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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Rogue Mahone were one of the German bands that "kept the Celtic Punk homefire burning" in the late 90's together with other bands such as Famous in 9 Years, In Search of a Rose, Lady Godiva, The Mahones, Nelsons Wedding, Nuthouse Flowers or Waxie's.

Florian Kuntze - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Markus Kuhn - Mandolin, Bouzouki
Falk Rosenthal - Accordion, Tin Whistle
Nils Fleischhauer - Drums
Tim Posnien - Bass
Thorsten Krull - Guitar


"Only the End of the Beginning" (4 tracks)
"The Good, The Bad & The Damned" (6 tracks + 1 video)
"Best Off" (12 tracks + 4 videos)

Rogue Mahone - Up & Down


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