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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

VIDEO - CURLIES "Zase sme tady"

Curlies released in November 2014 a 3 track EP. A video for the main song "Zase sme tady" has been released too.

This EP, together with the Scotch album "Scotch the World" are the featured CDs next weekend at Celtic-Folk-Punk Radio.

An EP review will be posted in a few days. Stay tuned!

Curlies - Zase sme tady

VIDEO - RAIN IN SUMMER "Perjuangan semut"

The Indonesian band Rain in Summer new video for "Perjuangan semut". Check it out!

Rain in Summer - Perjuangan semut

Monday, January 26, 2015

FREE DOWNLOAD - 40 THIEVES "The Devil Made Me Do It"

40 Thieves have established themselves as one of the best loved Irish bands in the Metro DC area.  From the cozy confines of the DC area’s best Irish pubs to the wide-open stages of the festival circuit, this rocking ensemble has wowed the crowds by wedding old fashioned and newfangled Irish music with straight ahead rock and roll.  Vocalist Melanie Caudron's rich, mellow croon meshes beautifully with guitarist Dave Dresser's gritty rock yawp.  Fiddler Randy Latimer's classically honed, Cape Breton-influenced chops filigree the bar-band stomp and Guinness inspired grooves provided by drummer Jim Sullivan and bassist Charlie McNamara.    


Melanie Caudron - Vocals, tin whistle, percussion
Dave Dresser, Vocals, guitar, harmonica
Randy Latimer - Violin
Charlie McNamara - Vocals, bass guitar, mandolin
Jim Sullivan - Drums


"The Devil Made Me Do It" (12 studio tracks + 3 tracks live, 2004)
"Ceol DC" (12 tracks, 2012) Click to buy from CDbaby


Website (Track by track + artwork)


Jolly Jackers released their debut album "Sobriety" last week and now they have an official video for that song.

Jolly Jackers - Sobriety

Sunday, January 25, 2015

REVIEW - THE MAGGOTY BRATS "Folklore Noir" (2015)

The Maggoty Brats "Folklore Noir"
Release date: January 6, 2015
Running time: 41:06, 13 tracks

The Quebecer crew The Maggoty Brats are back with their folka/pyscho/punka-billy. The Maggotty Brats proved with their previous release that there was life after the Celtic punk and they have not changed the direction of their vessel with “Folklore Noir”. Yes, the album title is in French again, but they keep on singing in English. Even the song “Elle danse sur du béton” is sung in English, with a final verse in French.

Perhaps the album title gives a lead about the content. Noir means black, dark, and lyrics and music are darker than on “Danse Macabre”.The album begins with “Masters of the Game”, a cow punk number reminiscent of the early The Men They Couldn’t Hang. Track no. 2 “Blazing Thunder” is a punkabilly song with harmonica, bass and banjo. The next song is the a.m. “Elle danse sur du béton”, which is a slower number.

Folklore Noir” is one of the album’s highlights, the ideal number for a Western soundtrack with great fiddling à la Louise Attaque. The following numbers have related titles: “Elvis in Wonderland” and “Alice in Graceland”. The former is a fast-paced song with brilliant fiddle and better vocal performance. The latter is a gypsy infused number.

Kazoo can be heard on “Leviathan”, a Mexican number. “Midnight IOA” is an upbeat song with interesting backing vocals, while “Matilda” is a bluesy song featuring harmonica. The Maggoty Brats move to ska on “Black Flea Market” and “Broken” is a lively track with a great work on the backing vocals.

Anarcoholism” is a slower number and “Dark Side of Ages” is my fave, an excellent accordion led folk punk number.

The Maggoty Brats are tighter than ever, with an amazing rhythm section, a brilliant fiddler and a superb singer. Go to Bandcamp and grab a copy of "Folklore Noir"


01 - Masters Of The Game 3:56
02 - Blazing Thunder 3:05
03 - Elle Danse Sur Du Béton 2:41
04 - Folklore Noir 2:54
05 - Elvis In Wonderland 2:33
06 - Alice In Graceland 3:39
07 - The Leviathan 4:00
08 - Midnight IOA 2:49
09 - Matilda 2:56
10 - Black Flea Market 2:35
11 - Broken 2:26
12 - Anarcoholism 4:05
13 - Dark Shift Of Ages 3:20


Click to buy


Review by Kinksmarkham


This is the second post about the Brazilian band from Minas Gerais The McMiners: their rendition of "Drunken Sailor", mixed with "Drowsy Maggie". 

The McMiners had a fiddler, but unfortunatley she had to leave the band. This is the current line-up:

Gabriel "O'Finnegan" Leão - Vocals/Bass Guitar/Bodhrán
Ernst "Mad" McMiner Von Clauss - Acordeon/Bagpipes/Concertina/ Harmonica
Nathan Augusto - Lead Guitar
Lucas Soraggi - Acoustic Guitar/Backing Vocals
Luciano Alvim - Acordeon/Backing Vocals/Tin Whistle
Arthur Telles - Drums


Friday, January 23, 2015


Every Saturday a seminal studio album will be played at Celtic Folk Punk Radio. The first album will be played tomorrow (Saturday 24 January 2015)  at 23:00 CET: The Stoasters "Keep the Head" (1993).

10 out of 12 songs will be played

Tune in and enjoy!

Apparently there is no info about the band on the Internet. However, you can have a look to this info from 2.000:



Every Saturday evening a live album will be played at Celtic Folk Punk Radio. The first album will be played tomorrow (Saturday 24 January 2015)  at 20:00CET: Toss the Feathers "Live at 32" (1988).

Tune in and enjoy!

If you are not familiar with this seminal Mancunian band, have a look to the following info (Toss the Feathers three studio albums can be bought from Magnetic Music, link at the bottom)


Toss The Feathers were formed in 1987 after Dave Smylie met Pete Carberry in Manchester's Bouzouki By Night. Joined by Michael McGoldrick, Angela Usher and Martin Moylan, a session at The Bridgewater Bar in Stockport followed and since the Mancunian second-generation Irish group have become legendary on the Celtic Rock circuit.

Eddie Sheehan replaced Martin as guitarist and in 1988 Paul Usher (drums) and Dezi Donnelly (fiddle) joined. Founding members, Angela and Pete left before Chris Cormac (banjo/mandolin) made up the 5-piece.

Their debut recorded album, "Columbus Eclipse", focused more on their traditional Irish influences with many brilliant instrumental tracks and was released in 1989 to widespread acclaim.

The 1991 follow-up album, "Awakening", (which is also known as "Rude Awakening") changed tempo and helped earn them a large following in Europe, mixing traditional with rock. Sean Reagan temporarily replaced Dezi on fiddle and in 1992, with Jim Krawiecki, Toss the Feathers made their debut performance at Manchester's Apollo Theatre, selling out the 2,000 capacity venue.

Toss The Feathers have, with differing line-ups, since gone on to play all over the UK, Ireland, and the USA. It was in mainland Europe though that they enjoyed their greatest success, practically living there in the early 1990's before returning home to Manchester. Dezi rejoined for a short stint and Eddie Sheehan left before the release of their brilliant 1995 album,"The Next Round".

Toss the Feathers have always had a large following and have been able to survive various line-up changes since as well as accomodating solo success from Michael McGoldrick. (He is replaced by Paul Daly when not available).

Toss The Feathers' unique mix of traditional Irish music with rock will continue to win many new followers (they have also recently toured Asia). TTF are Manchester's most exciting Celtic export since Phil Lynott and must be seen live.



Mike McGoldrick Formed legendary Manchester folk rockers, Toss The Feathers, with Eddie Sheehan (vocals, guitar), Dave Smylie (bass, vocals), Peter Carberry (mandolin & accordian), Angela Usher (banjo & whistle) and Martin Moylan (drums). Paul Usher replaced Martin Moylan for the release of the singles 'The Crack Was 90' and 'Skidoo'


Toss The Feathers Live At The 32 Club
Very rare cassette featuring the original line-up of legendary Manc Irish folk rockers, Toss The Feathers, including Michael McGoldrick.


Toss the Feathers Columbus Eclipse
An 18 year old 'Mike Goldrick' played flute and whistles on this album, which was hurridly put together when the band toured America. The album was only half finished so the singles 'The Crack Was 90', it's B-side 'Grogans Hornpipes/Toss The Feathers reels' and the B-side to the 'Skidoo' single, 'Ride On', were added.


Toss the Feathers Awakening
Released by the band's manager without their approval, the band, with a new manager, re-released it with the title 'Rude Awakening' in 1993. Alongside 'Mike Goldrick', the line-up now included fiddle player Sean Regan instead of Peter Carberry and Angela Usher.


Toss the Feathers TTF'94 Live
Michael McGoldrick appeared on this llve performance


Toss the Feathers The Next Round
 'Michael Goldrick' lined up alongside Barry James (vocals, guitar), Dave Smylie (bass, vocals), Paul Usher (drums) and Andrew Dinan (fiddle, mandolin) for this superb album which, alongside many McGoldrick-penned tracks, included the track 'Skibereen', dedicated to Manc Irish rock legend Phil Lynott.


Live at the 32 Club (1988, 16 tracks)
Columbus Eclipse (1989, 10 tracks)
(Rude) Awakening (1991, 12 tracks)
TTF'94 Live (1994)
The Next Round (1995, 11 tracks)

Click to buy the studio albums

Magnetic Music


Here's Bodh'aktan  tour for their "Les Grandes Débarques de la St.Patrick" on 2 continents this year !


27 FEB Stuttgart (DE) with Fiddler's Green
28 FEB Lindau (DE) with The Porters
01 MARCH Freising (DE) with Cellarfolks
06 MARCH Hambourg (DE) with Fiddler's Green
07 MARCH Oberhaussen (DE) with Fiddler's Green
12 MARCH Frankfurt (DE) with Fiddler's Green
13 MARCH Berlin (DE) with Fiddler's Green
14 MARCH Dudelage (Luxembourg) Festival Zeltik
17 MARCH Bordeaux (FR) with Celkilt


19 MARS Brossard (Québec) with Caravane et Rudy Caya
21 MARS Québec (Québec) with Caravane et Rudy Caya
27 mars Ville de La Baie (Québec) with Caravane et Rudy Caya

Bodh'aktan avec Vilain Pingouin - Salut Salaud


The South Shore Ramblers got together with their Irish friend Neil Brannigan Tyrrell and recorded a couple of tribute songs. The first one is "Far Away Coast" by Dropkick Murphys.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


The Scarlet "Midnight Avenue EP" and Jolly Jackers "Sobriety" are the featured albums at Celtic Folk Punk Radio.

This is the week-end schedule:

Friday 23 January 2015

6h00, 10h00, 14h00, 18h00 and 22h00 (CET, Paris-Berlin-Rome time)

Saturday 24 January 2015

2h00, 6h00, 10h00, 14h00, 18h00 and 22h00 (CET, Paris-Berlin-Rome time).

Sunday 25 January 2015

2h00 (CET, Paris-Berlin-Rome time)

Songs from other Hungarian bands such as Colleen, Piszkos Fred and Punk Whiskey will also be played.

There are two different playlists, and therefore every 4 hours the songs won't be the same. Moreover, the order will be different every day. That is, if you can only listen to the radio on Friday,  for instance, at 22h00, you can listen again on Saturday at 22h00, since the songs will be different


Every Saturday a live album and a seminal studio album will be played. These are the albums that will be played on Saturday 24 January:

- Toss the Feathers "Live at 32" (1988) at 20h00 CET
- The Stoasters "Keep the Head" (1993) at 23h00 CET

Tune in and enjoy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

REVIEW - THE FIGHTING JAMESONS "Every Day Above Ground" (2014)

The Fighting Jamesons Every Day Above Ground"
Release date:March 15, 2014
Running time: 50:11, 12 tracks

Every Day Above Ground” is The Fighting Jamesons second studio album and the third in their discography. The core of the band remains the same, with songwriter Mike Powers on lead vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo and mandolin and George Baumann IV on lead guitar. The fiddler, bassist and drummer are different from the ones who recorded their self-titled mini-album in 2011, and an accordionist has been added to the line-up.

Apart from that, the differences between both studio CDs are easily noticed. The 12 tracks running time is 50 minutes when their previous effort running time was only 29 minutes (8 tracks). That is, the new songs are longer. Besides, even if the quantity of “Irish” standards is the same, 3 songs, the percentage is lower now: 25% the second album, 37,50% the first album. As I like that bands give priority to their self-penned stuff, I feel that this is fine.

Regarding the sounds, every fan will be pleased. There are Easter European sounding numbers (“Year Gone By”), bluegrass (“Mid the Green Fields of Virginia”, “Around the Bend”), fast-paced banjo and mandolin led songs (“What Does it Mean”), ballads (“Every Day Not Wasted”), catchy songs with fantastic accordion and fiddle arrangements ( “How I Ended Up This Way”)… The band is really tight and there is space for every single instrument along the album.

The album package is a gatefold sleeve with a band pic and the band’s line-up. Unfortunately, neither lyrics, no credits are provided.

The Fighting Jamesons are currently one of the most interesting Celtic Punk band in the USA and “Every Day Above Ground” reached the 13th place at The Best of 2014. If you weren’t quick enough to download a “Name Your Price” digital copy from Noisetrade in November, go to CDbaby and grab a CD. A must have album.

P.S.  Don’t forget to read the album review that our London Celtic Punk friends published some weeks ago:


01 - Year Gone By 5:38    
02 - What Does It Mean? 4:15    
03 - Rocky Road to Dublin 3:40    
04 - Mid the Green Fields of Virginia 2:54    
05 - Last Thing I Remember 4:05    
06 - Everyday Not Wasted 4:29    
07 - How I Ended Up This Way 4:02    
08 - Around the Bend 3:22    
09 - Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya 4:37    
10 - A Song for Letting Go 4:51    
11 - Isn't It Grand 3:09    
12 - The Ramble Home 5:01


Click to buy


Review by Kinksmarkham

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Jolly Jackers (Hungary) have just released their debut album, "Sobriety"  and it's free!!!

This will be the featured recording, together with The Scarlet "Midnight Avenue EP", at Celtic Folk Punk radio in a few days.



Berta Bence - Drums
Andrea Boncz - Flute, Irish flute, vocals
István Farago (Sztivi) - Vocals, guitar
István Farkas - Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Eniko Papp - Bass, Vocals
Kristina Ujházy - Fiddle, vocals



All the lyrics available at the Bandcamp page

Sunday, January 18, 2015

THE SCARLET "Midnight Avenue" EP IS OUT

The Scarlet (Hungary) have just released their "Midnight Avenue" EP. The tracks can be played from Soundcloud and YouTube. The lyrics to every song can be found HERE.

The EP has been produced at Nordic studios by  Kristóf Oravecz (Paddy and The Rats singer)

A review of the EP will be posted soon. Besides, this EP together with the Jolly Jackers "Sobriety" album will be the featured recordings at Celtic Folk Punk streaming radio next weekend!!!



1 - Thief of Dublin 2:55
2 - The Jester's Way Home 3:12
3 - Jacky Wood 3:17
4 - Misfortune 3:39
5 - Drunken Scallywag 3:23
6 - Phoenix (Bonus track) 3:18

Running time: 19:45

Saturday, January 17, 2015


The Tofu Love Frogs albums "Rentamob" and "Vegetable Attack" were posted in 2009 (link HERE). You can have a look to the band's bio, discography and front and back albums covers there, but the links to the albums are dead, since the band's website is no longer active. Fortunately both albums and the previous one "Toytown" can be downloaded for free from The Tofu Love Frogs soundcloud site.


Friday, January 16, 2015

VIDEO - DEIEDRA "Wild Rover"

Deiedra have recently released a video for "The Wild Rover" to celebrate their 5th anniversary. And it's sung in English!!! The video has been shot at Arrigunaga beach in Getxo (Bizkaia, Basque Country). The old windmill (Aixerrota) can be seen at the top of the cliffs.

Deiedra - The Wild Rover

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