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Friday, October 31, 2014


The Basque band Deiedra is sharing their latest album "Usteak Ustel" for free, but you can always purchase a hard copy (5 EUR + P&P).

Click to buy:



To all our dear friends here & across the miles, its been way too long as they say between drinks, first round for the weekend's ours as we say cheers to you, with the first single and video from our new album, its called ‘Blows & Unkind Words’.. please enjoy responsibly ;) – The Rumjacks.

The Rumjacks - Blows & Unkind Words

Calling out ‘Adults’ on their shitty childish behaviour toward one another, especially in the age of Social Media where courage is not a prerequisite. Our beautiful world is going to Hell around our ears and most of us can’t get past name calling and melodrama, much less tackle anything more serious than opening a packet of crisps. Get up, get real & get on with it.


Oh now come fellow traveller, bend an ear t’ward me,
Come cease all yer rabble & row,
All yer shrill empty laughter is slicin’ right through me,
And there’s feck all so funny no never, no how.
Ye’d as well tell the Devil his work is complete,
We’ll sing ‘share the love’ but we can’t share the streets,
It’s the kick in the arse it’s the kiss on the cheek,
It’s the blows & unkind words.

My conscience rings like a siller bell & I can waltz like a dervish my dear,
Two boots full o’ gravel through your blazin’ hell
With a shit-smeared grin from ear to ear.
Some hearts are like lightning in a bottle, and others like a moth in a can,
Some hearts are a Dead Sea apple, a poison to God & man,
I’m the sweetest bag o’ rats that you’ve ever seen,
I look like trouble & I walk like a king,
It’s my thing, why bawl when I can sing
Of all the blows & unkind words?

You get around gob draggin’ on the ground like lifes gone pissin’ in yer mince,
Were you bullied as a child? Abandoned to the wild?
And been blamin’ every fucker ever since?
We’re all born blind but we’re born with a spine,
So get up & stop hatin’ all the world,
Keep callin’ out to me ‘cos its growin’ hard to see
Through all the blows & unkind words.

Oh get back to yer corners ye filthy wee savages,
No terror hast though for the brave,
Wi’ yer four letter words all at three second intervals,
Two clicks away from a frosty old grave,
If ye’re spoilin’ tae rumble then piss off to war,
And for all o’ yer trouble get hee-feckin’-haw,
For we’re staunch, fit & proud and we’ll suffer no more,
O’ yer blows & unkind words.

Let the putrid little shites while away their lonely nights,
Sayin’ all they wouldn’t dare by light of day,
And if the church or the state can’t find a cure for all the hate,
Then I can’t find the need to vote or even pray.
Ding dang Daisy go ahead & call me crazy,
But this shootin’ match could all be over soon,
And the big fat dame with the foreign sounding name,
Is backstage firin’ up a tune.

Oh you’ve a penny, I’ve a pound, let’s get drunk & fuck around,
We’ll barricade the door against the world,
A kiss o’ life before you leave, ‘cos its growin’ hard to breathe,
Through all the blows & unkind words.

You’ve a penny, I’ve a pound, let’s get drunk & fuck around,
We’ll barricade the door against the world,
I can’t take another night watchin’ grown men fight,
To music made for teenage girls.


The Rumjacks.

Buy Single here:

iTunes - Bows & Unkind Words
iTunes - Plenty

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Birmingham Six "Move On", self-released
Release date: 5 September 2014
Running time: 35:01, 9 tracks

Birmingham Six is a five piece band from Philadelphia that released a couple of albums in 2008 and 2010 (Iron Rations” and “The Kessel Run”). Their new album is titled “Move On” and the current line-up is Joe Arnold (fiddle),  Barry Breslin (guitar, vocals), James Breslin (bass, vocals), Brian Kelly (drums) and Paul Wiese  (vocals, guitar, mandolin). One could define Birmingham Six as a Celtic (punk) rock band with a rebel twist.

Move On” consists of 9 self-penned songs in 35 minutes. My faves would be “Shame”, an upbeat song with a Brighton school fiddle flavour, “Bill’s Songs”, probably the most Celtic punk song on the album, “All Fall Down”, a catchy Celtic rock number from the East coast, and the ballad “Forever Ends".

Another tracks that have caught my attention would be “Move On”, more kick-ass fiddling in the British vein, and “Here at Duffy’s Cut”, a fast paced song about “the workers who  came to America on the John Stamp with hopes of new opportunities only to have their dreams cut short and seamlessly buried in a an unmarked grave by the side of the road."

Move On” is a great collection of songs and I’d like to congratulate Birmingham Six for recording only their own stuff. I’m sure that they play some trad. covers at their shows, but they have trusted in their own material for this studio album. Hats-off guys! Besides,  Birmingham Six sound showcasing Joe’s fiddle is the proof that, even if the band members love the US heavyweights of the genre,  they have their own identity.


1 - All Fall Down 3:09
2 - Here at Duffy's Cut 3:21
3 - Move On 4:05
4 - This Time 4:05
5 - Shame 4:19
6 - Fenian Heart 3:37
7 - Where Forever Ends 3:55
8 - Bill's Song 3:35
9 - Standing Here for You 4:36


Click to buy:

Band's Store

Review by Kinksmarkham

Monday, October 27, 2014


Two new tracks have been released by South African band The South Shore Ramblers, "Bare Knuckle Blackout" and "It's Alright":

Sunday, October 26, 2014

VIDEO - THE CLAN "Irish Rock Jigs"

Video for the set of tunes titled "Irish Rock Jigs" from The Clan debut album. Live footage from their Summer tour.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


The Russian band Middle Class Bastards have just released a 5 track EP titled "Rebel to the Core". It's available for free from Bandcamp.


Friday, October 24, 2014

REVIEW - PIBROCK "S/t" (2014)

Pibrock "s/t" PIB0001/1
Release date: 14 August 2014
Running time: 66:39, 16 tracks

The first time I visited Brittany I spent one night at the Festival Celtique de Lorient. The bill was Deaf Shepherd (Scotland), Danú (Ireland) and a local act. I enjoyed particularly the Deaf Shepherd show, because two pipers were on stage. I don’t know if the guys from PibRock were at that show, but their line-up has also two pipers.

As you probably know, a pibroch (piobaireachd) means piping in Scottish gaelic. So these French guys have chosen the right name for their band, since they play bagpipes with a hard rock attitude (hence the different spelling with a final k, PibRock). In fact, they define their band as Heavy Blues Celtic. PibRock hail from the North of France and their current line-up is Philippe Dehouck (Highland bagpipes), Christophe Popineau (Highland bagpipes, vocals), Yann Huellic (Guitar, vocals, darbouka, karkabou, tablas), David Planque (bass) and Manu Leuliet (drums). Manu recorded only 3 tracks on the album, the rest of the numbers were recorded by the late Xavier Demarquette.

The first numbers on their self-titled album are Celtic rock at its best. That is, Celtic Rock in the Wolfstone vein, a perfect blend of guitar and pipes on three powerful sets of tunes (“Mary Kelly’s/Patrick’s Dream”, “Kas a jig Part 1” and “Kas a jig Part 2”) and an amazing song, (“Whalermen o’Dundee”).  PibRock moves to the blues territory on the following numbers, “It Hurts Me Too” (cover) and “Blues Lament”.

After that blues part, PibRock deliver a couple of numbers written by Yann: “La Doëlanaise” (sung in French) and another hard rock tune (“Bards Maquam”). Then, a couple of standards get the PibRock treatment. Their rendition of “Loch Lomond” is improved with an instrumental part and an epic ending. “Scotland the Brave” is merged with “Wings” and the sound is more 80’s than the previous number.

Soleil d’Orient/Earl of Seaforth’s  Salute” is  a passage to India and “Les trois marins de Groix”a traditional sea song. They are followed by “Lost Bards”, an instrumental number with a Bags of Rock approach.

The album ends up with a three part opus called "Viking Rhapsody". “Saga” is folk-metal, “Lament” a Scorpions infused ballad and “Trech” a song in Breton language with a metal twist.

PibRock's debut album is packed on a jewel case that includes an 8 page booklet with lyrics and credits. Maybe the running time is a little bit long, but you can also think that you get a lot of music for the price of a standard CD.

France has a lot of brilliant musicians playing rock, blues and world music. Some of them have gathered together in order to form an interesting Celtic rock band: PibRock.


01 - Mary Kelly's / Patrick's Dream
02 - Whalermen o'Dundee
03 - Kas a jig - Part 1
04 - Kas a jig - Part 2
05 - It Hurts Me Too / The Campbletown Kiltie Ball
06 - Blues Lament
07 - La Doëlanaise
08 - Bards Maqam
09 - Loch Lomond
10 - Scotland the Brave / Wings
11 - Soleil d' Orient / Earl of Seaforth's Salute
12 - Les trois marins de Groix
13 - Lost Bards
14 - Viking Rhapsody - Saga
15 - Viking Rhapsody - Lament
16 - Viking Rhapsody - Trec'h


Contact the band to buy the CD:

Review by Kinksmarkham

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Canadian band The Irish McDrinkers are currently doing a Battle with 96 other bands in Quebec. They are the only irish rock band.

They need you to go to their Omnium du Rock page, watch their video and vote for them.

A little bit of help from the Irish punk community would be highly appreciated!!!

Here's the  link to the video where you can vote


Paddy Murphy video for "Hot Girl", song from their second album "Coffin Ship".

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Bastards on Parade are proud to confirm that they are touring Europe this November with UK punk Legends GBH!!

Poland, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary.

They are adding more dates on their way and way back so write to if you want them rockin your town!!

VIDEO - THE KILLIGANS "The Cornhusker"

(Thanks to Steven for the heads-up)

The Killigans video for "The Cornhusker". The song can be bought from Bandcamp.

This is The Killigans version of “The Cornhusker.” Written in 1909 by Robert W. Stevens, it was dubbed “The Official Field Song of the University of Nebraska” and became deeply ingrained in Nebraska football culture. This video captures the rich Husker tradition from the last one hundred years, and the Nebraska fans that keep it alive. With coaches like Bob Devaney, Tom Osborne, and Bo Pelini, and players like Tommy Frazier, Ndamukong Suh, and Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska is a consistent football powerhouse. There is no place like Nebraska. The Killigans are a folk punk band from Lincoln Nebraska, and they all bleed husker red. The video was produced and edited by Ryan Tweedy, the director of the film Through These Gates.

The Killigans - The Cornhusker

Monday, October 20, 2014

VIDEO - BLACK WATER COUNTY "The Parson's Daughter"

Black Water County video for "The Parson's Daughter" off their second EP "The Fellowship of the Craic"

Black Water County - The Parson's Daughter"

FREE DOWNLOAD - SIGELPA "Aplaudiu" single

The Catalonian band Sigelpa are sharing their new single "Aplaudiu" on Bandcamp (Name Your Price).

An outtake from the "TerraMorta" sessions and a remix. Enjoy


Sunday, October 19, 2014


The band from Quebec Bodh'aktan will be playing in Paris (France) next 27 and 28 October at La Dame du Canton, Port de la Gare, 75013 Paris.

All the info here: (in French)

Bodh'aktan (Québec)  - Rock celtique les 27 & 28 Octobre prochains @La Dame de Canton !

Lors de ces deux concerts exceptionnels parisiens, Bodh'aktan va présenter son nouvel album "Tant qu'il restera du rhum", ils ont été d'ailleurs nominés au prix Felix (Similaire aux Victoires de la Musique en France).

Vous trouverez toutes les informations nécessaires sur l'événement:



Saturday, October 18, 2014

VIDEO - LÁD CÚIG "Patrick MacKenzie"

Catalonian band Lád Cúig video for "Patrick MacKenzie". You should be familiar with the song, as it's often played at our streaming radio Celtic Folk Punk at Radionomy.

Lád Cúig - Patrick MacKenzie

Thursday, October 16, 2014


The Transylvanian band Selfish Murphy go on tour. All the details are on the picture. In the meanwhile, watch their brand new video.

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