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Sunday, April 22, 2012


"NCA formed in 2009 as a horror punk band in Doylestown. Things took a turn for the worse between members, soon after new members joined. NCA then took a new route, and decided to switch their genre to Celtic Punk. Songs were recorded DIY in the guitarists basement. Soon, NCA had a album complete.

We have played shows all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and a few in New York as well. JAC Radio has added NCA to its list of well played songs, as well as a few other online radio stations. We have had the pleasure of playing alongside bands like The Hub City Stompers, FOOL, Flatfoot 56, Faithless Heroes, Wrong Answer, and more.

NCA took a small break and is now back for 2012, yep. With more members than ever, NCA will re-record some of the best songs, and write a few more, and put out a new record this Spring. Ultra dominating the fuck outta this world/hate your parents/anarchy/fuck you/yep."

You can download 10 tracks by this band here (4 better quality mp3s were already included in the last sampler )


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