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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Smokey Bastard official video for "Archipelago", off their upcoming album "Back to the Drawing Room" (out next November 13th 2015)

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Filthy Nelly "Tranquilize This!", Michael and the Wolfhounds "Folk Up Your Ass" and Smokey Bastard "Back to the Drawing Room" are the featured CDs at Celtic-Folk-Punk radio.

Only 3 tracks from the new album by Smokey Bastard will be played. More tracks will be played next week. Schedule as follows:

Friday 9 October 2015

From 9h00 to 11h00 CEST and from 18h00 to 20h00 CEST

Saturday 10 October 2105

From 9h00 to 11h00 CEST and from 20h00 to 22h00 CEST

Tune in! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

REVIEW - IN FOR A PENNY "The Guardian Angel Sessions" (2015)

In for a Penny "The Guardian Angel Sessions"
Release date: September 13, 2015
Running time: 34:33, 9 tracks

In for a Penny started in March 2015 in theSavannah/Tybee Island area (Georgia, USA). When SeanMcNally (mandolin, vocals), Henny “da butcha” (drums) and Jeremy Riddle (guitar and vocals) are asked what can of music they play, they usually respond with “it’s kinda of Irish with a punk feel and some weird 80’s covers. As accurate as that description is, it still leaves people with no idea what the heck to expect, so we remedied that situation a few weeks ago by setting up our gear in Jeremy’s living room and hitting record as we jammed through nine of our favorite songs. The result will give you a good idea of what to expect from the rowdy Irish craic that is In For A Penny.”

I dare say that In for a Penny are balladeers of the XXIst century. They take the spirit of The Dubliners and add some punk twist to the mix.  Other definition would be a sort of a stripped version of The Tossers.

The Guardian Sessions” is a back to basics album. Don’t expect polished studio stuff. The guys have recorded it at home and the live atmosphere can be felt all along the album. Most of the songs are self-penned material (6 tracks) and there are only two standards and a The Bollox cover.

Tattletale” opens the album and it’s one of my faves. I’m sure that you’ll grab a pint of stout after having listened to the first lines.

Track no. 2 is titled “God Created Whiskey” and it’s a song that will become a classic pub song.

The next number is “Lucky Enough”, another proof that these guys have pushed the ballads to the punk territory.

Dead for so Long”, and “If I Get to Heaven” are rough at the edges, but both are kick-ass songs that remind me of Dave King’s songwriting (file them together with “The Worst Day Since Yesterday”).

Between those songs, In for a Penny offer their own rendition of “Johnny Jump Up”. It’s a song that I particularly love and In for a Penny’s take is amazing. It begins slowly, but little by little it’s becoming a hypnotic song.

The other standard is “Danny Boy”. This song was covered by several bands in the last years, but In for a Penny version is very interesting too.

Sean and the guys are very proud of being allowed by The Bollox to cover their hit “Tura Lu”. By the way, The Bollox album was reviewed at Celtic Folk Punk and More in 2011.

Guardian Angel” closes the album and it has a crooner feel that I have enjoyed.
The album front cover depicts and angel and the back cover is a band pic at Fort Pulaski National Monument shot by Wen McNally.

The Guardian Angel Sessions” can be a no frills album, but it’s full of attitude and the kind of imperfect gems that Celtic folk-punk fans love.


1 - Tattletale 2:41
2 - God Created Whiskey 3:20
3 - Lucky Enough 2:20
4 - Dead for So Long 4:43
5 - Johnny Jump Up 4:35
6 - If I Get to Heaven 3.39
7 - Danny Boy 3:32
8 - Tura Lu (The Bollox cover) 4:13
9 - Guardian Angel 5:27


Click to buy:

Band's store

Review by Kinksmarkham

Monday, October 5, 2015

VIDEO - SIGULKA "Black Storm"

Sigulka are a Celtic metal band from Madrid. This is the official video for their single "Black Storm".



Margarita - fiddle
Juan - guitar,vocal
Dan - guitar
Fredy - bass
Cristian - drums

Sigulka - Black Storm

Sunday, October 4, 2015

REVIEW - THE FATTY FARMERS "Escape from the Dirty Pigs" (2015)

The Fatty Farmers "Escape from the Dirty Pigs" Self-released
Release date: August 10, 2015
Running time: 59:35, 16 tracks

Every two years, the band from Toledo The Fatty Farmers release a new album.  Their debut CD was released in 2011. In 2013 they released their sophomore album “Refarmatory” and now, in 2015, they have just released their third album, “Escape from the Dirty Pigs”.

It can’t be said that The Fatty Farmers are lazy boys, as the 16 tracks on the album run in an hour. The core of the band remains the same, since only one member is new. Former guitar Diego Fignani had to leave the band when he found a job in France and the guitar is played by Josemi now . Regarding the songs, their musical horizons have not changed: 8 Flogging Molly infused songs, 2 instrumentals, 1 bluegrass number, 1 gypsy number, 1 Caribbean number, 1 slow, 1 bagpipes punk song and 1 punk song. Some of the lyrics on their previous album dealt with social matters, but for this new album the guys have decided to focus on fun, fun and more fun. The Fatty Farmers are well-known because of their incendiary shows and fans on Italy and Portugal have had the chance to enjoy their music at some big festivals.

Escape from The Dirty Pigs” kicks off with “Carrot Man”. The song features kick ass banjo picking that reminds me of The Logues.

The next number has been written by Josemi and it’s titled “Dirty Tricks”. The song has a bluegrass feel based on banjo and fiddle. Female backing vocals by guest Bea can be heard on this track.

Freddy” is the gypsy number on “Escape from the Dirty Pigs”. There is mandolin, accordion and fiddle in this number about murders at a freak show.

The following track, "The Kings of Our Farm",  is  one of my faves. It begins with accordion and tin whistle. Then Rodri starts to sing, there is accordion all along the song, fiddle and mandolin near the end ... The tale: the farmers win the lottery and hire some hot girls to take care of the farm. Obviously this turns into a total disaster: the girls are interested in their money and they are interested in … well, you know it. Finally they get rid of the girls and come back to their former life as farmers.

Gafitaeh” is a badass self-penned instrumental by the band showcasing accordion, fiddle and tin whistle. Flogging Molly meet Celtas Cortos on this number.

Track number 6 is another highlight on “Escape from the Dirty Pigs”. A powerful beginning and fantastic accordion and fiddle all along the song, apart from an awesome electric guitar part. An amazing number with a Flogging Molly from the “Within a Mile from Home” era twist. The story? The title is quite explicit.

The time for a rest comes after those lively songs. “A Doubt in My Heart” has been written by Lamber (bass) and it’s a quieter number featuring mandolin by Rodri and harmonica by Lamber.

The break is over and another explosive number is delivered: “A Letter to Beth”. Brilliant sound based on accordion, fiddle, tin whistle and mandolin on this song that once again merges influences by both Flogging Molly and Celtas Cortos. The outro part, featuring mandolin and fiddle only, is simply perfect.

And then the surprising track arrives: “Invictus”. The song is based on the poem by the English poet William Ernest Henley. Brilliant bagpipes punk number that rivals with Black Tartan Clan.

There is a pirate on “There’s a Treasure Everywhere”, but it’s not the usual pirate punk song. Jumping accordion and fiddle are showcased on this catchy song.

I have talked about fun and incendiary shows. “Under Our Kilts” is one of those songs that proof the band’s party side. It starts with some banjo picking but then evolves into a reggae à la Paddy Goes to Holyhead. Don’t try to understand the lyrics. Only a few lines are written in English, the rest of the songs are words without meaning. A joke by The Fatty Farmers.

Another gem (and another different number): “Drunk Fighters” is a punk rock number featuring guitars, gang vocals and a programming that sounds like a sinthesizer and gives that punk from the mid 80’s twist to the song.

The Flogging Molly influence on The Fatty Farmers can’t be denied. But, as I’ve already said, some numbers have also some Celtas Cortos feel. “TV Fanegas Show” is one of those songs. Great guitar, fiddle and tin whistle works.

One of the songs that I’d pick up is “Queen of Drag Queens”. Excellent number in the Flogging Molly from the “Float” era vein. The Fatty Farmers at their best.

The last song (but not the last track) is called “When Our River Was a Beach”. Bagpipes can be heard again on this number. In terms of song structure, one of the best songs together with “A Letter to Beth

Finally, “Escape from the Dirty Pigs” ends up with “Dancing Duels”, a fight between fiddle and whistle. The tune has been recorded at the studio, but the claps and the atmosphere will make you think that you’re at a live show.

Escape from the Dirty Pigs” comes in a jewel case with an 8 page booklet (Lyrics to all of the songs, thank-yous, studio credits, band’s line-up and internet sites). If previous album covers featured pics of the band or band members, “Escape from the Dirty Pigs” cover is a drawing depicting two mad pigs, but a drawing of the band is featured at the back cover. The album has been recorded and mixed in Estudios 51 by Iván Ibáñez (like their previous album) and it has been produced by José Ortiz Llorente. If the band’s sound on “Refarmatory” was sometimes more focused on the electric guitar than on the traditional instruments, this time accordion, fiddle and tin whistle really shine in the final mix.

The Fatty FarmersEscape from The Dirty Pigs” is an album that will please both Celtic punk diehard fans and casual listeners. After listening to this album, I keep on wondering why big festivals in Germany and France have not called them yet. The Fatty Farmers never disappoint.


01 - Carrot Man 3:48
02 - Drirty Tricks 3:31
03 - Freddy 3:26
04 - The Kings of Our Farm 4:15
05 - Gafitaeh 2:51
06 - Grandma's Drug Lab 4:14
07 - A Doubt in My Heart 4:47
08 - A Letter to Beth 4:24
09 - Invictus 3:25
10 - There's a Treasure Everywhere 3:43
11 - Under Our Kilts 4:34
12 - Drunk Fighters 4:21
13 - Fanegas T.V. Show 3:27
14 - Queen of Drag Queens 3:37
15 - When Our River Was a Beach 3:53
16 - Dancing Duels 1:10


E-mail to to buy the CD

Review by Kinksmarkham

Saturday, October 3, 2015

FREE DOWNLOAD - THE NARROWBACKS "Live at The Stone Pony - The Official Bootleg"

Friday June 26th The Narrowbacks played after Flogging Molly & Gogol Bordello at the legendary Stone Pony - below they have part of that set for free download! 


Friday, October 2, 2015

VIDEO - THE McNAUGHSTYS "Dundalk the Brave"

The McNaughstys official video for "Dundalk the Brave"

The McNaughstys - Dundalk the Brave


The Band of October 2015 are The Dogs from the Grapes, from Brentonico, Trentino-Alto Adige (Italy).

The songs can be played at the top on the right side of the page till the end of October.


Michael: drums
Lucio: electric & acoustic guitar, vocals
Mr Johnson: bass
Javier: whistle, trumpet& sax, vocals
Il Turo: lead vocals, banjo&mandolin



"Sailor without Sea" (9 tracks, 2015)

An album review will follow soon.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Paddy and The Rats "Lonely Hearts Boulevard", The Stubby Shillelaghs "Critical Fail", Zuname "Pipes Not Dead" and Harley McQuinn "Orden Svatogo Viskara" are the featured CDs at Celtic-Folk-Punk radio.

Schedule as follows:

Friday 2 October 2015

From 9h00 to 11h30 CEST and from 18h00 to 20h30 CEST

Saturday 3 October 2105

From 9h00 to 11h30 CEST and from 20h00 to 22h30 CEST

Tune in!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Arbore Lume is a band from Costa Rica. "King of Pipers" is their first single



Kevin Murillo - Flutes and pipes
Carlos Mata - Fiddle
Jason Aguilar - Guitar and Irish bouzouki
Jean David Alonso - Piano  and accordion
Jose Jimenez - Bass
Adrian Marchena - Drums

Sunday, September 27, 2015

VIDEO - SKONTRA "La foguera"

Skontra official video for "La foguera", off their 4th album "Foguera"

Skontra - La foguera

REVIEW - SKONTRA "Foguera" (2015)

Skontra "Foguera" Self-released
Release date: May 25th, 2015
Running time: 45:30, 13 tracks

Four years have passed from Skontra’s third album “Mazcando miseries” to the release of their brand new album “Foguera”. The band from Asturies have had some ups and downs, but they have been able to arise from their ashes like a Phoenix.

During the years 2011-2015 Skontra  played some big festivals in Spain and the South of France and a lot of small gigs where they made new friends (they shared the stage with Drink Hunters and The Potes and became close friends with both bands). Unfortunately, César (drummer) decided to leave the band. He was living in Madrid and it was too hard to drive to Asturias and then back to Madrid every single weekend to rehearse with the band. This could have put a damper on Skontra’s career, but they found a new drummer, Mawy, and they were back on the road again. Founding member and bassist Gonza found a job on Madrid too, but he decided to stay on the band and now Skontra are back with a vengeance with their best work to date “Foguera”.

Semeya de la rabia” (2006) is a classic of the Spanish punk-folk scene. With “Cantares pa dempués d’una Guerra” (2008) the band tried to broaden their musical universe. Instead of keep on being a punk/oi band with pipes, they followed the path opened by The Clash or Mano Negra. Unfortunately, a bad production in the studio didn’t help to push the album and some fans feel that it was a “faux pas”. Their next album “Mazcando miseries” proved that they still were a worth hearing band and added a bunch of classic songs to the band’s set list.

Foguera” is the band’s most appealing album to date. Musically, it features different sides of the band. The pipes sound better than ever thanks to the production work by Miguel Herrero at ACME studios. And Mawy’s drumming adds a new dimension to the band’s sound too. After listening to track no. 3 “La Foguera” (or their acoustic version at the end of the album), some people could feel that the band has mellowed. Quite the contrary, the lyrics are incisive and the social dimension has not been put aside. Skontra are older, but wiser. They are engaged with their home country (Asturies), their mother tongue (seven songs are sung in Asturian) and the(ir) people.

Foguera” kicks off with “La nuesa vida” (Our Life). The lyrics for this amazing number are about the band’s life. It can be filed together with Booze and GloryOff We Go!” or The Real McKenziesMidnight Train to Moscow”, songs about the same subject.

Fuego” (Fire) is a call to arms. It’s  a guitar oriented number that ends up with a clear message: No van a callarnos (they are not going to shut up our mouths).

La foguera” (The Homefire) has been launched as single. Pop punk influences can be found on this track. Some buddies guest at the end of the song, singing in their mother tongues: David from Bastards on Parade in Galician, Nuria Martí in Catalonian and Sala Strummer and Ibi from The Potes in Basque. Electric guitar is played by Juanin (Carlinos' brother) and accordion by Igor Sala (The Potes).

Amargo Despertar” (Bitter Awakening) is another highlight. It has a The Real McKenzies feel, a Spanish punk-rock guitar sound part and great gang vocals.

La mio forma” (My Way) is a personal fave. Excellent work by Mawy on drums and fantastic piping and guitar work. They shift again to the pop-punk end with some The Clash sounding guitars. The song features a pipe rendition of “Music for a Found Harmonium”.

Otra oportunidá” (Another Chance) is a reggae number with a punk twist. The lyrics are about the economic crisis. Life's a bitch, but if we fight and stand up, it will bring us another chance. Don’t surrender and you’ll get your reward.

Sal a la cai” is a raucous punk rock number featuring inflammable pipes with plenty of woah backing vocals. It has a pipes arrangement based on the traditional tune “Pasacáis de Peruyes” as recorded by Asturian top folk band Llan de Cubel.

El 34” is Skontra at its best. This song about the Asturian Revolution in 1934 was recorded by Asturian folk band  Xéliba on their debut album  (lyrics are based on a traditional song and the music was written by the band from Avilés). One of the best numbers on “Foguera”.

A por ellos” begins à la early M.C.D. (punk-rock band from Bilbao) and the guitar work is excellent all along the song. It’s a tribute to the people who kept on fighting against the Franco’s dictatorship after the Spanish Civil War.

Skontra showcase again their love by Mexican music: “Nesi furgon” (In that Black Maria) is a brilliant Mexican-punk number featuring Miguel Herrero on trumpet.

Fernando Madina from Reincidentes (well-known punk-rock band from Sevilla) guests on vocals on “Largo camino” (Long Way), a song about all the African people who try to reach the European coasts in order to start a new life.  Ana Caballero guests on fiddle too.

Skontra played a gig at the Elorrixoko Gaztetxea in April  2014, sharing the stage with the band from Arrasate-Mondragón The Potes. At that time, The Potes  banjo player was Jul Bolinaga, a former member of Basque damned punk band R.I.P.. The Potes played a version of one of R.I.P. hits, “Condenado” (Condemned) and Berto, a long time fan of R.I.P., jumped on stage to sing with them. Later, they shared the stage once again in Asturies. Sadly, Jul died on stage at a gig in Bergara last year. Skontra have recorded this bagpipes punk  rendition together with The Potes members, Igor Sala on accordion and Sala Strummer and Ibi on vocals.

To finish up, Skontra deliver an acoustic version of “Foguera

The album artwork has been designed by Zapico (pipes) as usual. “Foguera” comes in a digipack enclosing a folded sheep (the equivalent to an 8 page booklet: lyrics to all of the songs, guests, thank yous and credits). I know that the album is available at Bandcamp as a Name Your Price download, but if I were you, I would write to the band to buy a physical copy.


01. La nuesa vida 03:18   
02. Fuego 03:12   
03. La foguera 04:02
04. Amargo despertar 03:16
05. La mio forma 04:01
06. Otra oportunidá 03:36
07. Sal a la cai 03:38   
08. El 34 02:48
09. Por la libertad 03:27
10. Nesi furgón 03:34
11. Largo camino 03:14
12. Condenado 03:36
13. La foguera (acústica) 03:42


Click to buy


If you're interested in a physical CD, contact the band on Facebook.

Review by Kinksmarkham

FREE DOWNLOAD - HARLEY McQUINN " Orden Svatogo Viskara" EP

Harley McQuinn have just released a new EP, "Orden svatogo viskara". The songs have already been added to our 24/7 streaming radio Celtic-Folk-Punk radio.

The EP digital version is available for free.




Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Quebecer band The McDrinkers are releasing their debut album "Bring the Barrels" next October 16th.

Check out this advance to whet your appetite:

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