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Sunday, December 21, 2014


A new bandthat I've recently discovered thanks to the excellent London Celtic Punks e-zine (they've posted a review of Bare Knuckle Parade's second EP )

The Bare Knucle Parade hail from Bath, England.





Jamie Beale - Vocals, banjo
Tom Cory - Guitar, vocals
Callum Moloney - Drums, vocals
Rob Kyle - Bass, vocals
Owain Coleman - Accordion, keys, vocals


"Songs for me Ma" (4 track EP, 2013)
"Iron Lungs" (5 track EP, 2014)

DOWNLOAD (Name Your Price):



Those who love the likes of  The Rumjacks, Catgut Mary or The Currency should check out this brilliant Aussie band hailing from Gold Coast: Rogue Scholars



Will Swan - Vocals, accordion, tin whistle
Tom Martin - Banjo
Sean Moyles - Guitar
MJ Meehan - Bass
Govi Gutwein - Drums

Rogue Scholars - Melbourne Tram Song

Rogue Scholars - Champagne Girls

Friday, December 19, 2014


Best of 2014. The list has 35 albums, like the previous year.
17 albums from Europe: 4 from Italy, 2 from Ireland, 2 from Germany, 2 bands based in Spain (Basque Country and Catalonia), 1 from Austria, 1 from Belgium, 1 from Denmark, 1 from France, 1 from Hungary, 1 from Sweden, 1 from the UK and 1 from Ukraine
11 albums from North America: 8 from the USA and 3 from Canada
1 album from South America: Brazil
1 album from Africa: South Africa
2 albums from Australasia: Australia
2 albums from Asia: 1 from Indonesia and 1 from Japan

1) As usual, this post is titled as “the best of”. However,  this is not  a competition, but a sort of a game. Remember that I give neither points, nor stars to the albums that are reviewed. I’d say that, IMHO,  this is the list of the most enjoyable albums of 2014.  It's a party!
2) This list is subjective, but not unfair: it covers the albums that I have enjoyed. Other lists are being posted on other sites and they'll be different. And I feel that diversity is good.

3) Important: Please remember that it’s a list of albums, not a list of bands.
4) I've tried to be coherent. Everybody should know that I prefer original material to over-exposed standards.
5) Please remember that I'm only a fan. Maybe some albums are technically or musically better than others. I have taken into account catchy songs, fresh approaches, originality and maybe I've given priority to raucous sounds rather than to polished sounds
6) Yes, this is a Celtic Punk e-zine. Then priority has been given to Celtic punk bands, but you'll also find quite a few Celtic rock and folk punk bands.

7) Only the albums that have been received for review/airplay purposes and/or that have been shared for free by the bands have been rated. Other recordings were released in 2014, but unfortunately no copy was submitted. Anyway, I feel that this is not biaising the list.

8) This Best of 2014 covers the albums that have been released from December 2013 to November 2014.
9) Neither Live albums, nor only covers albums have been taken into account. The same applies to compilations.

10) To be at the bottom of the list doesn't involve that an album is rather poor. The difference between the 5th place and the 20th place would be a tiny nuance. The same applies to the places going from 21st to 35th.
11) A lot of songs from these albums have been added to the streaming radio along the year and they are regularly played.

12) To the fans: feel free to share your comments below.

13) To the bands: it’s extremely difficult to rank every recording and I guess that some people won’t be happy. However, I really appreciate and respect the hard work by every single band. The quality of all of the recordings has been very high!

Albums 2014

01 - Bastard Bearded Irishmen "Rise of the Bastard"    Review
02 - The Ramshackle Army    "Letters from the Road Less Travelled"    Review
03 - Creeds Cross    "Gods & Fighting Men"    Review
04 - Uncle Bard and The Dirty Bastards    "Get the Folk Out!"    Review
05 - Craic    "Amongst the Mischief and Malarkey"    Review
06 - The Black Tartan Clan    "Scotland in Our Hearts"    Review
07 - Paddy Murphy    "CoffinShip" Review
08 - Finegan's Hell    "Drunk, Sick and Blue"    Review
09 - Rovers Ahead    "Always the Sinner, Never the Saint"    Review
10 - Mosche di Velluto Grigio "In te ho sognato, in te spero morir"    Review
11 - Roughneck Riot    "Out of Anger"    Review
12 - Whiskey Wagon    "Somewhere Under the Table"    Review
13 - The Fighting Jamesons    "Every Day Above Ground" Review coming soon!
14 - Drink Hunters    "Lurking Behind the Woods"    Review
15 - Lugh    "Quando os canecos batem"    Review
16 - The Clan    "The Clan"    Review
17 - Fiddler's Wage    "A Needle Pointing North"    Review
18 - The Wages of Sin    "Queensbury Rules"    Review
19 - The Mahones    "The Hunger & The Fight Part 1"    Review
20 - Firkin    "Finger in the Pie"    Review
21 - Celkilt    "On the Table"    Review
22 - O'Hamsters    "Kiev, Dublin, Alcohol"    Free Download
23 - The Sunday Punchers    "The Sunday Punchers"    Review
24 - Blood or Whiskey    "Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil"    Review
25 - McOnak    "Piraten Matxinada"    Review
26 - Kilkenny Knights    "Brady's Pub Tales"    Review
27 - Craic the Lens    "The Cannon"    Review
28 - Auld Corn Brigade    "Rebels till the End" Review
29 - Jay Wars    "Carry Me Home"    Review coming soon!
30 - Homeland    "The Show" Review coming soon!    
31 - Kitchen Implosion    "Pretty Work Brave Boys!"    Review
32 - Charlie's Rum and The Chaplin  "Ballad of Motherland" Review
33 - Birmingham Six    "Move On"    Review
34 - Kilt the Messenger    "Hero Punk"    Review
35 - 16 Tons with Ally    "Safari"    Review

Honorable mention:

Remember, no compilation albums are elegible for the list. But this album is really amazing:

VA "Wind from the Foreign Land - An Indonesian Celtic Punk Compilation"  WLRV Records Review


Thursday, December 18, 2014


This year I’ve decided to split the short recordings list into two lists:

a) A list of EPs and mini-albums. Recordings between 4 and 8 songs

b) A list of (digital) singles. Only 1 or 2 tracks that have been released as digital singles or videos, but they cannot be found for the moment on a full album.

I guess that this approach is better than that of the previous years.

Further comments:

1) As usual, this post is titled as “the best of”. However,  this is not  a competition, but a sort of a game. I’d say that, IMHO,  this is the list of the most enjoyable EPs/mini-albums and singles of 2014.

2) Important: Please remember that it’s a list of EPs/mini-albums and singles, not a list of bands.

4) Only the EPs/mini-albums and singles that have been received for review/airplay purposes and/or that have been shared for free by the bands have been rated. Other recordings were released in 2014, but unfortunately no copy was submitted.

5) As you can see, some recordings were released in 2012 or 2013. I’ve decided to rate them on the 2014 list ONLY after having checked that they were not reviewed on any other Celtic punk/rock e-zine in 2012 or 2013. I’ve got them in 2014 and I feel that a lot of fans didn’t notice that they were released before having read my posts about them. Then, I’ve considered them as 2014 releases.

6) No Live/radio sessions EPs have been taken into account.

7) A lot of these songs have been added to the streaming radio along the year and they are regularly played.

8) To the fans: feel free to share your comments below.

9) To the bands: it’s extremely difficult to rank every recording and I guess that some people won’t be happy. However, I really appreciate and respect the hard work by every single band. The quality of all of the recordings has been very high.

10) I’m looking forward to listening to the debut albums by most of these new bands!!!

So, these are the final lists:

EPs and Mini-albums

23 EPs/mini-albums from all over the world

13 from Europe (3 from Germany, 2 from the UK, 2 from France,1 from Austria, 1 from Hungary, 1 from Italy, 1 from Russia, 1 from Sweden, 1 from The Netherlands)
5 from North America (3 from the USA and 2 from Canada)
1 from South America (Brazil)
2 from Asia (Indonesia, Japan)
1 from Australasia (Australia)
1 from Africa (South Africa)

01 - Black Water County "The Fellowship of the Craic"  (6 tracks) Review
02 - Captain Jack's Army "Royal Arms" (5 tracks) Review
03 - Dirty Glass "Drunken Summer Night" (5 tracks) Review
04 - Robbing Vikes "We Are Pirates" (5 tracks) Review
05 - The South Shore Ramblers "Bare Knuckle Blackout" (6 tracks) Free Download
06 - The Moorings "Nicky's Detox" (5 tracks) Review coming soon!
07 - Katies Randy Cat "For the Green" (4 tracks) Review
08 - Sisters of Murphy "Holy Show (remastered 2014)" (6 tracks) Band of the Month
09 - Six Pints Left "Rebellious Radio" (6 tracks) Review
10 - Blunderbuster "s/t" (5 tracks) Free Download
11 - The McNaughstys "s/t" (4 tracks) Review
12 - Lennon Kelly "Lennon Kelly" (7 tracks) Review
13 - Shambolics "Pogue Mahone" (6 tracks) Review
14 - The Fourth Well "EP" (4 tracks) Review
15 - Middle Class Bastards "Rebel to the Core" (5 tracks) Free Download
16 - The Irish McDrinkers "Welcome to Whiskeytown" (6 tracks) Review
17 - RATS "EP" (8 tracks) YouTube videos
18 - Jolly Jackers "Call the Captain" (5 tracks) Free Download
19 - LQR "A Taste of Liquor" (5 tracks) Free Download
20 - Muirsheen Durkin and Friends  "Drink with the Irish" (5 tracks) Review coming soon!  
21 – (Michael & The) Wolfhounds "Wolfhounds" (5 tracks) Free Download
22 - Restless Feet "Almost Irish" (6 tracks) Review
23 - Seagulls Are Drunk "Next Round is on Us" (5 tracks) Review

(Digital) Singles

12 singles from all over the world

8 from Europe (2 from France, 2 from Hungary, 1 from the Czech Republic, 1 from Germany, 1 from Italy and  1 from Romania)
2 from North America (2 from the USA)
1 from Asia (Indonesia)
1 from Australasia (Australia)

01 - The Rumjacks "Blows & Unkind Words / Plenty" (2 tracks) Songs on Streaming
02 - Transpher "In the Night" (1 track) Video
03 - Cheers! "Drink'n'Fight" (2 tracks) Free Download
04 - Selfish Murphy "Drinking Song" (1 track) Video
05 - The Scarlet "Phoenix" (1 track) Video
06 - Toxic Frogs "Toxic Frog / Rock the Stage"    (2 tracks) Video
07 - Belly Bluster "Bucaneers" (1 track) Video
08 - LochNesz "The Cape of the Good Hope" (1 track) Video
09 - The Pubcrawlers "Kalimotxo" (1 track) Video
10 - The Ceili Family "Keep Calm and Have a Ball with The Ceili Family" (2 tracks) Videos
11 - The Waxies "Down with the Ship 2 track Sampler" (2 tracks) Free Download
12 - Black Rawk Dog "Shine & Fun" (1 track) Free Download
Thanks to all the bands for sending their music to Celtic Folk Punk and More. Special thanks to Dirty Glass for mentioning my name on the “thanks section” of their CD!!!

FREE DOWNLOAD - O'HAMSTERS "Kiev, Dublin, Alcohol"

This is the latest addition to our Best Celtic punk/rock albums of 2014 list.

Last July 21st O'Hamsters released their second studio alum, "Kiev, Dublin, Alcohol". The vodka fuelled band from Kiev delivered 14 tracks including the 3 songs from the "Celtic Crew" EP, the only track from the "St. Patrick's Day" single and their "Dirty Glass" cover for the Dropkick Murphys compilation.

The rest of the songs: 6 self-penned numbers and 3 covers, "Friggin' in the Riggin'", "Back Home in Derry" and "Bugger off".

The album can be downloaded for free from their LastFM page (mp3 128 kbps), and from 1 USD or more (Name your Price) from Bandcamp (FLAC, mp3 320 kbps ...)



Bandcamp (from 1,00 USD)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


(Thanks to Alex  Dzyanísau, from Dzieciuki for the heads-up!)

Bostonskoe Chaepitie is a folk punk band from Minsk (Belarus). Their album "5 Let Na Dne" can be downloaded from Bandcamp (Name Your Price).


Masha - accordion, vocals
Artem - guitar, vocals
Sasha - banjo
Vadim - bass
Igor - drums





Katie's Randy Cat video for "For the Green"

Sunday, December 14, 2014

REVIEW - KATIE'S RANDY CAT "For the Green" (2014)

Katie's Randy Cat "For the Green" Self-released
Release date: November 28th, 2014
Running time: 12:28, 4 tracks

Our Band of December 2014 , Katie’s Randy Cat, hail from Toledo. Their Toledo is not the old City of the Three Cultures in Spain where The Fatty Farmers are based, but a city in Ohio, USA .

Four the Green” is the second EP released by the four-piece and the first one to include a couple of excellent original songs. The opener is titled “Katie’s Randy Cat”. A funny story about painting the town red with a girl called Katie O’Donnell and how the night ends. This upbeat Irish punk song is really addictive and I’m, sure that you’ll enjoy it.

The next number is the other self-penned song, “For the Green”. The EP liner notes state that it “is a story about awakening to the never-ending need to take part in the struggle. It should be heard loud, in its entirety, so the neighbors can ask what all the shouting’s about”. Steve on accordion and vocals, Jon on bass and Steve on drums do a great job on this  modern rebel song on which Petr’s guitar work is perfect. I would define their sound on “For the Green” as an angrier version of the Aussie band Sibin.

The last two tracks are the standards. I have always loved “Kitty”, a song that can be found on The Pogues debut album “Red Roses for Me”. I’ve always wondered why the bands cover any other traditional ballad recorded by The Pogues, but turn down this one. Accordion, tin whistle and an electric guitar part can be heard on the Katie’s Randy Cat rendition. Congrats boys for giving a new lease of life to this song!

Finally, Katie’s Randy Cat deliver their own cover of “The Rising of the Moon”. The song begins with tin whistle and a slow-paced rhythm section, and then the full band speeds up. There is an interesting accordion and electric guitar work after the chorus and before the next verse.  Everybody knows that I prefer to listen to "not so worn-out" ballads, but taking into account that there are two original songs and one ballad that is not over-exposed, I feel that the balance is OK for an EP.

The four track EP package is a jewel case with an inlay card stating the track list, line-up, contact information, credits and the liner notes about track no.2. The lyrics are not included, but all of them can be found at their reverbnation page. The fantastic artwork with an Angelina Jolie looking Green heroine has been made by Isaac Klunk. Have a look to his work here.

After having released a covers EP in 2013, Katie’s Randy Cat are pushing forward with their Rebel Irish punk. “For the Green” is the proof that they are able to write their own stuff without being compared to Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly. That’s what I call identity and evolution. Add this EP to your wish list, since it’s one of the best EPs of the year.


1 - Katie's Randy Cat 2:48
2 - For the Green 3:17
3 - Kitty 3:46
4 - Rising of the Moon 2:37


Click to buy:

Amazon (digital)

Review by Kinksmarkham

Saturday, December 13, 2014

VIDEOS - RATS "Somos nós" (official) and "Transylvania" (Iron Maiden cover)

A couple of RATS videos, the official video for "Somos Nós" off their 8 track EP and a video (live footage) for "Transylvania" (Iron Maiden)

RATS - Somos nós

RATS - Transylvania (Iron Maiden Cover)


"Satu Jiwa", from The Working Class Symphony 2012 EP,  has become a footbal anthem and the guys have shot a video for the song.


I've tried in vain to contact SMZB to get a promo copy of their latest release, "Letter from China". I guess that pirate copies will surface soon.

At least, I've found a song on streaming. Enjoy!!!

"Wuhan Celtic punks veterans SMZB return with their latest album, the first in three years, entitled "A Letter From China"­ – and would you lot at the lovely cover art (Editor’s Note: Just realized after posting this that the band’s logo is in fact meant to look like a big ol’ dick). Yes, it’s the 25th Anniversary of the CCP’s infamous crackdown in case you had forgotten. And to ‘celebrate’ the band has put together a raging lineup of songs that looks at the crimes of society – from celebrity lifestyle, turning a blind eye, fleeing governments officials, and using violence as a means to an end. It’s all pretty standard stuff by now for China (particularly farting in elevators…come on now folks!). But SMZB present it all with such genuine, disheartened concern that it’s hard to not get wrapped up in the anthems. ‘Smash His Statue’ is a hell of a scorcher – I can only imagine the repercussions of following through on a song like that. However, it’s the opener “A Song for Chen Huaimen” – where Wu Wei compares himself to Chinese fighter pilot who fought against the Japanese, that hits deepest. In Wu Wei’s eyes he’s still fighting that battle, albeit against a different enemy".(Taken from Live Beijing Music)

Thursday, December 11, 2014


The Rumjacks second single from their upcoming album:


Well I'm livin' with the mistakes I've made,
- ‘plenty more where I'm from',
I’m robbin' peter so Paul gets paid,
- 'plenty more where I'm from.'
I’ve strayed so far from the open road,
I've been places my shadow refused to go.

I went to school but they called me slow,
- ‘plenty more where I'm from',
They couldn't teach me what I needed to know,
- ‘plenty more where I'm from',
My heart still breaks & my throat it swells,
Like a dirty lump o' coal at the New Year bell's.

A song of hope to lift my spirits if you please,
Or a tale of old rebellion if you dare,
I hope I live to see the day I laugh at days like these,
And walk the walk of one without a care.

I'll shift my share but I won't shift the blame,
- ‘plenty more where I'm from',
I respect my neighbour and expect the same,
- ‘plenty more where I'm from',
I’ve strayed so far from the open road,
I've been places my shadow refused to go.

I don't trust what I can't see,
- ‘plenty more where I'm from',
But I believe in something higher than me,
- ‘plenty more where I'm from',
My heart still breaks & my throat it swells,
Like a dirty lump o' coal at the New Year bell's.


The Fourth Well "EP"
Release date: September 25th, 2014
Running time: 16:18, 4 tracks

Canadian Celtic scene is always offering new fresh bands to the music lovers. There are plenty of bands playing traditional Celtic music, Celtic rock, Celtic punk or Celtic fusion. In the last years we have known quite a few top-notch bands whose musical approach was innovative in a certain way. Everybody loves The Stanfields and I’m sure that the likes of Craic the Lens and The Fourth Well will be welcomed by the fans who want to stretch the boundaries of their beloved Celtic music. The Fourth Well were our Band of the Month last October 2014. Their EP is the first step on their musical career, but the 6 guys have been playing the Maritimes for the last 4 years. Therefore, their musical project is a well-oiled machine.

Jonathan Bennett (vocals and bodhrán), Josh Bennett (mandolin, bckg. vocals), Dillan Tate (bass), Calen Kinney (fiddle), Josh MacGrath (guitar) and Dan Fouguere (drums) are the new sensation hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Fourth Well are really a tight band with an original sound where fiddle and electric guitar are used at the right dose.

The opening track, "Apollo Olo" is the kind of song that I particularly enjoy. Lyrics and music are original, but the lads drop a well-known traditional tune in the middle. As I have previously said, both guitar and fiddle play an important role at different parts of the song.

The next number runs around 5 minutes and it’s titled “Letter Home”. The beginning has a folkier twist and then all the instruments, together with the guest keyboards, deliver a more intimate song.

On the second half of the album, The Fourth Well shift from the slightly Spirit of The West / Swinish Multitude infused numbers to the soul territory. “Turns to Snow” is a kick-ass song in the Dexy’s Midnight Runners vein with great guitar work, and “SPCW” is a lively song with a James Brown approach and an awesome fiddling.

Fortunately, every year we find a new Canadian band that is faithful to their roots, but play their own material. The Maritimes DNA is stamped on every single The Fourth Well song, but their musical horizons are wider. Good luck boys!


1. Apollo Olo 03:02
2. Letter Home 05:16
3. Turns to Snow 04:27  
4. SPCW 03:28


Click to buy:

Review by Kinksmarkham


In conjunction with the release of their EP The South Shore Ramblers are running a contest for 1 lucky person to win a one of a kind box set. This box set will be hand made and will contain all kinds of rare goodies. To enter take a screen shot of your phone or PC while listening to the "Bare Knuckle Blackout" EP then share it with the hashtags #bareknuckleblackout & #thesouthshoreramblers. The more shares, the better your chance of winning. Entries close 31 January 2015. They will announce the winner with a lucky draw via video. Here's what will be in this box set

1. Thirstday
2. Thirstday (music video)
3. Thirstday (directors cut music video)

1. Bare Knuckle Blackout
2. Bare Knuckle Blackout (instrumental demo)
3. South Shore Midi (Sean’s Song - non ep midi demo)

1. Own Wicked Device
2. Own Wicked Device (demo)
3. Own Wicked Device (demo 2)

1. Hoodlums on Heat
2. Hoodlums on Heat (instrumental demo)
3. Hoodlums on Heat (instrumental demo 2)

1. Chugg
2. Chugg (instrumental demo)
3. The Whistling Coast (non EP demo Track)

1. It’s Alright
2. It’s Aright (acoustic demo)
3. Far Away Coast (Dropkick Murphy’s cover - Bonus track)

1. T-shirt
2. original lyric sheets used during recording sessions
3. signed and laminated A3 poster


Keep on Ramblin'

DOWNLOAD (It'd be nice if you leave a tip)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

VIDEO - RESTLESS FEET ""Empire of Gold"

This is the video for "Empire of Gold" off the Restless Feet album "Almost Irish".

Restless Feet - Empire of Gold

REVIEW - RESTLESS FEET "Almost Irish" (2013)

Restless Feet "Almost Irish"
Release date: September 8, 2013
Running time:22:36, 6 tracks

Restless Feet is a five piece band from Freiburg (Germany). Kai (vocals, Irish bouzouki, tin whistle), Markus (vocals, guitar), Marcy (vocals, fiddle), Jacob (bass) and Alex (vocals, drums) recorded this 7 track mini-album last year. The stuff on “Almost Irish” can be divided into three groups of songs: self-penned material, some covers of Breton music and some standards.

The two originals on the album are track no. 1 “Empire of Gold” and track no. 3, “The Irish Pride”. Both of them are amazing songs, but I feel that the former has better arrangements and production than the latter. I guess that they also feel that it’s the best song on the album, since an official video for this song was shot. It’s a fast-paced anthem with kick-ass strings, gang vocals and strong lead vocals.  “The Irish Pride” is also an interesting song with a catchy chorus, but I feel that it would have needed more energy.

It’s not quite usual that a Celtic punk band covers music from Brittany. Therefore I’d like to congrat Restless Feet for choosing a song from harpist Alan Stivell repertoire (“Tri Martolod”) and another one from Tri Yann repertoire (“Kan Ar Kann”).

Finally, I guess that the band didn’t have enough original songs on their setlist and then they have included some Irish standards on the mini-album. Their renditions are not bad, “The Foggy Dew” gets a 5 minutes treatment and “Black and Tans” is an awesome Celtic punk number. However, I would have enjoyed other songs that have not been covered so often.

Regarding the packaging, “Almost Irish” is delivered in a jewel case with a 4 page booklet with band members pics, line-up, credits and the lyrics to the two original songs.

Restless Feet are an honest and fresh young band. I expect that their sophomore release includes more original compositions and that they keep on digging for the Breton music treasures.


1 - Empire of Gold 3:01
2 - The Rocky Road to Dublin 2:51
3 - The Irish Pride 3:31
4 - Tri Martolod 2:30
5 - The Foggy Dew 5:28
6 - Kan Ar Kann 2:25
7 - Black and Tans 2:47


Click to buy

Band's store
Amazon (digital)
CDbaby (digital)

Review by Kinksmarkham

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