REVIEW: PADDY'S FUNERAL "Pour In" (2010) Self released

Paddy’s Funeral - Pour In - (self released)
Release Date: 2010
Running Time: 58 min -13 tracks

There are too many bands playing Celtic punk in Germany. So it is not easy for a new German band to find its place . However, bands such as Boggin Leprechaun or Paddy’s Funeral are opening a new path, and I must admit that it works.

Paddy’s Funeral comes from a beautiful student town, Göttingen. This 5 piece band plays its own Celtic punk based on a rocking guitar, an own fiddle sound and aggressive vocals. Apparently, the budget to record the CD was too low, because only 5 tracks were recorded in 2010. But, instead of releasing an EP, the band decided to add the three tracks from their 2009 demo and another 5 tracks that were recorded at an unplugged gig at the Diva Lounge in Göttingen last year.

The first track is called “Lady Shatterly” and the band says that it is not related to Lady Chatterley. The song really rocks and sometimes the fiddle reminds me of Bleeding Hearts or even The Levellers.

The next song, “Blood Sweat and Beer” has a Ramones influenced start and even if it changes the style, it is a great song.

The third track is “Fiddler’s Green”. I find some Lordryk influence and it is maybe one of the songs that I have not enjoyed as the others.

Paddy’s Funeral” must be the band’s “business card”. At the beginning, after hearing the fiddle intro, I was wondering if it was a “Drowsy Maggie” cover. It is really a strong number, with an excellent fiddle.

Track no. 5, “Raise your Glasses” is an acoustic song. The tempo is not so fast, but it is one of my favourite songs. It reminds me of the Levellers, and even sometimes it sounds as a Velvet Underground song. Maybe I’m wrong and those are not the influences, but I feel that it is an awesome song. Unfortunately, the sound quality is not as good as it should be.

Next song comes from the demo, “Whiskey”. The beginning is slow, but after that fiddling, the song bursts. Rocking guitars and superb fiddle. IMHO, this is the best song of the album.

Paddy’s Funeral also plays some traditional songs. “Some Say the Devil is Dead” and “Jock Stewart” show that Paddy’s Funeral is able to play those songs as if they were self-penned songs.

The last five songs come from the acoustic show at the Diva Lounge. Apart from different versions of “Paddy’s Funeral” (whose title is changed to “Paddy’s Jazz”) and “Lady Shatterly”, they play three traditional tracks: “The Black and Tans”, “Monto" and “Whiskey in The Jar”. Even acoustically, these guys sound quite interesting.

Yes, this is not really what we would call a debut album. So I would like to know what Paddy’s Funeral is able to offer with a bigger budget and better production. They have good songs and their own sound, so I expect that we will hear from them soon.

New Stuff

01 – Laddy Shatterly
02 – Blood Sweat and Beer
03 – Fiddler’s Green
04 – Paddy’s Funeral
05 – Raise your Glasses

“Whiskey” Demo

06 – Whiskey
07 – Some Say the Devil is Dead
08 – Jock Stewart

Live Stuff – Unplugged at Diva Lounge

09 – Paddy’s Jazz
10 – The Black and Tans
11 – Monto
12 – Lady Shatterly
13 – Whiskey in the Jar

Review by Kinksmarkham


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