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Monday, July 6, 2015


I have some bands stickers to give away (Brutus' Daughters, Cockswain, Nevermind Nessie, The Porters ...)

If you are interested in having some of them, then e-mail your full postal address to

Only six people will get the stickers. They will be posted on a FIFO basis (first e-mail received, first stickers delivered).


Thursday, July 2, 2015


Arse Craic "Crack Out Yer Arse" and Incenere "Ombre" are the featured CDs at Celtic-Folk-Punk Radio.

Besides some bands covering Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys and The Tossers will be played too.

Weekend schedule as follows:

Friday 3 July 2015

6h00, 10h00, 14h00, 18h00 and 22h00 (CEST, Paris-Berlin-Rome-Brussels-Madrid time)

Saturday 4 July 2015
2h00, 6h00, 10h00, 14h00, 18h00 and 22h00 (CEST, Paris-Berlin-Rome
-Brussels-Madrid time)

Sunday 5 July 2015

2h00 (CEST, Paris-Berlin-Rome
-Brussels-Madrid time)

There are two different playlists, and therefore every 4 hours the songs won't be the same. Besides, the order will be different every day. That is, if you can only listen to the radio on Friday,  for instance, at 22h00, you can listen again on Saturday at 22h00, since the songs won't be the same.

The live album and the essential album that will be played on Saturday are as follows:

The Killigans "Live at the Zoo Bar" (20h00 CEST, Saturday 4 July)

The Punters "s/t" (23h00 CEST, Saturday 4 July)

Tune in and enjoy!

FREE DOWNLOAD - THE BAY STREET BASTARDS "Log Driver's Waltz" single (2015)

The Bay Street Bastards released yesterday (Canada Day) their latest single: "The Log Driver's Waltz". Some of you will be familiar with this song, as it was the last track on Captain Tractor "Land" album.



This song will be played after the live album that will be played at Celtic-Folk-Punk radio, The Killigans "Live at the Zoo Bar" (20h00 CEST, Saturday 4 July) and after the essential album The Punters "s/t" (22h00 CEST, Saturday 4 July)


The band from Treviso Incenere has just released "Ombre". The 13 track album sung in the Veneto dialect is available for free on Bandcamp and on Soundcloud.


Ettore Montagner - bass, vocals
Michele Angriman- guitar
Marco Zanini- drums
Matteo Franceschi - fiddle
Michael Cirillo - guitar



This album will be one of the featured CDs on Celtic-Folk-Punk radio (3-5 July)


Arse Craic have just released their debut album "Crack Out Yer Arse". It's available for free on Bandcamp (Name Your Price, please leave a tip)



This album will be one of the featured CDs at Celtic-Folk-Punk radio (3-5 July) Tune in!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


The Band of July 2015 is from Japan, Tadpole Flash. The two songs will be the whole month of July at the top of the site on the right.



Tatsuumi - Vocals
Kyouhei - Guitars, bckg. vocals
Keiichi - Bass, bckg. vocals
Yuta - Whistles
Takuya - Mandolin, bckg vocals
Keita - Accordion, bckg. vocals
Ninkyou Violence - Drums

Monday, June 29, 2015

REVIEW - BLACK ANEMONE "King of Kings" (2013)

Black Anemone "King of Kings"
Release date: January 21, 2013
Running time: 30:09, 11 tracks

If somebody asks for Swedish Celtic punk, the first answer will be SIR REG. And probably the next one would be Finnegan's Hell. Luckily, new bands keep on arriving and Sweden has a burgeoning (Celtic) folk punk scene as strong as its crime writers. Last year we got Captain Jack's Army five track EP to be reviewed and now, after having posted their previous "Let the Freakshow Begin" EP for free download, "King of Kings", the debut album by Black Anemone,  has arrived to our headquarters.

Black Anemone hails from Jönköping and, even if right now they are six members, their line-up has reached 9 people in the past. They label their music as Folk punk and influences from different bands can be noticed on their sound. Obiously, Flogging Molly's shadow is there, but they have been able to write some amazing numbers that are closer to other non Celtic brilliant bands such as Roughneck Riot.

The album kicks off with a short intro and Black Anemone delivers a catchy number in the Flogging Molly vein (banjo, fiddle and tin whistle) blending some vocals à la Dropkick Murphys: "Marky (King of Kings)"

Black Anemone shifts to a different end with a Canadian twist on the accordion fronted number "Pig of Swines".

The similarities with Warrington's finest Roughneck Riot can be heard on "Devil on Your Shoulder", a song based on the banjo, tin whistle and electric guitar.

The next number, "Galloway March" is sung by Tilda (tin whistle) and is a sort of intro to the following track, the pirate song "Hoist the Flag".

The album arrives at its peak with tracks 7, 8, 9 and 10. "She's My Whiskey" is a slower number, a ballad with a Canadian flavour. Fantastic arrangements on this song on which every single instrument can be clearly heard: guitar, mandolin, tin whistle, banjo and fiddle. "Slaving for Days" is an excellent DKM infused song showcasing the accordionist, mandolinist and drummer's skills. "Sing Along for the Unlucky Ones" has an acoustic guitar intro but soon evolves into a badass Celtic punk number featuring accordion, banjo, fiddle and gang vocals. And "We Own the Night" is a fast paced banjo and tin whistle led  Celtic punk rock number

The last track is called "Swing your Balls" and it's the kind of song that normally gets the "parental advisory" sticker.

"King of Kings" come is a six panel packaging including a four page booklet (band's biography, band's pic, line-up, contact details and band's link). The lyrics to the songs are not provided, but all of them can be found on BandcampYoutube or Reverbnation.

Curiously, "King of Kings" was released in 2013. Other bands that we have enjoyed in the last months have followed a similar approach on their Celtic punk songs (for instance, Punching Namard and Mick O'Toole). But, apart from updating the Flogging Molly classic sound, Black Anemone has been able to add other non-Celtic elements that we really appreciate. Go ahead and grab your copy!

Tracklist (click to listen):

01 - Intro 0:06
02 - Marky ( King of Kings ) 3:35
03 - Pig of Swines 3:04
04 - Devil on your Shoulder 3:45
05 - Galloway March 0:45
06 - Hoist the Flag 3:38
07 - She's my Whiskey and my Gin 4:30
08 - Slaving for Days 2:13
09 - Sing along for the Unlucky Ones 3:10

Click to buy:




Review by Kinksmarkham

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015


Kitchen Implosion has just released a video for "barbagal.

Kitchen Implosion - Barbagal

FREE DOWNLOAD - 13KRAUSS "Seguir en pie"

I posted this on the Spanish e-zine, but I forgot to post it here. 13Krauss debut album "Seguir en pie" is available at Bandcamp (Name Your Price). It'd be rather nice if you could leave a tip.

The CD version is sold out, but vinyl copies are still available.


Thursday, June 25, 2015


News from Jay Wars & The Howard Youth:

"We are proud to announce and present two very awesome things!

Firstly, it's an honour to announce that we have signed with Melbourne's best record label, Whisk and Key Records, to release our next album (due out in November). We love these guys and are stoked to be able work with them and to share the spotlight with such awesome Whisk and Key bands as Joe Guiton & The Suicide Tuesdays and Del Lago!

Secondly, here's our new video for the final single from "Carry Me Home", "Give Me A Drink!" We spent a couple fun nights making it, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Excellent performance from Joe Guiton as the Insecurity Guard. 




Mickey Rickshaw "No Heaven for Heroes" and The Royal Spuds new album "It's a Freakin' Freakshow" are the featured CDs at Celtic-Folk-Punk Radio.

Weekend schedule as follows:

Friday 26 June 2015

6h00, 10h00, 14h00, 18h00 and 22h00 (CEST, Paris-Berlin-Rome time)

Saturday 27 June 2015

2h00, 6h00, 10h00, 14h00, 18h00 and 22h00 (CEST, Paris-Berlin-Rome time)

Sunday 28 June 2015

2h00 (CEST, Paris-Berlin-Rome time)

There are two different playlists, and therefore every 4 hours the songs won't be the same. Besides, the order will be different every day. That is, if you can only listen to the radio on Friday,  for instance, at 22h00, you can listen again on Saturday at 22h00, since the songs won't be the same.

Tune in and enjoy!


Ebri Knight has a new video out: Foc.

The video has been directed by Lluís Maymó and produced by Cromo Films.

Ebri Knight - Foc

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

REVIEW - COCKSWAIN "Séamus" (2015)

Cockswain "Séamus"
Release date: April 20, 2015
Running time: 31:31, 9 tracks

Cockswain is a Cetic/pirate band hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. They are two girls and four guys: Mo Perzan (flute, tin whistle, piano, vocals), Amanda Lubking (fiddle, backing vocals), Neil Jay Ward (vocals, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin and songwriting), Wake Lubking (tenor banjo, 5 string banjo and vocals), Clint Davis (bass, backing vocals) and Shane Smith (drums, backing vocals). "Séamus" is their impressive debut, a CD showcasing Neil's songwriting skills and a traditional set of tunes.

Cockswain have taken an interesting seafaring approach on their lyrics and musically they have chosen to add to their sound some sax by guest Tuff Eddy.

The album opener is titled "Tonight We Dance" and it's a mid-tempo sing-along on which some of their heroes are mentioned: Brendan Behan and Shane MacGowan.

"Gods Have no Graves" is a badass instrumental. That's the kind of stuff that I miss on some recordings

The shanty "All Hands on Deck" is one of the album's highlights. There is  also a shade of gypsy music which is more obvious on the following number, "Ghost Ship".

"Hanged Man" is probably my choice. One could feel that it's an instrumental because of the dancing intro. However, it's a fantastic song with great banjo, fiddle, whistle and hey shouts.

The next number is a duet boy/girl, "Long Lonesome Road", a ballad with la-da-da-oh chorus.

"Damned to Hell" is Celtic punk at its best and "Sailor's Son" is a number that Celtic punk fans will enjoy too. Between those tracks, Cockswain deliver a set of tunes: "Wind That Shakes the Barley / Cock o' the North".

"Séamus" comes in a jewel case. All the lyrics to the songs can be found on the 4 page booklet, together with full info about the band (line-up, website, favebook page), guests on the album and credits. The amazing cover artwork has been drawn by Jeremy "Zombie Yeti" Packer and the back cover picture has been shot by Marlow Sharpe.

Cockswain's debut album has every single thing that I love to find on a Celtic punk/rock CD: shanties and sailors' songs, catchy chorus, uptempo songs, some gypsy drops, instrumentals and no overexposed ballads. Maybe some arrangements could have improved the final result, but one thing is  clear: all of the tracks are rad songs. Hats-off! 

Tracklist (click to listen to the songs on soundcloud):

1. Tonight We Dance 3:46   
2. Gods Have No Graves 2:33
3. All Hands On Deck 4:31
4. Ghost Ship 2:34
5. Hanged Man 3:10
6. Long Lonesome Road 3:52
7. Damned to Hell 3:02
8. Wind That Shakes the Barley / Cock O' the North 4:20
9. Sailor's Son 3:45


Click to buy:


Review by Kinksmarkham

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FREE DOWNLOAD - MICKEY RICKSHAW "No Heaven for Heroes" (2015) and "16 Down and Back Again" (2013)

Mickey Rickshaw is a Boston pillage punk band. They have just released their debut album "No Heaven for Heroes" which is available at Bandcamp (Name your Price, please donate). Their previous work, the "16 Down and Back Again" mini album is also available for free.

Some of the 8 members of the band are:

Mike Rivkees - Lead vocals, songwriter
Jake Sullivan - Fiddle
Shane Welch - Pipes, tin whistle



Sunday, June 21, 2015

REVIEW - CIRCLE J "The Year of the Goat" (2015)

Circle J "The Year of the Goat" CJ04
Release date:  April 26, 2015
Running time: 20:57, 7 tracks

"Glad to se you go, goodbye". That's what Ramones sang. But after listening to Circle J's new mini-album ""The Year of the Goat" that's what I sing: "Glad to see you come back, welcome" . The band's previous EP was very good, but sometimes it seemed that they were mellowing. Fortunately, they are back with a vengeance and they have come back to their roots: amazing banjo picking, great piping/whistling and kick-ass electric guitar work.

From the very beginning the listener is aware that the old spirit is back. "The Ones We Left Behind", a song about World War II, kicks off with an "ein, zwei, drei, vier" counting and banjo and pipes sounds. The guitar part is the first evidence that "The Year of the Goat" is a rocking album.

"Fields of Pretend" is one of my faves. The electric guitar sound is harder on this number where pipes and banjo are played again. Circle J at its best.

The next track is titled "Warrior Monkey Princess" and it's a sort of a Paddy and The Rats tone down number. Fantastic song with addictive chorus and Marianne switching to tin whistle and Jasper to mandolin.

"Lost and Found" is an evidence of the band's versatility. This time, they choose a British festival folk rock approach on a number showing the band's social consciousness.

"Jenny's Song" is another early Circle J sounding number with infectious sha-la-la chorus. Marianne plays tin whistle again

Edje's electric guitar shines on "Beyond the Edge", an awesome number with some folk metal drops.

Finally, "Knockapoulka" is a traditional instrumental that gets the Circle J's treatment. Drummer Remi is in charge of the oi's shouts on this number

Marianne and the boys have not failed with the packaging. This time it's a 6 panel digipack providing all the lyrics to the songs and full credits. Regarding the amazing artwork, maybe most of you have not noticed it, but there is a mistake. Cows' udders have four teats (nipples), but small ruminants' udders (that is, goats and sheep) only have TWO teats :-)

The burgeoning Dutch scene is delivering a handful of excellent CDs in 2015. Among all the Dutch bands, Circle J were the first band to break through internationally and they have proved that they're still alive and kicking. 


1 – The Ones We Left Behind 2:43
2 - Fields of Pretend 2:30
3 - Warrior Monkey Princess 3:14
4 - Lost & Found 3:53
5 - Jenny's Song 3:03
6 - Beyond the Edge 3:18
7 - Knockapoulka 2:15


Contact the band via Facebook or send an e-mail to 
to buy the CD.

Review by Kinksmarkham

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