REVIEW - THE BAND FROM COUNTY HELL - "Shifts & Changes" Self-released 2010

The Band from County Hell "Shifts & Changes"
Release date: April 2010
Running time: 40:09, 10 tracks

The Band from County Hell (BFCH) is a band hailing from Lincolnshire (England). The band is fronted by Glasgow-born Jock McLelland, who plays guitar, composes the music and shares vocal duties with her wife, Joolz McLelland, who writes the lyrics and plays bodhrán. The third member of the McLelland family in the band is multi-instrumentalist Ben McLeland (fiddle, accordion and tin whistle).

Shifts & Changes” is the band’s sixth album. It has been recorded in three different studios (including The Levellers’ Metway) and has been produced by the well-known Mancunian producer and engineer Jim Spencer.

It’s obvious that the band’s main influence is The Pogues and BFCH label themselves as Indie Celts. In fact, they are said to be an excellent festival band. However, there are no covers or traditional numbers on the album. All of the tracks are self-penned songs and some of them feature piano, trombone, trumpet or saxophone.

My faves are “Pussycat” (a strong fiddle led number sung by Joolz), “Meet The Folks” (a good Celtic pop number that features brass, accordion, fiddle and piano; Jocks sings some lines and Joolz sings another ones), “But it Did” (the first single off “Shifts & Changes”. The song begins with the tin whistle and then the other instruments join before Jock sings in a Celtic punk style), “Will You” (this song features a Gaelic verse by Daithí O’Geanainn and is a catchy Celtic rock number sung by Joolz with excellent fiddle and accordion by Ben) and “Liberty” (lead vocals by Joolz, accordion at the beginning, then the song goes faster with tin whistle, fiddle and mandolin. A good British folk rock number)

If you like both Celtic punk and Celtic rock music, BFCHShifts & Changes” could be a good addition to your collection.


01 - Pussycat 3:16
02 - Late Lost Souls 4:34
03 - Meet The Folks 3:03
04 - Shifts & Changes 3:51
05 - But It Did 4:18
06 - Famous 4:33
07 - Will You 3:59
08 - Liberty 3:40
09 - Sad Day 3:57
10 - Mammy 4:57

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Review by Kinksmarkham


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