule:

Friday 27 February 2015

6h00, 10h00, 14h00, 18h00 and 22h00 (CET, Paris-Berlin-Rome time)

Saturday 28 February 2015

2h00, 6h00, 10h00, 14h00, 18h00 and 22h00 (CET, Paris-Berlin-Rome time)

Sunday 1 March 2015

2h00 (CET, Paris-Berlin-Rome time)

Songs from More Power to Your Elbow "Until the Last Note Fades", Mick O'Toole "1665 Pitchfork Rebellion", LochNesz "Leave the Captain Behind" and Green Ashes "Sean" will be played too.

There are two different playlists, and therefore every 4 hours the songs won't be the same. Besides, the order will be different every day. That is, if you can only listen to the radio on Friday,  for instance, at 22h00, you can listen again on Saturday at 22h00, since the songs won't be exactly the same.

Tune in and enjoy!


A live album and a seminal studio album will be played every Saturday. These are the albums that will be played on Saturday 28 February 2015:

- The Electrics "Danger Live" at 20:00 CET
- Jimmy George "A Month of Sundays" (1994) at 23:00 CET

Info about those bands:

1) The Electrics (Scotland)

(Info from Wikipedia)

The Electrics are a Celtic rock band from Dumbarton, Scotland. They formed in 1988 when former Infrapenny members Sammy Horner (vocals and bass guitar) and Paul Baird (guitar) asked drummer Dave McArthur and sax/keyboard player Allan Hewitt to play a gig at Glasgow's Impact Festival. The band released a self-financed cassette album, Views in Blues, in 1989. Following this recording the band evolved a celtic rock sound, heavily influenced by The Waterboys and The Pogues. Subsequent recordings included Vision and Dreams (1990) which was distributed by Word Records, and Big Silent World (1993), on Germany's Pila Music label.

Renowned for their energetic performances, the band have performed in the UK, Europe and the USA.

The band have not officially disbanded but have no plans to play any shows in the near future; Sam Horner is currently a church based youth worker in Canada, while the rest of the band members, past and present, remain in Scotland working on other projects.

Band members

Current members

Sammy Horner - Lead Vocals, Bass
Paul Baird - Guitar and backing vocals.
Davie McArthur - Drums, Bodhran.
Allan Hewitt - Keyboards, accordion, saxophone, whistle and backing vocals.

Former members

Jim Cosgrove - Drums
Tim Cotterell - Fiddle, Mandolin
Heather Negus - Accordion, keyboards.
Kris McEwan - Fiddle/mandolin.
David Lyon - Accordion, Keyboards
Kenny MacNicol - Highland/ Uhllean Pipes, whistles.
Robin Callander - Fiddle/mandolin.


1991: Visions And Dreams
1993: Big Silent World
1995: The Whole Shebang!
1997: The Electrics
1998: Livin' It Up When I Die
1999: Danger Live
2001: Reel, Folk'n'Rock'n'Roll
2005: Old, New, Borrowed & Green

2) Jimmy George (Otawa, Canada)

(Info from Wikipedia)

Jimmy George is a Canadian folk rock band, who blended Celtic folk with rock influences in a manner similar to Spirit of the West and Great Big Sea.

Formed in Ottawa in 1991, the original lineup consisted of Michael Lawson electric guitar, Joel Carlson mandolin, Steve Barry (vocals), Duncan Gillis (acoustic guitar/penny whistle), Rob Porter (drums), Michael Eady (fiddle) and Colin Burns (bass). Various members came and left over the subsequent years. The band at the end of their 9-year run as house band at the Duke of Somerset pub consisted of vocalist and guitarist J. Todd, electric guitarist Steve Donnelly, bassist George Jennings, Joel Carlson on mandolin, Jeff Kerr on banjo, Mickey Vallee on accordion, and Tom Werbowetski on drums.

Other members at various times included Eric Altman (drums, played drums live and on all Jimmy George recordings), Christine Chesser (fiddle, vocals - Chickpea), and Vitas Paukstitis (bass).

In 1993, after establishing a reputation for a dynamic live show, the band was asked to open for Spirit of the West in Peterborough and Ottawa. At the Peterborough show, the band arrived and the sound man asked "which one of you is Jimmy?" The band was told they couldn't use any of Spirit of the West's equipment and that they would have to pare down the band for the show as there wasn't enough space, time or channels on the board for an 8-member band as the opener. The band was ready to leave when Spirit of the West singer John Mann intervened and said the band was welcome to use any of their equipment if it made things easier. The show went off without a hitch. The next night in Ottawa, the band again opened for SOTW in front of a capacity crowd at Carleton University's Porter Hall. At this show Bill Stunt, producer of CBC Radio's All In A Day program, was in the crowd and approached the band after the show. Stunt offered to record the band's material using funding from the CBC development budget. Over the next few months the songs were honed and recorded at Ottawa's Sound of One Hand studio, and A Month of Sundays was released on Montreal's (now-defunct) Cargo Records later that year with national distribution by MCA Records. Two years later the band released their follow-up record Hotel Motel, produced by Marty Jones and the band and also recorded at Sound of One Hand and Raven Street Studios. In 2001 on the occasion of another reunion show at Barrymore's Music Hall in Ottawa, the band released the CD "Same Sh!t Different Day", a collection of their favourite songs from their previous releases, plus a few songs recorded live including the previously unreleased song "Where You Bleed".

The band toured Canada from coast to coast twice and also played occasional shows in the US including Colgate University in Hamilton, NY and a private function in Detroit, MI. Most of the band also visited England and Ireland for a month, busking in the streets of London and Dublin and seeing the sights.

Venues of note include the Town Pump (Vancouver), Amigo's (Saskatoon), The Rivoli, Horseshoe, and Ultrasound (Toronto), Sidetrack Cafe (Edmonton), Town House (Sudbury), Barrymore's Music Hall and Zaphod Beeblebrox (Ottawa) and countless more.

The band played for many years as the house band at the basement Duke of Somerset pub (now closed) in downtown Ottawa every Sunday night and one weekend a month, regaling the crowd with their music and antics. The band played over 500 shows at the Duke of Somerset over a 9-year period including several St. Patrick's Days and New Year's Eves. Often touring bands would stop by "The Duke" to join the band for a few songs or borrow their instruments and play a few tunes and have a pint. Great Big Sea made several such appearances at the Duke on Sunday nights, as did some members of Leahy who also played The Duke on a regular basis.

The band have ceased recording and playing as a unit for the most part, playing a "final" show in 1997. They played regular "reunion" shows in Ottawa to celebrate St. Patrick's Day or over the Christmas holidays for several years. In April, 2002 the band headlined Ottawa's Tulip Festival Concert Series and played a headlining show at Ottawa's Barrymore's Music Hall, flying in accordion player Mickey Vallee for the occasion from his new home of Edmonton, Alberta.

October 7, 2007, the former owners and staff of the Duke of Somerset pub organized a reunion event at local pub The Heart and Crown. Jimmy George played two sets with the line-up of J (vocals/acoustic guitar), Jeff (banjo), Mike (electric guitar), Joel (mandolin/bass), Rob (drums), Steve (bass/mandolin/accordion) and guest appearances by Angela McFall (Fairytale of New York) and Madeleine Giguere (Rock and Roll Thing) on vocals and Colin Burns on bass for a few songs.

March 17, 2008, the band played a St. Patrick's Day show at Zaphod Beeblebrox in Ottawa. The lineup for this show consisted of J Todd (vocals, acoustic guitar), Joel Carlson (mandolin), Rob Porter (drums), Steve Donnelly (bass, electric guitar, accordion) and Colin Burns (bass on a few songs). This show was likely the smallest version of Jimmy George to ever perform live.

In December 2011 the band celebrated their 20th anniversary with 3 shows at Kaffe 1870 (Wakefield QC) and Elmdale House Tavern (Ottawa ON). Altman flew in from Japan for the occasion, and Vallee made the trek from western Canada. The band played to packed houses 3 nights in a row and the second night featured all three drummers from the band's history, Altman, founding member Rob Porter and Tom Werbowetski.

The members continue to perform in bands including: Bible All-Stars (Carlson); The Kingmakers, Ninety Pounds of Ugly (Donnelly); Mike McDonald Broadband (Vallee)

Several of the band's songs have been performed by other bands, most notably Breakfast With St. Swithin which appeared on Vancouver band The Town Pants' CD. Other bands have performed the band's Token Celtic Drinking Song despite the fact that the song has no official lyrics and many of the words are improvised and undiscernable even on the recorded version.

The band's songs have been featured in several television programs including Toddlers and Tiaras, and Southie Rules.

Though they usually played in Ottawa, on one memorable occasion, they played a bar in Toronto. Clearly unfamiliar with the demands of a Celtic rock band (that hated Celtic music) and its fans, the bar ran out of beer long before the band ran out of songs. Disgruntled fans made do with shots, mixed drinks, and sarcastic mutters. Later that evening, a second disaster nearly struck as Mickey, hands busy with an accordion solo, tried desperately to spit out a cigarette that had become dangerously stuck to his bottom lip. All was well, however, and shortly thereafter, the band played a cover of "Home for A Rest." The resultant dancing caused the floor to bounce, propelling even those who did not normally partake in rhythmic activities into lurching back and forth as the floor jigged and reeled. (Source: admittedly fuzzy memories of the evening.)

TV appearances

The Tom Green Show
2005 Rita and Friends CBC TV

Rita &Friends (CBC)

Lunch TV (CITY TV Toronto) The New Music (Muchmusic) Tiny Hearts Telethon for CHEO (CTV) Various other Telethons and interviews

Northern Lights (Sudbury) Ottawa Folk Festival (Ottawa) Tulip Festival (Ottawa) Mariposa (Toronto) Music West (Vancouver) North By Northeast (NXNE) (Toronto) Canadian Music Week (Toronto) Riverfest (Deep River)

One Convention (1995) 
Four Feet From Shore (1993)


A Month of Sundays (1993)
Hotel Motel (1995)
Same #$%! Different Day (2001)

Have a look to the sticker on the album cover:

8-Piece pop/Rock/

No, there's no one
in the band
named "Jimmy"!

File Under "J" WSCD/CS 001

And some quotes from the liner notes:

Three years and 34156 pints later, this is what we have to show for ourselves.

The Jimmy George Credo: if you are not completely satisfied with this product, you should lower your expectations.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Misfits? The Joker? No, Malasañers!!! A song about the current social situation in Spain.

Malasañers - Rights

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunday, February 22, 2015

VIDEO - JAY WARS "Pints of Guinness Made Me Weak"

This is Jay Wars official video for "Pints of Guinness Made Me Weak" from their album "Carry Me Home". If you missed our review, you can check it out HERE.


Green Ashes launched into the Los Angeles Irish community in 2009 with one goal: blowing the roof off a pub on St. Patrick’s Day. With depth, range, and brazen musicianship, the band’s music is steeped in raw emotion and runs the gamut from fierce rebel songs to soulful ballads. Drawing on their own Irish-American heritage and diverse musical roots, Green Ashes revolutionizes traditional Irish tunes, forging a unique Celtic style. The band’s influences include The Pogues, Fairport Convention, The Waterboys and Flogging Molly.

Following the exit of their lead singer, Sean Lee, their second CD was recorded and released as a focused, four-piece version of Green Ashes. The album was named in honor of their former lead singer and his adventurous spirit. It's available at Bancamp (Name Your Price)



Patrick Murphy - Vocals, guitar
Samantha Rawlings - Violin, Vocals
Mark Serridge - Bass
Rich Silva - Drums


"... and You'll Put Your Boats to Sea" (12 tracks, 2011)
"Sean" (5 tracks, 2103)

Remember that you can listen to these songs on Celtic-Folk-Punk Radio.



VIDEO - LOCHNESZ "The Cape of Good Hope"

LochNesz have released a new video for "The Cape of Good Hope" together with their new EP "Leave the Captain Behind".

LochNesz - The Cape of Good Hope

Saturday, February 21, 2015


This is the video for "Free Me", the song that opens Mick O'Toole "1665 Pitchfork Rebellion" EP.

Mick O'Toole - Free Me


Mick O'Toole "1665 Pitchfork Rebellion"
Release date: 12 November 2014
Running time:  14:45, 4 tracks

1665 Pitchfork Rebellion” is the second EP released by cider fuelled folk punks Mick O’Toole. And, to tell you the truth, it’ll be at the top of my EPs list at the end of 2015.

The quintet from Wiltshire, England, took their name a character in a song from their local legends The Boys From County Hell. Their previous EP, which is available for free at Bandcamp, was a perfect introduction to the band. But “1665 Pitchfork Rebellion” is a more mature effort. You can hear influences from other bands. However, the sound is 100% original: powerful, raw, in-yer face folk-punk. Exactly what we all love here, don’t we?

The EP kicks off with "Free Me", a badass song with lots of woah and hey, hey shouts, accordion and banjo lines inspired by Dropkick Murphys and an addictive tin whistle and accordion tune in the middle of the song.

Track no. 2 is titled “Knights in Ponty”. Strong guitar can be heard on this song with more gang vocals and mandolin, banjo, accordion and tin whistle perfectly blended.

The next number is called “Casanova No More”. There is a mandolin and acoustic guitar intro, but soon the electricity bursts out on this song with a Canadian Celtic punk twist. And the shouts are there too.

But the hidden gem on the EP is the closing number, “Ellie Loves London”. Two guys sharing vocal duties, vocal harmonies, female vocals too, keyboards, clapping … Brilliant folk-punk-pop song!!!

1665 Pitchfork Rebellion” was recorded, mixed and mastered by George Lever at G1 Production and the EP packaging is a 4 panel digipack.

My advice: contact these guys and grab a copy of Mick O’Toole1665 Pitchfork Rebellion” before they run out of copies. Folk-punk at its best.


1 - Free Me 3:19
2 - Knights in Ponty 3:18
3 - Casanova No More 3:45
4 - Ellie Loves London 4:17


Send a Facebook PM to the band to buy the CD

Review by Kinksmarkham

VIDEO - BLACKEYED DEMPSEYS "Sail Away to Amerikay"

The BlackEyed Dempseys have just released a video for "Sail Away to Amerikay" from their debut album. In case you missed it, you can check out the album review.

The BlackEyed Dempseys - Sail Away to Amerikay


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