Styles in Black is a Trap, World, Electro Hip-Hop, Chill Hop producer. His debut album is out now on philos records.

He has recently released the song "Scumm Bar" with Celtic group Peddler's Tune. It's a mix of Irish Jigs with trap/hip-hop music.



The Fatty Farmers' video for "Invictus", off their third album "Escape from the Dirty Pigs"

The Fatty Farmers - Invictus

The Shoepolishers "s/t" CirageProd SP07
Release date: April 28, 2016
Running time: 55:05, 13 tracks

ShoePolishers is a five piece band from the Belforth/Montbelliard area (Franche-Comté, France). Their current line-up is Boss (lead vocals, guitars, mandolin, tin whistle), Lu (fiddle, backing vocals), Steff (accordion), Turtle (bass, backing vocals) and Nils (drums, percussion and backing vocals). ShoePolishers was born in 2000 and currently Boss is the only founding member on the band. They released their debut album “Midi moins le quart” in 2002. Their second album was called “Cirage de Pompes" (2004) and their third studio album “Welcome to Blairoland” was issued in 2007. ShoePolishers have also recorded a live DVD, “Live” (2005) and  a live CD, “Live in Blairoland” (2011). Blairoland is the band’s universe. I guess that Blairoland means “le pays des blaireaux”. Blaireau is an animal (a badger), but this word also means an idiot or a bizarre guy. And, apparently, Blairoland is full of bizarre people.

My personal faves would be “Les Rois du radar”, “Whao Paulo”, “Tata Jojo”, “Happy End”, “Vendetta”, “Reel.. ax” and “Le Petit Ryan”. Anyway, ShoePolishers self-titled album is a well-balanced CD.

ShoePolishers deliver a festive folk rock with a Celtic twist from the first track, “Les rois du radar”. Remember that a video for this song can be watched HERE .

The next number, “Whao Paulo” has a Celtas Cortos twist. The song begins and ends with a tin whistle and there is a traditional fiddle number too.

Tata Jojo” is another party number: a mandolin opens for this ska infused song. Great fiddle part and interesting French accordion towards the end.

Reel … ax” is obviously a set of tunes, one of them “Tam Lin”. The band sounds really tight: fiddle, accordion, rhythm section … An amazing number with a live feel.

Happy End” has a vocal intro before bursting into an awesome lively number. The next track, “Vendetta”, has an addictive chorus with some la-la-las.

Le petit Ryan” is a piano based song. Normally, ShoePolishers offer festive numbers, but this one tells us about all the shames of the XXIst society (video for this song HERE ).

Regarding the other tracks on the album, “Shoep on Tour” has a reggae vibe and a kick-ass sing-along chorus “Hé, hé! Il est toujours là. À chaque concert je le retrouve planté devant moi”.

ShoePolishers come back to the reggae territory with “Soir de foot”, but they speed up on the fiddle driven infectious chrorus. Nice battle between fiddle and accordion on this song.

Guest Sylvain plays helicon (a sort of tuba) on “La Pêche aux thons”. The fiddle part in the second half of the song has an Eastern feel.

Sonate de la pinte de Guinness”, is a slow accordion instrumental while  “La Monosexuelle” has a British folk-rock influence. It’s followed by  the last song: “ShoePolishers” an upbeat semi-instrumental, as the lyrics are only … ShoePolishers.

The album comes in a 6 panel digipack.  The excellent artwork was designed by Jack (Magic Fingers) who also drew the comic book for the album and videos. The 8 page booklet states all the relevant info and ShoePolishers thank every fan that pledged to fund the album, but the lyrics are not included.

If you are looking for a good album for the summer, ShoePolishers are a festival band that you will enjoy: a blend of Celtas Cortos, Mano Negra and Tofu Love Frogs. Grab a bottle of Pelforth brune and dance to their latest album.


01 - Les rois du radar 5:11
02 - Shoep on tour 3:51
03 - tata jojo 4:15
04 - Reel ... ax 3:29
05 - Whao Paulo 4:09
06 - Soir de foot 5:13
07 - La pêche aux thons 5:16
08 - Happy end 3.58
09 - vendetta 3:21
10 - Sonate de la pinte de Guinness au clair de lune 3:55
11 - La monosexuelle 4:42
12 - Le petit ryan 5:20
13 - Shoepolishers 2:23


Click to buy:

Amazon. fr

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Review by Kinksmarkham

Ebri Knight video for "Viurem lliures" off their third album "Foc!"

Single from Le Fatals Picards upcoming album featuring Les 3 Fromages from Quibéron. Yes, one of Les 3 Fromages guys is Tibo, from our beloved Sons of O'Flaherty ;-)

A couple of videos off The Shoepolishers latest album. Stay tuned for a review!

The Shoepolishers - Les rois du radar

The Shoeposlishers - Le petit Ryan

Sons of Clogger are a four piece band with a huge sound fusing folk with punk by intergrating 12 string acoustic guitar, 8-string mandolin, 5-string rock n roll bass and free style cymbol smashing drums. Their full-bloodied invigorating music is driven by uncompromising feveur and capitivates the crowds at festivals and venues up and down the UK.

In spring 2012 fellow Stokies, Dave Owen, Neil Owen, Paul Brown and Richard Raizada met at a mutual friend’s party, had a jam session and loved it. They arranged to meet up at the same time the following week in the local village hall, where a full-blooded, invigorating style of folk, infused with elements of punk and rock n roll began.

In 2013 Sons of Clogger quickly recorded their self penned debut album ‘Through Blue and Gold’. The album and their ever growing reputation for foot stomping, theatrical, in-your-face shenanigans, lead to the boys performing at a string of festivals including the highly acclaimed Acoustic Festival of Britain and opening up at Attila the Stockbrokers ’Glastonwick’ where Attila himself described them as The Men They Couldn’t Hang meets The Pogues a must see band with Immense intelligence for song writing.

The exuberant folksters are planning to play many more festivals across the UK in 2016, bringing their diverse following with them and amassing many more who embrace the flamboyance and fun. 2016 is already looking bright with the release of their EP "Blood Moon" and headlining slots at some very popular festivals.



Rich Raizada - Drums
Paul Brown (Super Doug) - Bass guitar and backing vocals
Dave Owen - Main vocals, Mandolin, Mandola
Neil Owen -  12/6 string Guitar and backing vocals


Reverbnation (6 songs off their 10 track debut album + the 2 track EP)

Toxic Frogs official video for "Kill the Devil"

A Drunker Shade of Green
Release date: March 17, 2016
Running time: 19:26,6 tracks

A Drunker Shade of Green is a 6 piece band hailing from Pensacola, Florida: Leila Hobbs (fiddle, vocals), Tim Roberts (guitar, vocals), Rob Roberts (banjo, vocals), Blake Thompson (percussion) and Dennis Dowd (flute, tin whistle). They were featured in one of our samplers in 2013  and recently they have released a self-titled 6 track EP.

The EP kicks off with “Dark and Stormy Night”, an original written by Rob. Leila takes the lead with her fiddle, Dennis follow her with her flute and Rob backs them with his banjo. Great song that reminds me of “Seven Drunken Nights”. Yes, these guys and gal know how to write an Irish ballad with an American twist.

The next track is a cover, “Bold Thady Quill”. This number was written by Johnny Tom Gleeson around 1895 and first put to paper in 1905 (Wikipedia), and was recorded by The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. A Drunker Shade of Green’s rendition is bloody brilliant. I love when bands move away from the usual standards. ADSOG have chosen a great song but, above all, they have deliver a fantastic version!

Track no. 3 is a set of tunes, “The Craggy Island Hornpipe/Off to Alabama”. I love set of tunes and ADSG do a great job with this set. Leila’s fiddle is backed by Blake’s bodhrán on the first tune and the second tune gets a faster treatment with drums.

Sailing with the Tide” is an original written by Tim. ADSOG have chosen a different ballad and a kick-ass set of tunes for their EP, but they really shine on their own compositions. The fiddle and tin whistle part, that begins with a wow shout, will make you dance.

Track no. 5 is a medley of overexposed standards, “Pop and Loch Lomond/Mairi’s Wedding”. The first song begins a cappella, but soon fiddle, flute and drums join in. “Mairi’s Wedding” is not sung, but based on the fiddle and the flute.

The EP is over with “Glad to Call You My Friend”, an upbeat number written by Rob, probably the Celtic punk track on the EP. Excellent banjo picking by Rob.

A Drunker Shade of Green EP is housed in a sleeve. At the rear cover there is a band pic, the track list and the songs credits.

If you enjoy American Celtic pub rock and the likes of O’Tasty, Rusty Nail, Delilahs’ Revenge or Cockswain, you should check out A Drunker Shade of Green. Amazing band.


1. Dark and Stormy Night 2:58
2. The Bold Thady Quill 2:57
3. The Craggy Island Hornpipe and off to Alabama 3:48
4. Sailing with the Tide 3:00
5. Pop and Loch Lomond and Mairi's Wedding 4:06
6. Glad to Call You My Friend 2:37


Click to buy:


Review by Kinksmarkham

Lád Cúig video for "El Cel dels Herois", off their second album "Poemes de destrucció", featuring Ebri Knight and KOP.

Lád Cúig - "El Cel dels Herois"

Video for "Flying Broken Chairs", off 13Krauss second album, "The End is Nigh". Produced by STK Audiovisual. Recorded iat Sala López during the third edition of St Patrick's Festival Zaragoza.

13KRAUSS - Flying Broken Chairs

Lád Cúig second album "Poemes de destrucció" was released last May 27, 2016. It can be downloaded from Bandcamp (Name Your Price)

Lád Cúig are:

Martí Barri - Keyboards
Vicenç Comí - Bass
Albert Escrig - Bagpipes, tin whistle
Carles Escrig - Vocals, accordion, mandolin and acoustic guitar
Raúl Ortiz - Guitars and vocals
Jordi Rabasseda - Guitars and vocals
Biel Romaní - Fiddle
Lluís Subirana - Drums

"Poemes de destrucció" was recorded and mixed between September 2015 and March 2016 at Input Studios (Arenys de Munt).

Mastered at Ultramarinos Master (Barcelona).



The Rumjacks unplugged tracks at Line Rock (Italy)

The Rumjacks - The Leaky Tub unplugged @Linea Rock

The Rumjacks - The Reaper and Tam McCorty unplugged @Linea Rock

Meneguinness "A chi non dorme" Maninalto
Release date: March 17, 2016
Running time: 43:30, 11 tracks

Jan Imbesi (accordion, piano), Daniele Forcella (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica), Davide Bini (drums), Fabio Mantegazza (bass, backing vocals), Mauricio Bisol (fiddle), Lorenzo Sacco (electric guitar) and Fabio Salvalaggio (tin whistle) are Meneguinness, a band from Brugherio (Milan, Italy) that was founded in 2012. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2014 and consisted of a bunch of Irish standards and two covers: “Galway Girl” and “Ring of Fire”. Three videos from that album were posted HERE and now the guys have moved forward and have issued a sophomore album based on their own songwriting: “A chi non dorme”.

Meneguinness sing in their own language and therefore the first band that comes to my mind is Modena City Ramblers.  Their sound is sometimes similar to MCR early years, but the Clash and Mano Negra influences are not so obvious. Besides, on their quieter numbers Meneguinness follow and approach similar to that of Quebec’s finest band Bodh’aktan.

The album begins with “Bergamo”. The intro has a Mexican feel, thanks to the accordion and bass. However, the song turns into a Flogging Molly influenced number showcasing banjo (guest Sergio Pontoriero), fiddle and tin whistle. The last part of the song is 100% Italian accordion music. The video for this song can be watched HERE .

There is no gap between track 1 and track 2, “Titanic (John Ryan’s Polka)”. It’s really a pity that Celtic punk/rock bands always chose the same tune when they record a polka. Nevertheless, Menneguinness deliver a great version and every single instrument has its own place: fiddle, tin whistle, mandolin, electric guitar …

E’ tardi” is a slower number, but it’s very interesting too. As I’ve previously mentioned, this song reminds me of Bodh’aktan’s quietest moments. The next number is called “Felix Pietro”, a song about the Italian emigration in the XIXth century. I love the upbeat fiddle beginning and the overall epic feel thanks to the accordion. The level goes up with “Pietrino”, a fast paced number with a great end featuring tin whistle and fiddle and one of the hottest numbers together with the opening track and track no. 10.

Dany del Nord” is a cover of “Donegal Danny”, but Menneguinness have put their own words about a shipwreck. It starts acoustically and little by little drums, accordion, banjo and fiddle join in. The country sounding electric guitar adds something new to the song. Nice cover.

Crandall Canyon” tells the story of a mining accident that took place in Utah in August 2007. This song is folk-rock at its best: beautiful harmonica and piano first notes, fantastic fiddling, tin whistling and accordion playing, excellent rhythm section and a kick-ass electric guitar again.

The next song is titled “Donna Manager”, a number with an addictive chorus and a badass tin whistle and fiddle tune at the end. It’s followed by a song about the London terrorist attacks in 2005, "Dolce Signora". Track no. 10 is a song written by the Italian songwriter Massimo Bubola for Italian singer Fiorella Mannoia in 1992: “Il Cielo d’Irlanda” (Ireland’s sky). Brilliant version by Menneguiness, since they have been able to take a top-notch song and arranged it in an updated Celtic rock way. If Modena City Ramblers chose Bob Geldof’s “The Great Song of Indifference”, Menneguinness have chosen another amazing song too, “Il Cielo d’Irlanda” and they have done a great job. That’s the kind of cover that I like to discover in a Celtic rock/punk album. Hats-off guys!

The album is over with a slow ballad, “Buonanotte a chi non dorme”, a song dedicated to our youth. Piano, banjo, fiddle … and an appealing electric guitar work that reminds me of the Christy MooreUnfinished Revolution” and “Voyage” years.

A chi non dorme” comes in a six panel digipack. No lyrics are included, but the liner notes have a short explanation about the album concept and comments about every single track. Line-up, guests and studio credits can be found together with contact addresses and a full band pic.

I’m happy; Meneguinness have always been on my radar and I’ve been waiting for this moment. After a full standards/cover album Meneguinness have  released an excellent sophomore album based on their own material. And the final result is spotless. Even if you can’t speak Italian, you’ll enjoy “A chi non dorme”. That’s the power of music, and Menneguinness’s life is music.


01 - Bergamo 3:57
02 - Titanic 2:49
03 - E' tardi 4:26
04 - Felix Pedro 4:33
05 - Pietrino 3:27
06 - Danny del nord 4:18
07 - Crandall Canyon 4:09
08 - Donna Manager 4:21
09 - Dolce signora 3:58
10 - Il cielo d'Irlanda 3:20
11 - Buonanotte a chi non dorme 4:10


Click to buy:


Contact the buy on facebook to buy a CD
Review by Kinksmarkham

(This podcast was originally posted at Paddy Rock last May 20, 2016. Some parts of the text have been edited. Enjoy! )

Happy Weekend All!

I am stoked to be back with a new Podcast this month. With Victoria Day (aka May 2-4) in Canada this weekend and Memorial Day next weekend here in the United States now seemed like an awesome time to throw out a new Episode to assist you with your partying and / or camping adventures (That’s a Canadian thing). If your plans are just to sit at home make, sure that by the end of the weekend everyone in your neighborhood know what Paddy Rock is! 

Now onto the music!! I have a lot of new music to share with you this month. Sometimes I like to play catch up, this is one of those times! But also in addition to this I break out some classic older tunes. In a nutshell I have just given you a kick ass 2 hour party mix for what will hopefully prove to be an epic weekend for you all.  

As always thanks for listening. ~ Phil (aka The Grinning Beggar)

DOWNLOAD: (Right click and Save Link As)


The Playlist:

Angry Brians       21st Century Irish Man
Sir Reg       Breaking Down All Borders
To The Last Drop         Lost in The Highlands
Will Tun & The Wasters        Move Your Mind
The Dead Maggies       Billy Hunt
Tom O’Reilly and The Swaggers     Black Lung
Airs & Graces      Six Men Were Put on Trial
Black Friday        Lost at Sea
Folk Grinder        Ballad Of The Black Eyed Man
Jasper Coal         My Son John
The Cop Outs     Shit Hole Pub
Brendan Monaghan      Comin’ Home
Frank Turner       Next Storm
Medusa’s Wake    Lost At Sea
The Men They Couldn’t Hang          Jack Dandy
The Waterboys    Fishermen’s Blues
Titanicdance        I Know My Love
War Piper  Sanctuary
Cellarfolks  Tomorrow Comes A Day Too Soon
Celtic Rebels Band       32 United
Craic Haus  Castles & kings
Mischief Brew      Liberty Unmasked
Ogham Stones     The World Is Full of Bastards
Hoist The Colors  Gordie Lachance
Rathkeltair          Pretty Too
Ceann        Blame The Viking
Bastard Bearded Irishmen     The Pirates Of Three Rivers
Sisters of Murphy         Green Over Read
The Skels    Die Like a Dog
Black Water County     One More Beer Wont Hurt
The Punkabillys    Comin’ Home
The Logues         I Don’t Love You At All

It is with great excitement I would like to announce that the 2 Biggest Names in the Online Celtic Community are teaming up to deliver way more content than ever before. Since 2000 Paddy Rock has been known as the best source for Celtic Rock and Punk and amazing Podcasts, and Celtic Folk Punk since its inception has continually been the best source for news, reviews and just about everything else in between. Now Paddy Rock and Celtic Folk Punk will be featuring shared content from both sites. This means that Paddy Rock will now have a more robust and regular reviews section, provided by the best in the business. Meanwhile, Celtic Folk Punk will be featuring the most outstanding Celtic Rock and Punk Podcast on the internet. We realize that many of our fans are the same, but social media avenues such as Facebook are making it exceedingly difficult to get the word out these days. Both Waldo and myself are extremely passionate about the music and scene we support and believe that by working together we can spread the word further than ever! Phil Duckworth-Grinning Beggar

The future is unwritten. But some things will happen sooner or later, that’s for sure. We are glad to announce that Paddy Rock and Celtic Folk Punk and More are joining forces to supply the Celtic punk scene with the best stuff. Phil and Waldo met a long time ago and we have always appreciate each other’s work. Taking into account our friendship, respect and passion for Celtic punk/rock, this “marriage” is a logical end. Have I said “end”? No, this is not an end, but a new start. Paddy Rock fans will read my reviews, and Celtic Folk Punk and More fans will listen to Phil’s podcasts, the best Celtic punk and Roots podcasts on the net. Paddy Rock and Celtic Folk Punk and More will be independent but we’ll share content from both sites. Enjoy! Waldo-Kinksmarkham