Official music video for The Good Ship's fifth single "Seven Seas".

Produced by Cartel Film Production:
Director: Davros El Davros
Producer: Katherine Cooke
DOP: Tristan Houghton and Davros El Davros
Edit: Tristan Houghton
Online and VFX: Davros El Davros

Styling: The Good Ship

It's been nearly two years since The Good Ship stormed the beaches with their debut album Avast! Wretched Sea.

That album saw them receive rave reviews from around the world, a slew of festival spots including Woodford and an invited performance at Brisbane Festival, and a legion of dedicated fans. Now they are nearing completion of their second full- length, due for release mid 2012. To get the ball rolling they're launching the first single "Seven Seas" with an East Coast tour throughout April.

"Seven Seas" is sung from the perspective of a sea dog locked in a prison cell for murder, not regretting his actions but only lamenting the fact that he cannot reach his beloved ocean. The song is typical of the band's musical approach, with an upbeat and jaunty feel hiding a dark and morbid sentiment.


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