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REVIEW - CELKILT "Everyday's St Patrick's Day!" (2013)

CelKilt "Everyday's St Patrick’s Day!" CelKilt 003/1
Release date: March 8, 2013
Running time: 26:42, 9 tracks

French Celtic rockers Celkilt released their third recording just before St. Patrick’s Day 2013. The follow-up to “Hey What’s Under Your Kilt?” is a 9 track mini-album titled “Everyday’s St. Patrick’s Day!”. The CD can be defined as a musical journey to Ireland, Hungary and Canada featuring fiddle, tin whistle, pipes and banjo.

Come in!” is an intro that is stuck to the second track, “Everyday’s St. Patrick’s Day!”. As usual, Celkilt blend fun and musicianship on this catchy number.

The following visit to Ireland is a set of polkas in a Sliabh Luachra vein: “Polkachien”. Celkilt have always mastered this kind of numbers, so this set is really amazing.

The next two tracks place Celkilt together with Hungarian stars Firkin and Paddy and the Rats. “The Goodbye Song” can rival with the band from Budapest and “Big Mouth” is a Celtic punk-pop number with Ramonesque lyrics showing a similar attitude to that of the band from Miskolc.

If “Polkachien” was a set of Irish polkas, “Polkilt” moves to The Dreadnoughts favourite territory. Awesome “la-la-la” vocals and Eastern Europe fiddling on this number.

Track no. 8 is the real visit to Hungary : Brahm’s “Hungarian Dance no. 5” (BTW, the Canadian band Leahy also recorded some Hungarian dances on their debut album)

Finally, the album finishes up with another set of tunes with Canadian reminiscences: “JJack MacIsaac”. Maybe the fiddling and the last tunes on the set can be related to Ashley MacIsaacHi How Are You Today” album. But I can also feel some Phil Cunningham’s arrangement on this set.

Celkilt are at the forefront of the European Celtic rock scene. The French band share their musical approach with the aforementioned Hungarian colleagues and even with The Mahones. Their live shows are blast. In fact, they toured the USA when this mini-album was released and their gigs were a great success.


01 - Come In! 00:47
02 - Everyday's St Patrick’s Day! 3:20
03 - Polkachien 3:13
04 - The Goodbye Song 2:58
05 - Big Mouth 2:50
06 - Polkilt 1:38
07 - The Things That Money Just Can’t Buy 4:36
08 - Hungarian Kilt Dance #5 2:12
09 - JJack Macisaac 5:04

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Review by Kinksmarkham

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