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Sunday, January 31, 2016


As I posted last January 3rd, Celtic Folk Punk and More is officially on hiatus. Some people may have thought that it was a joke, since I've been posting some stuff all along January. But once I have caught up with the outstanding reviews, I'm taking a break.

I have not taken any decision yet, but I might come back in Springtime with a different approach. Anyway,  I'll be updating the streaming radio regularly (The Jack Ratts, McOnak and Jay Wars & The Howard Youth new songs have already been added to the radio rotation).

If you have a new album and want your songs to be played at Celtic-Folk-Punk radio or if you want your album to be reviewed and you can wait a couple of months for the review, please send an e-mail to me and I'll pass you my address to post a physical CD (

Thanks for your support. See you soon!


REVIEW - McONAK "Galarrena" (2015)

McOnak "Galarrena" Mauka Musikagintza
Release date: December 4th, 2016
Running time: 40:34, 11 tracks (Digital version: 44:28, 12 tracks)

Galarrena” is the long awaited McOnak’s sophomore album. Once again, the album was released at the Basque Books and Records Fair which is held every year in Durango (Biscay) at the beginning of December. Ander Marino (drums and backing vocals, from Gernika), Koldo (bass and background vocals, from Lekeitio), Kemen (electric guitar, and background vocals, from Lekeitio), Migel (banjo and background vocals, from Zumaia), Ruben (accordions, keyboards and background vocals, from Gernika) and Joseba (lead vocals and acoustic guitar, from Lekeitio) have delivered a fantastic album together with some guests, mainly Otilio Elorza on tin whistle.

Being from the coast, the title was specially chosen by the band. Galarrena in basque is a windstorm that occurs in the Cantabrian sea waters. Galarrena is also the Herriko Taberna (The People’s Tavern) in Lekeitio. And finally, “Galarrena” was also a song by a punk band from Lekeitio and Arrasate called Ume Gaiztuak that released a couple of demo tapes and a vinyl single in the 90s.

The album kicks off with “Jaso aingura”, an accordion and tin whistle led song with a Basque sound. The martial end is the first catchy moment on the album. And there are quite a few songs on “Galarrena” that are catchy as hell. For instance, “Hitz gordinak”, the first single off “Galarrena” (Remember that this song is available for free at Bandcamp )

The next track is the second single, “Bizirik” and it’s a brilliant number featuring  Pogues infused accordion banjo and tin whistle arrangements and a laralala sing-along chorus at the end of the song. This song is one of the band’s hottest moments on stage as I witnessed last weekend when the band presented the album in Gernika together with Bastards. (The video for the song can be watched here )

Gu” is a fresh number with a lively accordion and infectious chorus.

Galarrena” is a folk song straight from the pub: the lads drinking beer and singing along. Excellent accordion work by Ruben.

McOnak move to the cow punk territory on the fast paced number “Ontzia noraezean” (featuring sax by guest Patxi Bidart) . It’s followed by the amazing bluegrass infused song “Erria txikota”, where Joseba share vocal duties with Maitane Mazmela and guest Batiz adds some guitar. Great banjo picking by Migel too.

Ohial laranjak” is a Basque rebel song from the XXIst century. Kick ass ballad in The Pogues vein.

Another fast-paced number: “Eutsi Palestina”, a solidarity song based on the banjo, tin whistle and accordion sounds.

Kaka zapalduta” can only be found on the sold out CD limited edition and on the digital edition. Awesome song featuring mandolin by guest Haritz “Mugar”

Lur azpian” is a catchy pop-rock song with a Hertzainak twist where sax, keyboards and electric guitar play the major roles.

The album comes to its end with “Azken gauetan”, another badass slow number. It’s sung by Joseba and Valentina Ridolfi. The atlantic feel is obvious, I daresay there is a music link with Newfoundland. Don’t forget that Basque fishermen went to Newfounland to hunt whales in the XVIth century.

Galarrena” has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Txortx and Pitu Etxebarrieta, who have pushed the band’s sound in the right way at the recordings sessions at MuxicOn and Altxatune studios. The album packaging is a labour of love: a digipack with a 12 page booklet with all the lyrics, line-up, guests, studio credits and thank-yous. For instance McOnak thank Shane McGowan, Gari (Iñaki Garitaonaindia from Basque seminal band Hertzainak) and Tom Waits for their music.

McOnak have already presented their album in Vigo (Galiza), Oviedo (Asturies), Vitoria-Gasteiz,and Gernika (Basque Country). Moreover, there will be playing the St.Patrick’s Day gig at Kafe Antzokia in Bilbao (March 17th 2016) and the day after they’ll be playing the VIIth St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Madrid sharing the stage with The Fatty Farmers.

I’ve been listening to this album for the last fifteen days and I can guarantee you that it’s a must have album: Basque folk, Celtic punk, Rebel songs, country…. You can find whatever you like and I’m sure that you’ll enjoy every single track. Go ahead and grab a copy!



01 - Jaso aingira 3:39
02 - Hitz gordinak3:58
03 - Bizirik 3:57
04 - Gu! 3:13
05 - Galarrena 3:30
06 - Ontzia noraezean 3:18
07 - Erria txikota 3:48
08 - Ohial laranjak 5:00
09 - Eutsi Palestina 3:22
10 - Lur azpian 3:26
11 - Azken gauetan 3:23

Bonus track on Mp3 version:

10 - Kaka Zapalduta 4:00


Click to buy:

Elkar (CD)
CDbaby (mp3)
iTunes (mp3) (mp3) (mp3) (mp3) (mp3) (mp3) (mp3)

Review by Kinksmarkham

Thursday, January 28, 2016

VIDEO - JAY WARS & THE HOWARD YOUTH "Pyne in the Closet"

Good things are happening for Jay Wars and The Howard Youth. Their new album will be out next February 5th and they'll be sharing the stage with Stiff Little Fingers next March 31 in Melbourne.

REVIEW - JAY WARS & THE HOWARD YOUTH "Love in the Time of Fear" (2016)

Jay Wars & the Howard Youth "Love in the Time of Fear" Whisk & Key Records
Release date: February 5th, 2015
Running time: 36:42, 10 tracks

Jay Wars, the Bard of Melbourne, is back with the follow-up to their solo album “Carry Me Home”. Once again he is backed by Hayley Anderson on violin and Dan Scalpelli on drums, who, together with bassist James Crow, are The Howard Youth. The new album has a title reminiscent of a Roaring Jack song, “Love in the Time of Fear” (Roaring Jack’s song was called “Love in the Modern Age”. As Jay says, “the whole record has an overarching concept of love and fear. There's romantic love, crazy love (“A Girl Called Hope”), love of one's country (“Ballad of 1846”, "Pyne in the Closet”), and proper fear (again, “A Girl Called Hope” obviously), fear of dying alone (“Play Another Song”) and fear of one's own depression (“Done & Dusted”)".

Pyne in the Closet” is the first track on the album. From the very beginning the listener can notice that The Howard Youth are not just a backing band. Fiddle arrangements by Hayley are top-notch as usual.

Don’t Cross the Line” is a song about miners and one of my faves. “A Girl Called Hope” is a song about a stalker. Kick-ass song with banjo, piano and some female backing vocals.

Done & Dusted” has a Ramones vibe,Alive!” is in line with modern Newfie folk-punk/rock bands whileLet’s Start Again” is the Aussie answer to Lexington Field’s American Fiddle Rock.

The Ballad of 1846” is the Irish song on the album. It’s not a “far-away-in Australia-soon-will-fate-be-kind-and-I-will-be-ready-to-welcome-at-last-the-girl-I-left-behind” song; the poor emigrant is looking for a better future in the land of Oz, but he finds the same sectarianism that he left at home.

Abraham Brown” is the folkie number and “Play Another Song” an upbeat song. Both amazing numbers are some of the highlights on “Love in the Time of Fear”.

The album is over with “One Last Love Song”, an intimate song with an acoustic feel.

Love in the Time of Fear” has been produced by Jay and Dan. Dan also engineered, mixed and mastered the album “in the lounge room and under the staircase.” The following musicians have guested on the abum: Ronan MacManus (Bible Code Sundays) guests vocals on “Don’t Cross the Line”, Chelsea De Kuyper piano on “Pyne in the Closet", “A Girl Called Hope”  and “Abraham Brown”, backing vocals on “A Girl Called Hope”, Hamish Davidson (Davidson Brothers)  banjo on “Alive!” and Craig Coburn (Shadow League)  banjo on “A Girl Called Hope”. This time Jay has shifted from Slippery Slope Recordings to Whisk & Key Records and for the moment the album will only be released on vinyl and digital version.

Don’t forget to read the album review that our friends from London Celtic Punks posted recently.


01 - Pyne in the Closet 4:24
02 - Don't Cross the Line 3:23
03 - A Girl Called Hope 4:08
04 - Done & Dusted 2:46
05 - Alive! 3:32
06 - Let Me Start Again 3:06
07 - The Ballad of 1846 3:28
08 - Abraham Brown 4:08
09 - Play Another Song 2:42
10 - One Last Love Song 4:46


Click to buy (Vinyl):

Review by Kinksmarkham

Saturday, January 16, 2016

REVIEW - THE JACK RATTS "Mothers Ruin" (2015)

The Jack Ratts "Mothers Ruin" Head Snot Records - Pumpkin Records PUM106
Release date: December 5th,  2015
Running time: 26:54, 10 tracks

Good news! The Jack Ratts are back with their sophomore album “Mothers Ruin”. The six piece band from Bournemouth (Dorset) released one of the most interesting debut albums in 2013. In fact, they made no. 18 at our Best of 2013 list  thanks to their well-balanced mix of Celtic punk, polka, shanties and Appalachian songs. If their debut album consisted of 7 traditional numbers and 9 self-penned songs, only original stuff can be heard on “Mothers Ruin”. Hats-off to you guys!

The mini-album kicks off with an instrumental “Intro” that sounds like The Pogues on the “Straight to Hell” OST. Soon it bursts into an Eastern European folk sounding number called “Johnny O”. And then some of the best moments on the album arrive: the catchy Celtic punk number “The Fight”, the amazing “Molly Magee”, a cross between The Fatty Farmers and The Whisky Priests,  and the pirate anthem “Not the Life” with their gang vocals and the band’s rendition of the “Morrison’s” jig.

There are also some British folk punk influences numbers that the fans will love. “Old England” and “Dirty Streets” are brilliant numbers with a Pressgang twist and “Mothers Ruin” could be filed together with The Men They Couldn’t HangHellfire and Damnation”. Obviously a shanty is needed on a Jack Ratts CD: “Darkened Shore” is the perfect number, and the lads have really worked hard on the vocals, percussion and mandola sounds. And finally, Jack Ratts give Smokey Bastard a run for their money with their infectious number “Skint”.

Mothers Ruin” comes in a sleeve and no lyrics to the sounds are provided. The album was recorded at Ranch Productions in Southampton and has been released by HeadSnot Records and Pumpkin Records. A live version of “Molly McGee” can be downloaded from the band’s Reverbnation site (The song was recorded at a ‘Hijack’ show on Weymouth & Portlands community AIR 107.2 FM radio station on Wednesday 15th January 2014). You can also listen to track no. 10 “Skint” on YouTube.

Bad news!!!! The “Mothers Ruin” mini album is The Jack Ratts swan song, as they have decided to call it quits. I will miss them, since IMHO they had great potential and “Mothers Ruin” is a considerable step forward from their fantastic debut album.


01 - Intro 1:26
02 - Johnny O 3:10
03 - The Fight 1:59
04 - Molly Magee 2:45
05 - Not the Life 2:45
06 - Old England 2:56
07 - Darkened Shore 2:35
08 - Mothers Ruin 3:06
09 - Dirty Streets 2:42
10 - Skint 3:31


Contact the band to buy the CD

Review by Kinksmarkham

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

VIDEO - MATILDA'S SCOUNDRELS "Sinking in their Sins"

Matilda's Scoundrels video for "Sinking in their Sins" off their split with The Barracks. The 4 track EP is available at Bandcamp (Price: 3 GBP)

Matilda's Scoundrels - Sinking in their Sins

REVIEW - THE BOOZE BROTHERS "En Vert et Contre Tous" (2015)

Booze Brothers "En vert et contre tous - Saint Patrick's Day 2014 Live at Dynamo's Club" Green Eggs & Ham DVD
Release date DVD: November 12, 2015
Release date CD: Mai 4th, 2015
Running time DVD: Main feature 109 minutes, Bonus 30 minutes; 21 tracks on DVD,
Running time CD:  16 tracks

Some European bands have celebrated their anniversaries in the recent years, Greenland Whalefishers in 2014 (20th Anniversary) and Fiddler’s Green in 2015 (25th Anniversary). Both bands have got a huge following in Europe and the USA. The Booze Brothers are a little bit younger, as they were born in 1998 (15th Anniversary in 2013), but they also deserve a huge following. Unfortunately, The Booze Brothers have had their ups and downs and their discography is not very long.

I came across their second album “Elevator” (2004), that was available on CDBaby and I loved them. But after that they only released another two studio albums, “Hang on” (2007) and “Reels & Squeals” (2010). The latter was issued under the name The Booze, since the bassist (a founding member) and the drummer left the band. Although the band’s story is a sort of a rollercoaster, their front man Bert Yates has been able to keep the band alive. So, they decided to record a DVD at their “headquarters” in Toulouse (La Dynamo Club Concert). The show was shot on St.Patrick’s Day 2014 and a CD was released at the beginning of May 2015. The DVD was finally released in November 2015.

The show began with the band’s very own “ Boozin’ “ haka. Bert aka Big Beurky (lead vocals, whistles, bouzouki, guitar, wearing a kilt and an All Blacks shirt), Laure Nuzzi aka Laure de Bigorre (bodhrán, percussion, backg. Vocals), Eristoff (accordion), Kuba (electric guitar), Juju (bass) and Ploufi (drums) gave it all their got. The venue was fully packed and the crowd went really mad. Not only is Big Beurky a multi-instrumentalist, but an excellent front man too.

The setlist consisted of 21 numbers, 5 from “Elevator”, 4 from “Hang On” and 7 from “Reels and Squeals”, together with their 4th version of "Wild Rover" (there is a different rendition on every album). Apart from that, a set titled “Black and Tans” (“Recruiting Sergeant” / “Drowsy Maggie” / "Black and Tans” / “Morrison’s”), “Craonne” (a French anti-war song), “Inisheer” (set of tunes) and two brand new songs, “Burn My Way” and “She Ain’t the One”.

Some highlights:

- “US Army Lyrics” are changed by Russian Army and Syrian Army.
- “Craonne”, featuring “Ryan’s Polka” at the end
- Their hit “Just for the Fun” + “The Kesh
- “Inisheer”, where Bert played low whistle on the first tune and then switched to tin whistle on “Julia Delaney’s”. He asked the crowd to put their “fecking hands in the air” and sing along “El pueblo unido jamás será vencido” and then the band played a wild version of “King of the Fairies
-“Eth perrac arroi” where Bert played whistle and bouzouki, Eristoff’s accordion was showcased and “Gravel Walk” was played at the end.
- “Right Wing No More” a rocking song with an amazing guitar work by Polish guitarist Kuba, featuring “The Cooley’s
-“Tana”, one of the hottest moments with Bert’s crowd surfing
-“I Want Sex”, where Laure played with Bert’s kilt and Kuba crowd surfed too
-The “ Boozin’ “ haka to finish up the show

Several cameras shot the gig, a couple of them at the front, another at the rear of the venue, another one at the back of the stage and another one on Juju’s bass.

The Celtic punk scene should acknowledge the place that The Booze Brothers deserve. Long before CelKilt and The Moorings, The Booze Brothers were spreading their Irish TradFolkRockPunk all over Europe. Why don't you do yourself a favor and buy the DVD rather than the CD? Then you will enjoy the atmosphere of a The Booze Brothers gig: sets of traditional tunes, self-penned Celtic punk anthems, jokes, heat, sweat, stage diving, crowd surfing and lots of stout.

(The DVD and the CD covers are different and the tracklist is longer on the DVD. The tracks with no running time are the ones only on DVD)

01. Black And Tans 4:41
02. Eth Vielo Molo 4:13
03. US Army
04. Craonne 5:18
05. Just For The Fun + Kesh 5:31
06. Inisheer 5:15
07. Gilipolla 4:58
08. Beer
09. Burn My Way
10. Wild Rover Iv 4:51
11. Killing Me
12. Eth Perrac Arroi + Donegal Set 9:41
13. Day The Booze 4:25
14. Fields Of Athenry 4:03
15. Finnish Set 2:42
16. She Ain't The One 4:34
17. Right Wing No More 3:37
18. Tana 6:05
19. New Booze Tribe 4:55
20. I Want Sex 3:05
21. Elevator


Review by Kinksmarkham

Sunday, January 10, 2016

VIDEO - IN FOR A PENNY "Guardian Angel"

In for a Penny video for "Guardian Angel" off their album "The Guardian Angel Sessions"

In for a Penny - Guardian Angel


Our friends from London Celtic Punks have recently posted their Best of 2015. Once again, Celtic Folk Punk and More has got the Best Celtic Punk website award (two years in a row). I'd like to thanks all the London Celtic Punks team for this award, it means a lot to me.

You can have a look to London Celtic Punks Best albums and Best EPs lists here.


As I posted recently, Celtic Folk Punk and More will be offline for a while. The last posts before the break will be posted next week: 3 reviews and 4 videos. The videos will be posted tomorrow, on Tuesday, on Wednesday and on Thursday at 21h00 CET.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

VIDEO - TOXIC FROGS "I'm Standing for You"

Toxic Frogs lyrics video for "I'm Standing for You", off their "Kill the Devil" EP.

Toxic Frogs - I'm Standing for You


La Fiesta del Diablo (The Devil's Party) is a band from Santiago (Chile). They were born from the ashes of Cuentos d'la Cripta, a psychobilly band, and they play a gumbo of Irish Punk, Russian Folklore, Polka, Klezmer, Ska and Surf Rock.



Jimmy - Lead vocals, keyboards
Kastor - Drums
Gonzalo - Accordion and vocals
Konejo - Guitar
Oyarza - Bass




Friday, January 8, 2016

VIDEO - THE FATTY FARMERS "The Kings of Our Farm"

The Fatty Farmers video for "The Kings of  our Farm", off their album "Escape from the Dirty Pigs" (one of the TOP20 releases of 2015: 7th at Celtic Folk Punk and More, 13th at London Celtic Punks and MacSlon's Irish Pub Radio and 17th at PaddyRock best of 2015 lists).

The Fatty Farmers - The Kings of our Farm

REVIEW - THE RUMJACKS "Sober & Godless" (2015)

The Rumjacks "Sober & Godless"
Release date: February 6th, 2015
Running time: 52:50, 14 tracks

The Rumjacks second album “Sober & Godless” is probably the Album of the Year (2015). Shite’n’Onions has not posted his list yet, but “Sober & Godless” made no. 1 at
London Celtic Punks' and  MacSlon’s Irish Pub Radio's lists, no. 2 at Celtic Folk Punk and More’s list and PaddyRocks list and was voted no. 2 by Celtic Punk Club followers at vk.

Sober & Godless” was released 11 months ago, but my promo copy arrived in mid-November just before the CD I ordered from Amazon was delivered. As all of my colleagues wrote their reviews a long time ago and you have already worn out your copy, the review will be shorter than usual. The most interesting thing about “Sober & Godless” is the sound. The Rumjacks have obviously evolved from their early EPs to their second album, but they have a sound (and a production) that makes them different from any other band in the scene. This time there are no Aussie standards and the only cover is Billy Connolly’s “(I’m Asking You) Sergeant Where’s Mine”, a song that was covered by The Dubliners on their “30 Years  A Greying” album in 1992.

The album is a little bit long, but the running order helps to make it an enjoyable album. The beginning is perfect, with 4 killer tracks in a row: “Home Rule” (one of the top songs on the album), “No Pockets in a Shroud”, “Blows & Unkind Words” and “One Summers Day”. In the middle, the listener can take a breath, thanks to ska and reggae numbers such as “Barred for Life”, “Home” or “I Smell Trouble” and the folkier “Leaky Tub”. And finally, another 3 badass tracks to close the album: “The Reaper & Tam MCorty” (bloody brilliant song!!!), “Me Old Ball & Chain” and “400 Miles” (where they give The Real McKenzies a run for their money)

Sober & Godless” packaging is a 4 panel digipack. No booklet is included, but the lyrics to every single song are available at the band’s website. However, neither studio credits, nor guest list are mentioned on the digipack. The band’s facebook confirms that the artwork has been made by Frankie: "For all who don't already know, our Frankie does almost all the art for The Rumjacks and since he can't nail a job that let him go touring for half the year, he's kicking out on his own. Doing art & design for other bands, festivals, backyard shindigs, bake-sales, cookouts (glad we spelt that right) and just about any other stupid idea you guys have got going.. Rip on over & give the boy a 'like' or three. Cheers all - The Rumjacks." Frankie's Cranky Bhoy Facebook Page. The cover art piece is titled 'Abyssus Abyssum Invocat'.

Master piece? Sure. Their best album? Let’s wait for the third one. Three are needed for a trilogy and we love trilogies, don't we?


01 - Home Rule 3:36
02 - No Pockets in a Shroud 3:21
03 - Blows & Unkind Words 4:45
04 - One Summers Day 3:17
05 - Barred for Life 3:47
06 - Plenty 2:34
07 - Home 4:36
08 - Oh Sergeant Where's Mine? 3:45
09 - The Leaky Tub 4:21
10 - I Smell Trouble 2:55
11 - Sober & Godless 4:29
12 - The Reaper and Tam McCorty 3:48
13 - Me Old Ball & Chain 2:54
14 - 400 Miles Away 4:08


Click to buy:


Amazon DE
Amazon UK
Amazon FR
Amazon ES

Review by Kinksmarkham

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