REVIEW - LIVING LÂCHE "This is Radio Living Lâche" Moshel Kamadu Records MKCD02 (2011)

Living Lâche "This is Radio Living Lâche" Moshel Kamadu Records MKCD02 (2011)
Release date: 18 April 2011
Running time: 47:52, 14 tracks

This is Radio Clash” is the title of a song on an EP released by The Clash in 1981 that featured four different versions of the same song. That song was supposed to be the next “Magnificent Seven”. “This is Radio Living Lâche” doesn’t feature four versions of the same hip hop song. Quite the contrary, it’s a 14 track album released by the prolific Austrian band Living Lâche. I say prolific because the band was born in 2001 and they have released one demo CD, seven albums, one live album, one acoustic album and one “best of” CD in ten years.

Living Lâche’s 8 th studio CD is a concept album with interesting lyrics. No, the band has not changed their sound. The lo-fi and chaotic music the band is renowned for is till there. That’s their trade mark and therefore that’s what their fan base expects.

The album has an intro and an outro, some funny radio jingles (in German) and self-deprecating humour in the liner notes (“Best grammatical errors included!”).

The main tracks of the album are “Credously Idiot” (a song featuring fiddle and accordion about copyright that resembles The Levellers), "Celtic Funk Medley" (featuring “Morrison’s Jig”) and “Maria durch ein’ Dornwald ging” (my fave). Other highlights are “A Really Great Messed Up Story” (The boys making a Billy Bragg style song), “What’s Wrong” (That’s the prrof that Living Lâche do love Nyah Fearties) and “And Many More” (another well written song featuring fiddle and accordion).

If you are in Vienna (Austria) next December 4th, don’t miss Living Lâche opening for Oysterband at the Szene.

01. Intro
02. Feet Of Austria
03. Credulously Idiot
04. A Really Great Messed Up Love Story
05. Celtic Funk Medley
06. King Capitalism III
07. Commercial Break
08. Whats Wrong With Them
09. The Self Ironic Dream Of A Socialist World (Part I)
10. A Little Bit Of Fine Self Destruction
11. Maria Durch ein’ Dornwald Ging
12. The Girl In Green
13. And Many More
14. Outro

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Review by Kinksmarkham


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