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(This podcast was originally posted at Paddy Rock last May 19. Enjoy!)

Are you ready for Memorial Day? If not you are now, the annual Paddy Rock Pipecast has arrived. A few years ago I did a Pipecast for Memorial Day to commemorate all the troops past and present for all of the sacrifices for the freedoms you and I enjoy and it went so well I decided it was time to make it a tradition ! So what you have here is the first of maybe 2 installments this year. This is is by hard the most ass kicking hardest hitting show you will hear all year. I am not responsible for speeding tickets, holes in sheet rock or doors ripped off the jams. When you are done listening I ask you take a moment to reflect upon those Veterans and their families who sacrificed everything in the name of Freedom. You don’t need to like or condone war or violence, but you damn well have to respect the men and women who serve!

As always thanks for listening ~ Phil (aka The Grinning Beggar)


The Playlist

AC/DC - It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll)
Enter The Haggis - The Litter and the Leaves
Mudmen - Drink & Fight
The Potato Pirates - Boots for Brains
Kilmaine Saints - Battle Cry
Celkilt - Kilt Up!
Brick Top Blaggers - Two Years Enough
Black Tartan Clan - Don’t Walk Alone
The Clan - Horns up and Fight
Pipes And Pints - When the Pipers Play
The Angry Brians - We Came to Fight
The Go Set - Sing Me A Song
The Pourmen - The Rising
Mickey Rickshaw - Not My Problem Now
Dropkick Murphys - The Spicy McHaggis Jig
Flatfoot 56 - Ollie Ollie
The Real McKenzies - The Tempest
The Real McKenzies - Drink Some More
The Real McKenzies - The Comeback

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2017-05-17 ALBUM REVIEW - PLASTIC PADDY "Lucky Enough" (2017)

Plastic Paddy "Lucky Enough"
Release date: March 4, 2017
Running time: 42:50.,12 tracks

Pladdohg was a band from the San Francisco Bay area that released a couple of albums, “More Songs about Drinking and Fighting” (2007) and “Hair of the Dog” (2010), and covered “Whiskey Devils” on the “Whiskey Devils – A Tribute to The Mahones”  album (2010). Pladdohg disbanded in May 2014, but some of the members, Patrick Russ, Erin Bloom and Robin DeMartini), reunited in a new band, Plastic Paddy.

Plastic Paddy are Erin Bloom (vocals, bodhrán, tambourine), John Gomes (vocals, electric guitar, slide guitar), Matt Faris (vocals, bass), Robin DeMartini (flute, piccolo, vocals), Patrick Russ (vocals, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo) and Logan Cruz (drums). Their debut album is titled “Lucky Enough” and consists of 3 originals written by Patrick, 2 originals written by John, 1 original written by Erin, a cover of Greg Trooper’s “Ireland”, 4 standards and 1 traditional tune.

My favourite songs are the ones that are sung by Erin. “Scali Li” is a song with a British folk-rock twist. “Irish Lass” is a top-notch song showcasing Erin’s vocals and Matt’s bass. “I Know My Love” was recorded by The Chieftains with The Corrs on the “Tears of Stone Album” and Plastic Paddy’s rendition is excellent too. “Dicey Riley” is a Dubliners' standard and it’s interesting to hear this song sung by a girl. And the country cover of “Ireland” is played with gusto.

Even if I prefer the songs that are sung by Erin, I feel that the best song on “Lucky One” is “London After Midnight”. The band show their Californian rock background on this number featuring electric guitar. “Beer from St. James Gate” is another highlight, an awesome ballad about Guinness.
Finally, the closing number is a true gem, the instrumental “Biscuits to a Bear”. Robin does a great job on the whole album, but this is the track where her talent is more obvious. Her fellows on rhythm section and bodhrán are spotless too.

Plastic PaddyLucky Enough” is not the usual album that is reviewed here, but it’s worth hearing. A polished sound, slide guitar, flute and piccolo, Erin’s vocals and a competent rhythm section make Plastic Paddy a different band. Check out their songs on reverbnation and download the catchy song ”Rundlets and Kilderkins” for free. If you enjoy their stuff, then go to CDbaby to buy a physical copy.

Track listing

01. Rundlets and Kilderkins 2:43   
02. Scali Li 4:21   
03. Ireland 5:49
04. Whisky You're the Devil 2:40
05. Irish Lass 2:54
06. Beer from St James Gate 3:01
07. Muirshin Durkin 2:35
08. I Know My Love 4:36
09. London After Midnight 2:59
10. Choose Me Now 3:01
11. Dicey Riley 3:20
12. Biscuits to a Bear 4:46


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Review by Kinksmarkham

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This is the Paddys Home and Pub Podcast from May 15 featuring Celkilt, Dropkick Murphys, Flatfoot56, Flogging Molly, Krakin' Kellys, Mr. Irish Bastard, Mudmen, Neck, Pipes and Pints, Sir Reg , The Dreadnoughts, The Mahones, The Ramshackle Army , The Rumjacks, The Scarlet, The Tossers and Toxic Frogs.

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2017-05-15 FREE DOWNLOAD - St. BUSHMILL'S CHOIR "s/t" (2004)

Saint Bushmill's Choir were a 7-piece, Irish influenced punk band comparable to Flogging Molly or Firewater, but with some distinct differences… “The Choir” emerged from the Seattle peace-punk underground and claims former members of The Gits, Subvert, Christdriver, The Pinkos, and more. This self-titled LP is a 12-song follow-up to their 2001 CDEP “Give ’em Enough Booze” on Broken Rekkids. The album was produced by Jack Endino of Nirvana fame and captures the insane live energy of a Choir show. Unrelenting, punked-out Irish jigs and expert musicianship recalls The Pogues, Stiff Little Fingers, and dare we say it, The Clash.

You can also listen to this band on our 24/7 streaming radio Celtic-Folk-Punk
Tracks 13 & 14 are bonus tracks that didn't fit on the Lp.
Released January 1, 2004
1200 copies on green vinyl
Out of print

Rob Witmer - Accordion, Concertina, Tin Whistle
Dan Baugher - Banjo, Mandolin, Bouzouki
Pete Remine - Bass
Steve Moriarty - Drums
Ben London - Guitar
Jenny Hill - Violin
Eric Greenwalt - Vocals, Guitar

Engineer, Mixed By, Mastered By – Jack Endino
Live Sound – Marcus Stinson
Arranged By – Saint Bushmill's Choir
Artwork By [Cuchulainn Illustration] – Bryan Ward
Artwork By [Saint Bushmill's Choir Logo] – Joe Who

Recorded in 2003 at Hanzeck Audio in Seattle. 

DOWNLOAD (Name Your Price):

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2017-05-10 ALBUM REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD - BRUTUS' DAUGHTERS "Hueso y madera" (2017)

Brutus' Daughters "Hueso y Madera" Potencial Hardcore PHC 251-CD
Release date: April 13, 2017
Running time: 28:06, 9 tracks

Almost 4 years have passed by between “Beating Beyond the Folk Ashes” and “Hueso y madera”. Brutus’ Daughters have had a small line-up change and the new incarnation of the band is Brutus’ Daughters Mark IV. Rak, the bass player on their second album, left the band and Diego came in. However,  Brutus’ Daughters never look back and finally they’ve been able to release a new album. Differences? First of all, the artwork. Previous albums’ artworks have been made by Txori, but Brutus’ Daughters felt that a new approach was needed. They have also recorded “Hueso y madera” in a better studio, Corleone, working with Chifly. Regarding the sound, Alex sounds angrier on some of the tracks and maybe the fiddle has a major role than the pipes on some tracks. Anyway, the attitude, the lyrics, the female backing vocals and the fiddle and bagpipes parts are still present.

Hueso y madera” kicks off with “De hueso y madera (From Bone and Wood)”. This amazing instrumental features the band’s classic sound and is one of the highlights on the CD. The closing number is another outstanding track: “Brazen”. “Brazen” is the only number in English (another “big” difference with previous releases). It’s an old number that the band wrote when Alex joined the band some years ago. Alex felt that it was worth recording the song and I must say that she was right. The song reminds me of “Raising”, from their second album, because of the catchy backing vocals. Besides, there is a hidden track (sort of) when the song is over, a fantastic Asturian tune where Xipla on bagpipes, Lorena on fiddle and Rebe on percussion make a great job.

Obviously, “Unidad (Unity)” will be one of the fans’ faves. This infectious number features the following guests on vocals: Pitxe (ex-Brutus’ Daughters) in Asturian, Iván from True Mountains in Galician, Pimen from Milenrama in Catalonian and Hibai from Deiedra in Basque. Nevertheless, I also love ”Cárcel (Jail)” and “Carretera (Road)”. IMHO, track 7 is the best song on “Hueso y Madera”, and excellent fiddle punk number that differs from any other track. On the other hand, “Carretera” is a lively song about weekends and gigs in other towns. “Siguen existiendo” has a great chorus too and the band is really tight.

As Brutus' Daughters are active fighting against domestic violence and discrimination based on sex or race, several numbers dealt with these subjects: the single “Verdugo (Executioner)”, a rough at the edges punk goes metal song; “6-4  6-3 6-3”, where women have to play the three sets against a stronger rival, men,  but women beat them; and “A lo lejos (Far away)”, a kick-ass song about emigration, featuring Alex on cello.

As usual, “Hueso y madera” is available for free on Bandcamp under a Creative Commons license. Nevertheless, I suggest that you should buy the physical CD. It comes in a jewel case with an 8 page booklet.

Hueso y madera” is a great news for the folk-punk scene. The combat folk band from Madrid have had their ups and downs, but they have always risen like a phoenix from the ashes.

1. De hueso y madera 01:14   
2. Siguen existiendo 03:09   
3. Carretera 03:03   
4. A lo lejos 04:00   
5. Unidad 03:24   
6. 6-4, 6-3, 6-3 02:30   
7. Cárcel 03:25
8. Verdugo 02:58
9. Brazen 04:19


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Potencial Hardcore

Review by Kinksmarkham



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2017-05-09 FREE DOWNLOAD - IN FOR A PENNY "One More Last Hurrah" (2017)

The new In for a Penny album "One More Last Hurrah" is available for free. It was recorded live in the back room at The Sand Bar on Tybee Island, GA in about 7 hours (including lunch break).

"We set up our stuff in the back room of The Sand Bar on Tybee Island, GA (where this band got it's start... thanks Pam Hessler and Jennifer Knox) and with a little help from some great friends (Don McLemore loaned us the recorder and Ricardo Ochoa graced us with his violin... again) , we recorded a new no frills full length release in about 7 hours which included learning a brand new song and a lovely lunch break. And within 4 days, we’d mixed it down and released a video for one of the songs! Pretty sure that’s some kind of record or something…will have to check with the lovely Guinness people... or maybe just drink a pint to celebrate. But wait, that’s not all… since it cost us nothing to do it, it doesn’t have to cost you anything to get it! That’s right… pay what ya’ want for it! Don’t wanna pay nuthin? Cool, download it and enjoy (we think that's limited to 200 a month, but we're not very good at this kinda stuff). Think you wanna toss us a couple of bucks to help support our Irish punk habit, great. Want to give us one million dollars… well, you get the idea. Enjoy this no frills punk rock record we made! And tell your friends! 

It's dedicated to our very own Bryce Mcnally, who's on his way to new adventures out west... we love ya boy... thanks for being the motivation to get this done and shared with the world!"



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2017-05-07 ALBUM REVIEW - THE SCARLET "Hardfolk Shanties" (2017)

The Scarlet "Hardfolk Shanties"
Release date: April 17, 2017
Running time: 31:31, 10 tracks

The Scarlet have recently released their debut album, “Hardfolk Shanties”. Previously, they had issued a 4 track demo in 2013, and a 6 track EP produced by Paddy and The Rats’ front man in 2015, “Midnight Avenue”. The brand new album is a step forward on the band’s discography. They shared the same instrumentation with Firkin, but their music was more influenced by Paddy and The Rats. Now, this has changed. The Scarlet’s songwriter, Daniel, also plays in an Irish traditional band, The O’Neill’s. Maybe he’s showcasing his “calmer/pop” side songwriting on The O’Neill’s stuff and he has decided to push The Scarlet’s sound to the pirate/rock/metal end. Or perhaps working with Zoltán Cs.Szabó, who has mixed and mastered the album, has given The Scarlet a new identity.

Hardfolk Shanties” is an amazing pirate album. From the very first track “Heroes of Our Future”, The Scarlet deliver a pirate metal CD based on electric guitar and angrier vocals. As usual Júlia’s flute and Dominika’s fiddle are spotless. The video for this song can be watched HERE.

Monday Morning” is one of the album’s hottest moments. More “punk” than “metal”, but really addictive thanks to the flute and fiddle melody and the backing vocals at the end.

The closing number “Long Live the Dead” is probably, together with “Heading to the South”, the most Paddy and The Rats flavoured song on “Hardfolk Shanties”. Great guitar work on this cut too. Celtic punk at its best.

We Plunder” follows the new approach. An intro à la Rage Against the Machine and interesting lead vocals by Daniel. Don’t miss the folk-metal attack towards the end.

The Firkin’s spirit can be felt on tracks like the catchy as hell “The Darker Shade of Red” and “Take the Wheel”, while  “Son of  a Pirate“ and “Runaway” have a Misfits twist.

Hardfolk Shanties” is available on the main digital stores. The album artwork has been made by fiddler Dominika. The Scarlet are evolving as a band and their latest offering is the proof that they are following the right path. A rad album.

Track listing:

01 - Heroes of Our Future 2:42
02 - The Darker Shade of Red 3:12
03 - We Plunder 3:22
04 - Monday Morning 3:00
05 - Son of a Pirate 3:06
06 - Take the Wheel 3:11
07 - Heading to South 2:52
08 - Battlefield Requiem 3:20
09 - Runaway 3:16
10 - Long Live the Dead 3:08


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Review by Kinksmarkham

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This is the Paddys Home and Pub Podcast from April 29 featuring The Logues, Finnegan's Hell, The O'Reillys and The Paddyhats, Flatfoot 56 and more.

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Some videos that have recently been added to the Celtic Folk Punk YouTube channel. Don't miss the updates. Subscribe!

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2017-05-03 ALBUM REVIEWS - SELFISH MURPHY "Broad Jump" (2016) and SELFISH MURPHY "Another Fork in the Road" (2017)

Selfish Murphy "Broad Jump" (2016)
Release date: March 2016
Running time: 29:41, 9 tracks

Selfish Murphy are a 5 piece band from Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania (Sepsiszentgyörgy in Hungarian, their mother tongue). The band was established in 2011 and their line-up has always been based around Csiki Zoltán (lead vocals, accordion and producer), Pusztai Lehel (flute and whistles) and Martinka János (bass). They are touring regularly Europe and fans are already familiar with their versions of Irish pub standards and pop songs. Videos for those songs are available at their YouTube page. Their discography was mainly a bunch of mini-albums/EPs. “Cheers!” (2011, 7 tracks) was full of standards and a couple of Bob Dylan and Flogging Molly covers. “One Beer is No Beer” (2012, 6 tracks) was an acoustic album and included their self-penned song “Scottish Song”. “With or Without Us” (2014, 3 tracks) had two standards and a rendition of U2With or Without You”, while “Dirty Bang” (2015, 5 tracks) included another original, “Drinking Song”, two Avicii covers and two standards.

Broad Jump” was their debut album and was released for St. Patrick’s Day last year. I got it at the end of 2016 and it was ranked at the Best of 2016. However, I was not able to write a review before the end of 2016. The five boys have just released a new album and I thought that it would be fair to review both albums now.

There are 4 standards and 5 originals on “Broad Jump”. Regarding the standards, the best one would be the opening track “Molly Malone”. The flute arrangement are top-notch and the percussion kicks ass too. There are “yee-has” and “heys” shouts, some banjo backing the flute and powerful electric guitar. “I’ll Tell Me Ma” has an acoustic beginning and then the full band joins. There is whistle and accordion and a ska beat à la Fiddler’s Green. Selfish Murphy have added “When the Saints Go Marching in” just before an electric end and the final result is very interesting. “The Black Velvet Band” begins with acoustic guitar and then the song burst into a Celtic rock number showcasing guitars and accordion. There is some ska parts too. The cover of “The Fields of Athenry” is based on the Dropkick Murphys' rendition and unfortunately Selfish Murphy have not added something new.

As far as the original numbers are concerned, Selfish Murphy have done a great job: catchy choruses and metal influences can be found everywhere, apart from Lehel’s amazing whistling. “Barleycorn” is a fantastic folk-metal song. “Touch the Sky” is an excellent Firkin meets Dexy’s Midnight Runners number. “Scottish Song” is revisited: it gets an upbeat treatment with ea-ea-ea-oh chorus, banjo backing and Lehel’s addictive flute, together with some heys. “Ireland’s So Far Away” has a traditional feel at the beginning, thanks to the tin whistle, acoustic guitar and percussion. Strong guitars back the tin whistle at the end of the song. Selfish Murphy know how to write catchy songs and the proof is the last cut, “Back from the Ocean”. The woahs and the bouzouki open the path for a badass Celtic punk number that reminds me again of the mighty Firkin.

Broad Jump” got the 31st slot at the Best of 2016. Don’t be misled. The album was not ranked higher, because I give priority to albums based on original compositions. Anyway, Selfish Murphy’s self-penned songs are really good on “Broad Jump” and their covers of standards are appealing too.

Track listing:

1 - Molly Malone
2 - Barleycorn
4 - The Fields Of Athenry
5 - Scottish Song
6 - I'll Tell Me Ma
7 - Ireland's So Far Away
8 - The Black Velvet Band
9 - Back from the Ocean


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Band's Store

Review by Kinksmarkham

Selfish Murphy "Another Fork in the Road" (2017)
Release date: March 16, 2017
Running time: 34:34, 11 tracks

Another Fork in the Road” is Selfish Muphy’s sophomore album. Once again, the album was ready for St. Patrick’s Day. This time, the 5 Romanian guys have written a lot of original stuff. There’s no banjo and the accordion has a bigger role. Moreover, Selfish Murphy have followed the likes of Nevermind Nessie or Uncle Bard and The Dirty Bastards: some songs include well-known traditional tunes.

There are only two standards, Ewan MacColl’s “Dirty Old Town” and the “Morrison’s Jig”.  “Dirty Old Town” is the closing number and it kicks off with accordion and drums. As usual, Selfish Murphy give the song a catchy treatment with some lah-loh-lah-loh-lah shouts and a powerful drumming.

The “Morrison’s Jig” has been played by almost every band in the Celtic punk scene. Nevertheless, I must admit that Selfish Murphy have really worked on the arrangements. Therefore, the final result is amazing: a Jethro Tull infused flute and a folk metal approach based on the electric instruments.

Regarding the self-penned stuff, “Drunken Bastards” is a lively number with a Firkin twist. Great tin whistle performance and catchy hey backing vocals to sing-along. “Drink and Sing” is another highlight. Rocking guitars and upbeat tin whistle on a number that reminds me of Kilkenny Knights’ best moments.

As I’ve previously mentioned, some cuts include well-known traditional tunes. The opening song, “Dancing”, gets a folk metal treatment with some woahs and a “Cooley’s Reel” with a ska accordion.  “Love is Like a Bird” features accordion and whistle. The tune that has been chosen is “The Kesh”. The song ends up slowly with a waltz feel. “Pirates of the Road” is an awesome track. Na-na-nas, woahs, a traditional tune and an Indonesian Celtic punk twist.

Bad Girl” is a lively song. “Harder Than Life” will grow on you after some spins. And “Good Dream” showcases the band’s poppier end together with “Old Erica”.

It’s clear that Selfish Murphy are looking for fun and all their songs are intended for the shows. They master the studio, but in the end all of the songs have a live atmosphere. In other words, “Another Fork in the Road” is an interesting and enjoyable album.

Track listing:

01 - Dancing 4:11
02 - Drunken Bastards 2:27
03 - Pirates Of The Road 3:42
04 - Bad Girl 2:43
05 - Harder Than Life 3:33
06 - Good Dream 2:40
07 - Old Erica 2:40
08 - Drink And Sing 2:32
09 - Morrison's Jig 2.22
10 - Love Is Like A Bird 3:04
11 - Dirty Old Town 3:36


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Band's Store

Review by Kinksmarkham


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2017-04-27 ALBUM REVIEW - BLACK WATER COUNTY "Taking Chances" (2017)

Black Water County "Taking Chances"
Release date: February 3, 2017
Running time: 44:20, 11 tracks

We have been following Black Water County from their earlier stages. Their first EP “Welcome to the Black Water County” reached the fifth slot at our Best of 2013 and their second EP "The Fellowship of the Craic" was our Best EP of 2014. Finally, after a couple of videos and a single, their debut album "Taking Chances" has been released in 2017. The five piece band is now a sextet thanks to the addition of new member Rusell Scagell on fiddle, guitars and backing vocals. Not only has he rounded the band’s sound with his fiddle, but he has also helped with the songwriting. Besides, Shan has taken a bigger “responsibility” sharing vocal duties with Tim.

Start Something New” is the album opener. It’s a mandolin driven number that has a slight So-Cal feel. Listening to this track, everybody will be aware that Black Water County are at the forefront of the English Celtic/folk punk scene together with the likes of Roughneck Riot and Mick O’Toole.

The next cut is called “The Painful Truth”. It runs at a lower speed than the previous song, but, at the end of the song, Black Water County speed up.

Way Down Low” is one of the highlights on “Taking Chances”. It starts with acoustic guitar and then tin whistle. Tim sings first and then Shan sings too, perfectly backed by the banjo. The last half of the song is spotless, with banjo, tin whistle and amazing fiddling.

If Only You Were Here” is a badass number. This fast-paced song starts with great drumming and fiddling. Shan shines on lead lead vocals.

The following track is my fave, “Rise and Fall”. Firstly tin whistle and acoustic guitar. A 1-2-3 shout and Shan sings with the rest of the band backing perfectly. Banjo and tin whistle lead the theme. Shan slows down backed by the acoustic guitar and banjo and another 1-2-3 counting is the starting point for a fast-paced end.

One More Beer Won’t Hurt” is sung by Tim and it has a punk edge. Towards the middle of the song there is a banjo, tin whistle and fiddle part backed by a Brit-pop sounding drumming. Tim sings again and the vocals become angrier and then the punk twist comes again.

Track no. 7, “Memories from Another Life” have grown on me. I liked this slow number sung by Shan, but after some spins I can say that I really love it. Acoustic guitar, female vocals, fiddle joins and then Tim sings with Shan. Andy makes a great job on drums too.

Rambling Johnny”, a song from their previous EP, is revisited on “Taking Chances”. The new version features guests Neil Doherty on trumpet, Nick Smith on tenor sax and Géza Molnár on trombone, adding the full ska flavor.

The horns can be heard too on the next number, “No Regrets”, a song with a Brit-pop from the 80´s feel.

Under Skies of Black and Blue” is another standout. Shan sings lead vocals on this Flogging Molly infused number. In other words, banjo and fiddle are excellent.

The album is over with “Seeing is Believing”, a ballad sung by Tim backed by tin whistle and acoustic guitar, apart from some backing vocals. Even at their slow numbers these boys and girl don’t fail.

Taking Chances” comes in a jewel case and the eight page booklet provides all the information about the CD: line-up, guests, studio credits, lyrics and songwriters. The artwork has been made by Bradley and Shan.

Black Water County have grown up. They’re better musicians and they write better songs. But their sound is not “adult”. Quite the contrary, they’ve kept the fresh and young attitude and their songs are always catchy and addictive. A must have album.

Track listing:

1. Start Something New 3:01
2. The Painful Truth 3:39
3. Way Down Low 3:40
4. If Only You Were Here 3:25
5. Rise and Fall 3:50
6. One More Beer Won’t Hurt 4:23
7. Memories from Another Life 5:38
8. Rambling Johnny 3:54
9. No Regrets 3:53
10. Under Skies of Black and Blue 4:35
11. Seeing Is Believing 4:22


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Band's store

Review by Kinksmarkham

You can also check out the album review that our friends from London Celtic Punks posted.

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2017-04-26 FREE DOWNLOAD - THE TEMPLARS OF DOOM "Bring Me the Head of John the Baptist" (2017)

These early Ruff mixes are free for now. Enjoy!

Brand new exciting release by the band formerly known as Alternative Ulster. They've changed their name but kept the same great rocking Irish sound. Celtic, Kilted all the way!

This great group has remained united through diversity and changed their name to the Templars of Doom after their former piper quit. Formerly known as Alternative Ulster, check out the mighty Celtic rock of The Templars of Doom!



Rory Quinn - guitar and vocals
Michael X. Rose - vocals and bass
Eric Pomarico - drums, vocals
Josie Rose - Bagpipes
Marty Shane - mandolin



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This is the Paddys Home and Pub Podcast from April 9. Paddys Home and Pub Podcast is hosted by Scott, from Syracuse. You can download previous episodes from this site.

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2017-04-24 EP REVIEW - RAISE MY KILT "Gaitas and tanos" (2016)

Raise My Kilt "Gaitas y tanos" EP, digital release, Wagner Records
Release date: December 28, 2016
Running time: 13:09, 4 tracks

Argentina is the third country of South America in terms of population and the fifth country of the whole America (North, Central and South). While there is a burgeoning Celtic punk/rock scene in Brazil, we have had no news from Argentinian bands. This was a little bit weird, as 70% of the Spanish emigration to Argentina were Galician people. Last year a band from Rosario was featured on Celtic Folk Punk and More: Index Of. A couple of bagpipes punk songs were included on their debut album, but it was not a full Celtic punk album. Recently, we were contacted by a “real” Celtic punk rock band from Buenos Aires: Raise My Kilt. A couple of videos for songs from their first EP can be found on our YouTube channel and now we’re posting our thoughts about the “Gaitas and tanos” EP.

Raise My Kilt were founded in 2013 and they are Carlos Caverna (bass and vocals), Mariano Miramontes (electric guitar and vocals), Pablo Gadea (Highland and small pipes), Damián Giancarlo (electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin), Diego Guyón Moreno (banjo and acoustic guitar) and Manuel Magariños (drums). “Gaitas and tanos” was released at the end of 2016 and consists of 4 tracks, an original, a Scottish tune, a 77 punk song and an Irish song.

Raise My Voice” is the only self-penned song. It’s the proof that the band can also write their own stuff.

I daresay that Raise My Kilt are the Argentinian answer to Black Tartan Clan. Both bands have pipes and banjo, and the sound is similar. Besides, Black Tartan Clan also covered Sham 69’s anthem “If the Kids Are United”. Don't expect a carbon copy, Raise My Kilt deliver their own cover.

“Hector the Hero” gets a Celtic punk rock treatment that differs from the Wolfstone’s rendition, and it’s one of the EP hottest moments.

Wild Rover” is amazing too. Instead of following the usual approach, Raise My Kilt have based their cover on the version recorded by Stiff Little Fingers on their 1989 live album “See You Up There!

Gaitas and tanos” is a kick-ass EP to whet appetites. I’m looking forward to listening to the band’s debut album. Check out the videos at the bottom of this post and, if you like what you hear, buy their EP.

Track listing:

1 - Raise My Voice 3:01
2 - Hector the Hero 3:14
3 - If the Kids Are United 3:12
4 - Wild Rover 3:42    


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Review by Kinksmarkham

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017-04-19 ALBUM REVIEW - RESTLESS FEET "Homeward Bound" (2017)

Restless Feet "Homeward Bound"
Release date: March 15, 2017
Running time: 40:30, 13 tracks

Homeward Bound” is the sophomore album by German band Restless Feet: Kai (vocals, tin whistle, Irish flute, banjo), Markus (vocals, guitar), Marcy (vocals, fiddle), Arthur (bass, banjo, electric guitar) and Alex (drums). If their debut album included a couple of Breton songs, this time the five piece band from Freiburg have focused on their own stuff (6 tracks) and some sea songs and Irish songs (7 tracks).

Regarding the original stuff, my fave is track no. 10, “The Ballad of Johnny Doran” with its chorus “I’m the Everywhere Man, slán and I’m gone”. “Sailor’s Yarn” is another highlight: drunken vocals, great fiddling and female backing vocals. The opener “Hold Sway” is a good Celtic punk number with a The Moorings twist. “Wake’s Souvenir” have an intro, the previous cut titled “The Cabin”, featuring accordion. The main song is well written, with interesting fiddle and flute arrangements, rocking guitar and backing vocals. Finally, “Waste My Throat (on Irish Folk)” is a kick-ass R’n’R number about the music we all love.

I enjoy when bands record sets of tunes on their albums. Restless Feet deliver a set consisting of “Irish Washerwoman”, “Cooley’s Reel” and “Maid behind the Bar”. Banjo, fiddle and flute do a great job.

There are a couple of Irish rebel songs, the amazing cover of “Boys of Wexford” and the poignant rendition of “By Memory Inspired”. The other traditional numbers / standards are all of them related to the sea. “The Shores of Botany Bay” includes a fiddle and tin whistle tune and it’s a great cover; “Rolling Down to Old Maui” has a fantastic fiddling towards the end. Both “Greenland Whale Fisheries” and “The Irish Rover” were recorded by The Pogues. “Greenland Whale Fisheries” follows the usual approach, but fortunately Restless Feet have added a traditional tune and some hey hey shouts à la Mahones. So the final result is awesome. “The Irish Rover” is played with gusto, but nothing new is offered to differ from other versions.

If Restless Feet’s debut album came in a jewel case, “Homeward Bound” comes in a 4 panel digipack with a 12 page booklet. All the lyrics to the songs and a lot of pics are included.

Restless Feet are a tight band and their original material on this album is top-notch. They have also selected some traditional stuff that will sound new to a lot of fans. In other words, there are a lot of songs on this album that will please the Celtic punk fans.

Track listing:

01. I Hold Sway 2:25
02. The Cabin (Wake's Intro) 0:26
03. Wake's Souvenir 3:47
04. The Shores of Botany Bay 3:33
05. Sailor's Yarn 2:23
06. Waste My Throat (On Irish Folk) 3:22
07. Tuneset 2:58
08. Greenland Whale Fisheries 3:17
09. The Boys of Wexford 3:29
10. The Ballad of Johnny Doran 3:45
11. The Irish Rover 3:11
12. By Memory Inspired 3:52
13. Rolling Down to Old Maui 4:01    



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Review by Kinksmarkham

Monday, April 17, 2017


Some videos that have been added recently to the Celtic Folk Punk YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe!

Monday, April 10, 2017


Some videos that have been recently added to the Celtic Folk Punk YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe!


Sunday, April 9, 2017

2017-04-09 ALBUM REVIEW - McSCALLYWAG "Dirty Water" (2017)

McScallywag "Dirty Water"
Release date: February 1, 2017 (digital)
Running time: 26:46, 9 tracks

McScallywag are the latest addition to the burgeoning Dutch scene. They are  Ruud (drums), Ashley (guitar, vocals), Peter (bass), Frodo (accordion), Arian (banjo, mandolin, vocals), Talitha (cello, vocals) and Tom (guitar). This seven piece band hail from Groningen (North East of the Netherlands) and they released their 9 track debut album “Dirty Water” last December 9th  2016 at a party with their fellows Flannery.

The band’s sound is the classic Dutch approach and echoes from other bands from The Netherlands can be noticed. But there is also a German band twist, mainly in the accordion. In fact, Groningen is closed to the North of Germany, so this could be normal.

Billy’s Curse” is the opening track on “Dirty Water”. The song reminds me of Bunch of Bastards and the accordion and banjo are top-notch.

The next track is one of my faves: "Days of Travel". The accordion and banjo are slow at the beginning. But all of a sudden, the band speeds up. There are some stops and go, and powerful chorus with gang vocals and fast-paced banjo and accordion.

Track no. 3 is called “The Road” and The Pogues influence is clear. Good work on the backing vocals that add the pub atmosphere to the song.

Letter to Megan” kicks off slowly with acoustic guitar and accordion and later the banjo jumps in. Finally, the song burst into a fast-paced Celtic punk number-

St. Patrick’s Day is gone, but McScallywags deliver a great “St. Paddy’s Anthem”. Amazing upbeat number to sing-along and another one of my faves on the album.

McScallywag follow a different approach on “Eye of the Storm”: Arian shifts from banjo to mandolin and Talitha sings lead vocals on this slower number.

Ashes to Ashes” moves away from the lively Celtic punk too. Vocal duties are shared by Ashley and Talitha, who also plays cello. Probably you won’t pay attention to this song at first hearing, but it will grow on you. One of the most interesting tracks on “Dirty Water”.

McScallywag come back to the standard Celtic punk territory on the closing tracks. “Whiskey I Love You” is a badass sing-a-long number with an early Dropkick Murphys twist (“Boys on the Docks”). And “Johnny Went Away” is an awesome mandolin driven number to file together with Circle J’s early stuff

McScallywagDirty Water” comes in a four panel digipack. There’s a band picture, thank-you section and track listing. No lyrics leaflet is included, but they can be found at the band's website. “Dirty Water” is a fantastic whiskey soaked albums that banjo and accordion lovers will enjoy.

Track listing:

1 - Billy's Curse 2:51
2 - Days of Travel 2:59
3 - The Road 4:20
4 - Letter to Megan 2:44
5 - St. Paddy's Anthem 2:51
6 - Eye of the Storm 2:34
7 - Ashes to Ashes 4:13
8 - Whiskey I Love You 2:05
9 - Johnny Went Away 2:05


Click to buy:


Review by Kinksmarkham




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